Congratulations President Trump! So proud and thrilled for you, man! \m/


You’re witnessing a historic moment today. It must be a long day for the Trump family but I’m sure it’s worth it for them. You can tell by the look of Donald’s face all day that he’s dying for all this to get over with so he can get right to work in the White House. That’s all he wants to do pretty much is work for us, the American people.

My eyes has been glued to the TV all day. Historic stuff you’re watching. I’m sure all the liberals and Trump haters are not even watching though but that’s okay. Let ’em cry like babies.

I’m very happy that Obama and Michelle are finally gone. Trump takes over. Today is a great day.

Trump delivered another great speech. I loved when he said that he’s not the one to break promises. Yes, he’s gonna build the wall. Yes, he’s gonna kick illegal aliens out. Yes, he’s gonna stop Islamic Terrorism. Those are the things we voted him for. We also voted him for better and stronger economy.

I’m so happy that he’s finally President Trump and I can finally stop calling Obama, President Obama which is awesome.

Now I can’t wait to see President Trump’s official president photo and I’m sure that will get released soon. Today is a happy day! I’m in such a good mood. 🙂


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