Leonardo Dicaprio surprisingly never won an Oscar before but I think he’ll get it this time…

Leonardo Dicaprio never won an Oscar before. It may seem like he has already won one but he never did if you do a little digging. He’s been nominated 4 times at the Oscars over the years in his career but he never won any of them. I think he’ll definitely get his first Oscar this year, though (sorry Matt Damon). “The Revenant” was indeed Leo’s best role in his career. In the past, I used to think Leo Dicaprio was an overrated actor. There were only like a few other roles that I liked him in. Other roles that I thought Leo was really good in were “Gangs of New York”, “The Departed”, “Shutter Island”, “Inception”, “Wolf of Wall Street” and “Django Unchained” but other than that, Leo’s best performance was in “The Revenant”.

Like most people I never liked “Titanic” as I thought it was an overrated as hell movie. “Gilbert Grape” is overrated as well. He’s starred in too many overrated films and that includes, “J. Edgar” which I never liked (and it wasn’t because of the gay stuff in the movie, it just wasn’t good).

Leo is a talented actor, I guess. He always has been. I think he deserves his first Oscar which is long overdue and he’ll absolutely get it with “The Revenant” ’cause once again, I thought it was his best role in his career. “The Revenant” will probably sweep everything at the Oscars. I prefer “The Revenant” to be the big winner over “Mad Max: Fury ROad”.

If you haven’t seen “The Revenant” yet, you gotta see it for yourself and you would see how amazing Leo’s performance really was. He’ll blow your mind in this movie. I’m definitely buying “The Revenant” when it comes out on BluRay, hell yes!


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