Report: First Universal Studios drops, “The Dark Tower”, now Warner Bros. refuses to make it…

For reasons unknown, Warner Bros., all of a sudden refuses to make Ron Howard’s “The Dark Tower” series adapted from, Stephen King. First Universal bails out, now WB’s.

Variety reports.

While I do want these movies to be made into big screen movies and TV shows, honestly, I can understand why no studio wants to make it so far. Why? The Dark Tower has a total of 7 books. Ron wants to make 3 big screen movies and 2 mini series, which would be a bit too hectic for a studio to work on. Plus, I’m willing to bet, the budget is the problem. It’s going to be a very expensive project. Would probably cost billions to get these made. It would require a lot of CGI work and stuff ’cause of the different world that Roland is in. It’s going to be very challenging to bring these to the screen.

They’ll probably negotiate with Paramount next, but they probably won’t do it either. They might as well scrap the project if no one wants to do it. Even Javier Bardem don’t even want to do it anymore. This sounds like a pretty overwhelming project. Maybe Ron oughta shorten it up a bit, if he’s serious about this.


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