This blog just hit 500 followers today… wow… awesome!


I guess me talking politics on my blog and being a Trump supporter is a good thing after all. Some may assume that me talking politics all the time and being a Trump supporter may hurt my own reputation and all but I don’t think so. My blog just hit 500 followers today and traffic just picked up a bit which is awesome.

This is why I continue to blog ’cause I wouldn’t be doing this still if people didn’t care. Whether you like me or not, I blog for myself pretty much but didn’t realize people cared until now. I’ve noticed my blog picked up some new fans and followers which feels good. I’m honored and humbled.

Goal for 2017, lets see if we can make it to 1,000 followers.

People think I alienate others ’cause of my “controversial” and “offensive” blogging & social networking but let them believe what they want to believe. I’m good. There are people out there who pay attention to me which I feel grateful for.

This makes me want to keep blogging. I blog ’cause it’s my way of speaking my mind, getting things off my chest and all that stuff. I not only talk about politics on here, though. I talk about anything and everything. Whatever I want to.

I started blogging years ago ’cause I grew fed up with people thinking they can have complete control over how I speak or how I think. Not happening.

Thanks for all the readers and followers. Keep reading ’cause there’s a bunch more stuff coming this year!

I’ve been watching the Inauguration on TV all day. The parade is going on right now.



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