Brock’s top 10 favorite celebrity twitter pages…

So I’ve been in twitter for a while. The only reason I joined is just to read celebrity twitter pages just for entertainment and laughs. It is a fun site and kind of crazy.

Here is a list of my favorite celeb twitter pages that I find myself looking at almost all the time, in no particular order:

Brent Spiner (formerly known as Data from Star Trek TNG. He’s a very funny guy, he maybe kind of rude and crude to his followers but he’s hilarious. Here is one page I can’t keep my eyes off of, his page has non-stop laughs, check it out, he’s awesome.)

Kim Kardashian – (I have always been a fan of Kimmy K. and always respected her. No, not because she’s a reality star and because she posed nude for Playboy once. I respect her ’cause she’s also a fitness trainer. A lot of people probably didn’t know she’s a fitness person. Look at her tweets for proof, always talking about going to the gym, even gives her followers fitness advice, etc. She’s way fuckin’ cool, in my book!)

Jenna Jameson – (former adult porn star and now the wife of UFC star, Tito Ortiz. She makes her page entertaining and funny.)

Stone Cold Steve Austin (who doesn’t like the Texas Rattlesnake? He is hosting next Monday’s RAW by the way, shall be a great episode!)

Michael McKean (Most would know him as a member of the fictional rock band, Spinal Tap. I like his twitter page, very funny guy!)

Pee Wee Herman (the Great Pee Wee Herman. I’ve always loved this character. I even enjoyed his “Playhouse” shows. Call him a good guilty pleasure if you will.)

“Weird” Al Yankovic (Al the man, his twitter site is very entertaining as always.)

Heyman Hustle or Paul Heyman (Paul Heyman known as the former owner of ECW wrestling company and partner for Brock Lesnar. If you scroll down a bit, you can see he wrote to me after I asked him if he will ever host RAW someday. Yep, my first celebrity twitter response! They do read and reply to their followers!)

Meghan McCain – (This is the daughter of John McCain. I find her page quite addicting to look at it for some reason.)

Chris Jericho (I like how Jericho uses his twitter to be in character to his followers, entertaining stuff. Plus Jericho rules!)


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