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“Bettie Page Reveals All” documentary on Netflix is worth watching!!!

I have always been a huge fan of Bettie Page. The famous and iconic pin up star and model. I was surprised to see that Netflix made this documentary streamable. So yes, you can betcha, I watched it right away. Saw it last night. It’s a great documentary about her life and career as a model. The film was directed by Mark Mori and the film was narrated by Bettie Page herself. She narrated the film before she died, of course.

The film has all kinds of behind the scenes goodies of her modeling career. She was a hottie back in the day for sure. Like most, I respected her and admired her for her confidence in front of the camera. She wasn’t afraid to be in front of the camera all of the time which is amazing. She had no problem spending hours and hours in front of the camera ’cause that is what she loved back in the day. She has too many photos over the years. She has all kinds of modeling shots from fully clothed to half naked to completely naked!!

If you want to see a fully naked Bettie Page, you’ll get all of that throughout most of the film. She’s naked all the time. Tits, ass and all.

It’s an excellent documentary and worth watching if you’re a fan. Even if you don’t know much about Bettie Page, you should still check it out. It’s a film for die-hards and newbies. Bettie Page was great.


RIP: Bettie Page 1923 – 2008

The legendary pinup supermodel Bettie Page has passed away at 85 years old. She died at the Los Angeles hospital, she’s been there since she suffered a heart attack a week ago. RIP Bettie, what a sad day.

Variety Reports:


Report: Bettie Page hospitalized…in coma after heart attack…

A legendary supermodel, Bettie Page, who was known for her magazine pinups in the 1950’s has been hospitalized and in a coma after a heart attack. She’s been in the hospital for at least three weeks due to pneumonia but she suffered a heart attack when she was about ready to be released. She is now 85 years old.

In the 50’s, she has been one of the first supermodels other than Marilyn Monroe to appear in Playboy as a centerfold cover girl. Bettie Page has taken pics everything from bikini to bondage to totally nude to hardcore pornographic photos, she’s done it all.

Variety Reports:


Here’s a nude photo of Bettie that I like, I’ll link it instead:


Get well soon Bettie and hope she survives. She’s a legend, indeed.