First Al Gore meets with Trump about Climate Change, now Leonard Dicaprio… who’s next Neil Young???

First Al Gore had a meeting with Trump and his daughter Ivanka to talk about Climate Change. Now Leo Dicaprio joins in. Everybody is probably wondering, did Trump change his stance on “Climate Change” & Global Warming and all that stuff? No, I don’t think he did have a change of heart about Climate CHange. Maybe Al and Leo are just trying their best to convince Trump that Climate Change is real? Maybe Trump is just doing this for his daughter Ivanka, who knows? Maybe Trump is just experimenting a little and doing some research. That kind of thing. Maybe Trump is just trying to find different ways to help the country so he invites Al Gore and Leo Dicaprio in.

A lot of Trump supporters I’m noticing has been freaking out about Climate Change fanatics meeting with Trump and I don’t know why. I think it’s actually cool that Trump is doing this. It shows his professionalism and show he’s a great negotiator. It shows that Trump is not on one side of the spectrum. Once again, Mr. Trump gets along with everybody including liberals. No doubt that Leo is a very liberal guy as well but I give him the kudos to have the balls to meet Trump. Most liberals are afraid of Trump but not Al and Leo. Those guys are adult enough to be civilized with Trump so other liberal political figures should take note.

Who is Trump planning to meet with next? I wouldn’t be surprised that Trump invites Neil Young to Trump Tower to discuss the Earth and Green Energy and all that stuff. Neil seems to be a Climate Change expert too. Hell, maybe Bernie Sanders would even get invited to Trump Tower. Now that the election is over maybe Donald and Bernie would bury the hatchet but I doubt it, though. Bernie is way too far on the left, he hates anything Republican but I can see Donald meeting with Neil Young sometime, though. That’s a possibility.



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