Think I’m gonna try singing this song next… “Just a Gigolo/I ain’t got nobody” by Louis Prima…

While the David Lee Roth version of this song is pretty good, I still prefer the Louis Prima version. The Prima version is a lot tighter and the singing is way better. I really dig Prima’s voice in this song. I’ve been listening to Louis Prima music for a long time. He was a great music artist. Yeah, sometimes I dig big band swing music and rockabilly.

I’ve been practicing singing along with this song, trying to get Prima’s vocal melodies down. This song really isn’t all that hard to sing except Prima does a lot of stuttering which is kind of hard to do but I’ll get it with practice and the more I listen. It’s a great tune and one of my favorites of all time. I’ve always wanted to sing this one. When I’m ready, I’ll videotape myself singing this song with backing track.

I would like to learn the chords of this song too so I can perform this song at open mics and stuff. I’ve always loved Louis Prima, his music is freakin’ badass. You should check him out too if you don’t get into him much. He’s got other good songs besides “Just a Gigolo” and “Jump Jive & Wail”.



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