Ron Howard’s “The Dark Tower” film finally sets a release date for January 13th, 2017…

After being rejected by a few major film studios, “The Dark Tower” which the first movie will be directed by Ron Howard finally finds a new home… Sony. It’s good that Sony hasn’t bailed out on them and committed to making the movie with Ron. The first Dark Tower film which is untitled as of this moment will be released on January 13th, 2017.

Javier Bardem used to be signed to the leading role of Roland Deschain the Gunslinger but he changed his mind about the role and dropped out.

Who’s gonna be playing Roland? I’d still say Hugh Jackman ’cause he would be perfect for the character, in my opinion. Kurt Russell won’t be a bad choice as well. The books doesn’t get specific about Roland’s age but the way he is through the books, he looks to be around 40’s – 50’s. Middle aged. So the actor for Roland needs to be older.

They should start casting pretty soon I would think. I hope Ron makes the first Dark Tower movie really good and I predict a huge box office smash. This film series could be bigger than Harry Potter, The Hungers Games, LOTR, etc. Be on the lookout for another big franchise, y’all!


3 thoughts on “Ron Howard’s “The Dark Tower” film finally sets a release date for January 13th, 2017…”

  1. I cannot wait I have read the entire series twice, this should be an epic set of films. Steven king originally viewed Roland as Clint Eastwood but age eliminates him from playing the younger Roland.

    1. I agree Eastwood would have been great but he’s way too old.

      I would also like to name Sly Stallone for the Roland character. Sly would be good ’cause Roland Deschain is a pretty tough and mean character so Sly would fit that. I also think Sly’s got the right look for the character.


  2. My bad, Ron Howard isn’t directing the first one. The first installment will be directed by someone named, Nikolaj Arcel. He will help write the script too.


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