Trump and his supporters don’t hate, we just want you to wake up and realize that there are violent people out there… that is ALL!!!

It is interesting how the left continues to show so much disdain toward Trump and his supporters. They’re still like, “OMG… they’re so hateful toward people… they’re so disgusting and they shouldn’t be supported or respected.” blah blah blah, you get the deal. They falsely believe that we are racist only because we point out that some black people, illegal aliens and Muslims are violent people. They think we’re bigots and racists for that, I totally get it but the thing is, I don’t think liberals get it yet, sadly. You see, Donald Trump and his supporters are not hateful toward other people at all.

All we are trying to do is look out for each other. We’re trying to look out for all Americans even our liberals here. We care for all American lives. All we’re basically trying to do is trying to get the left to wake up that there are violent people out there in this world. It’s really that easy to understand is it? All of this started back when Trump announced his campaign for the presidency when he said that illegal aliens are bringing in rapists, drugs and murderers. Trump also gets a lot of flak for calling black people thugs for rioting at Trump rallies and calling some Muslims violent & dangerous. The left really can’t see that we’re trying to look out for them but they won’t let us. They just keep getting caught up in this politically correct madness that was started by the mainstream media.

We Trump supporters don’t hate at all. Just trying to point out that there are bad people out there and just looking out for your well-being. We get fed up with the left a lot ’cause they refuse to see what we’re trying to explain to them. We’re not racist. We’re not hateful bigots at all. We’re just scared people who are just scared for the safety of our country. Simple, right? We’re trying our best to teach liberals that not everyone is your friend around here. We just want them to stop feeling sorry for black criminals. We want them to stop feeling sorry for illegal aliens. We want them to stop feeling sorry for Muslims. These are the type of people they shouldn’t be feeling sorry for at all. All we’re trying to do is protect the people of America, including liberals.

America is the country where we live and grew up our lives on. Wouldn’t it be cool if we no longer have to look over our shoulder when we go out in public? If we go out in public anything can happen. It’s not a safe world out there at all. Yeah, you can get jumped by a bunch of black thugs when you’re just walking the streets. You can get an illegal alien pointing a gun to your face or holding a knife to your throat when you’re just out and about. You can become a victim of Islamic terrorism too. It’s not safe out there at all.

That’s what President Trump’s goal is to keep America safe… hence his slogan, “Make America Safe Again”. Crime rate is really high in America and it’s finally time to take care of that problem. This is pretty much one of the big reasons I got on board with supporting Trump ’cause I want to keep myself and my family safe from evil people. Liberals think there are wonderful and lovable people in this world and I’m just trying to tell them not everybody is their friend. I supported Trump ever since he announced his candidacy back in June of 2015 and I never turned my back on him no matter what anyone said.

I really hope he builds that wall like he promised to keep illegals out ’cause they are dangerous people. They are called “illegal” for a pretty good reason. Anybody who believes that black criminals, illegal aliens and Muslims are good people is probably brainwashed by the media or Bernie Sanders (who I fucking hate). There’s a lot of bad people out there, folks and that’s all we’re trying to tell you. It’s interesting how people don’t want to listen. If you get a couple of black dudes coming to rob your home or you get an illegal alien kidnapping your kids, don’t blame us. Blame yourself for not listening to us in the first place. These things happen. Do your research and get educated. You’ll be thankful that you did.


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