Think I’m a fan of Toby Keith now… will start buying his albums soon…

Well, I got around to listening to Toby Keith’s performance at last night’s Inaugural Concert and I would have to say that he did an amazing job. I never bought any Toby Keith records over the years of my life but I think I’m gonna start. Yeah, I’ve heard a lot of his songs on country radio over the years so I’m already familiar with his music but he’s such a good live performer.

I’m not into country music that much but I do like some of it. I just respect the hell out of Toby for ignoring those crybaby liberals and performing the Inauguration despite the backlash.

Who needs Bruce Springsteen and Elton John when all we need is Toby Keith!

What Toby Keith album should I start off with? I’m probably gonna start off with his hit album, “How Do You Like Me Now” and  I’ll probably go for “Shock N’ Y’all” since I love that song “American Soldier”.

Toby is a great singer. I would like to see him live in concert myself. Maybe someday.



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