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Now that President Trump is off to work in the White House, Eric and Don Jr. is off to work the Trump organization…

It’s been a long weekend for the Trump family. The Trump family spent the whole weekend at the Trump White House in D.C. after Donald Sr. got sworn-in. Now that the weekend is over, it’s time for everyone to go back to work. President Trump is off to work at the White House and these two will be off to work the Trump Organization. Remember, at Trump’s press conference before the inauguration Trump announced that he’s giving up his business empire to his kids. Trump announced that Eric and Don Jr. will be running the empire. Ivanka wanted nothing to do with it ’cause she wanted to look after her kids which is good on her.

I guess that means Eric and Don Jr. will be in charge of Trump Tower in NYC now. I’m sure these guys would do a great job ’cause they are entrepreneurs themselves. I’m sure their father taught them a lot. This is a big job for them and I wish them good luck!