Report: “The Dark Tower” TV series will be aired on HBO, but as for the big screen movie, not sure yet…

While promoting the “Tower Heist” movie, Brian Grazer just said, “The Dark Tower” TV series will be aired on HBO. Since Universal dropped out of making the movies for the big screen, Brian Grazer and Ron Howard still haven’t found a movie studio for the films, but they are still looking.

MTV Movies Blog, reports.

HBO is a great network for the show, but it will be a big competition with other popular shows on that station. Shows like “Game of Thrones”, “True Blood”, and “Boardwalk Empire”. I don’t see how “The Dark Tower” is going to top any of those shows, it’ll be hard. “The Dark Tower” shouldn’t be aired on a Sunday night like a few of those shows are being aired on. I think “The Dark Tower” show should be aired on either Thursday or Friday night.

Another question I have is, Javier Bardem is confirmed to play Roland The Gunslinger. Will he still play Roland for the TV series as well? That’s a lot of acting.



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