A big congratulations goes out to the Trump family…


I’ll have to say that the Inaugural Celebration concert at the Lincoln Memorial earlier this evening was pretty amazing stuff! It was very patriotic all the way through! Everybody did a great job! All the performers and even Jon Voight delivered a great speech.

I was most impressed with Sam Moore of Sam & Dave, “The Soul Man” singer who sung, “America The Beautiful”. That man is like 80 years old and he’s got the fuckin’ singing chops. WOW! That guy was mindblowing. After hearing Sam Moore sing like that, I immediately thought to myself, “You’re never too old to sing really good like that”.

I was also impressed with Lee Greenwood, Big & Rich, 3 Doors Down and of course, Toby Keith. All of it was good. I thought it was great that they got 3 Doors Down to play ’cause it was awesome to hear rock n’ roll in D.C. Why would Trump get a band like 3 Doors Down to play? Well, some of their songs are pretty patriotic and they’ve written songs about soldiers and war especially a song like “Citizen Soldier” which they played earlier this evening. I thought 3 Doors Down did a kick ass job. They were tight. Their singer, Brad Arnold is a great singer, I was pretty impressed with his performance earlier tonight. He did a great job.

As for Toby Keith, I watched a little bit of it but then I had to go eat dinner but I’ll watch that performance once it gets online. I’m sure Toby was good. After earlier tonight, I’m now a fan of Toby Keith and I think I’ll start buying his albums. I’ve never bought Toby Keith albums before but I’ve heard plenty of his songs on the radio over the years, though. I’m not a very big country music fan but I was impressed with the country music I heard tonight on the show. Great stuff.

Trump delivered a great speech after all the performances. I’m looking forward to tomorrow. Hopefully tomorrow will be a peaceful day with no violence and no disruptions by those libtard crybabies. Hopefully nothing dangerous happens. I’m sure Trump will get sworn in with no trouble at all.

A big congratulations to the Trump and Pence family. It was quite a ride, this election. I stood behind Trump ever since he announced his candidacy and never turned my back on him. I’ve always been loyal to Trump and still am. Always will be. If you’re a hater then you’re definitely brainwashed by the fake news mainstream media.

Looking forward to tomorrow. I’m so happy for Trump. He’s going to be the best president we’ve ever had in a long time. We’ve suffered through some horrible presidents over the years: Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, George W Bush, Barack Obama, etc. Enough is enough. It’s finally time for someone good for a change!




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