So I’ve just started watching “Total Divas” on WWE Network… is that wrong?

I’m not a big fan of reality shows. As a matter of fact, I really hate them as I try not to watch any of them but I can’t help myself to check out “Total Divas”. I’m finally getting into the show. I’m six episodes in on season 1 and I can’t stop watching. The show is actually very entertaining and good.

This show is kind of like “The Real World” and “Jersey Shore” a little bit but really though, I wouldn’t compare this show to those two shows at all. The other shows are mostly about negative stuff like living the wild lifestyle… like partying, getting into drugs, sex and a lot of soap opera stuff. “Total Divas” isn’t like other reality shows at all.

“Total Divas” is a lot more positive and this show is actually enjoyable to watch. Why? I don’t know… maybe it’s because girls like Natalya Neidhart and Trinity make the show likeable ’cause they are likeable girls. They really are. This show is not about the crazy stuff like other reality shows.

This show is about these groups of girls trying to get into the wrestling business and reaching their dreams. They want to get into the wrestling business like all their wrestling heroes did that they looked up to over the years of their lives. This show is the behind the scenes of them getting into the wrestling business and how they got into the WWE. You want to know where all these new women in WWE came from? Well, most of them came from this show “Total Divas”. Most of these girls perform regularly on RAW and Smackdown. This show is about the lives of all these girls.

This show is very popular though. I got into this show ’cause some people kept talking to me about it since I’m a huge wrestling fanatic. So I decided to finally check it out and I’m liking it!

While this show is entertaining and enjoyable, what I like most about is that the show is full of hot women. This show allows the women to show more skin and more cleavage which WWE RAW didn’t allow them to do.

I think I’m gonna keep watching ’cause I’m already addicted. I think this show “Total Divas” is scripted like most reality shows but at least it’s enjoyable. It’s actually a great show and you should start watching it too if you’re a wrestling fan.






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