HBO Max never wanted it but gonna get it, I think…

Truthfully, I never wanted to get HBO Max streaming service. After seeing “The Batman” in theater and hearing about Matt Reeves talking about having two other Batman spinoff series for HBO Max like “The Penguin” show and “Arkham Asylum”, I think I’m gonna get HBO Max this week. Plus there are other good stuff coming like the “House of the Dragon” Game of THrones spinoff show and there’s an IT prequel series coming and that “Batgirl” movie is coming there too. So with all this, I think I’m gonna get HBO Max after all.

I already signed up for the HBO Max add on through Hulu since I’m a Hulu subscriber… but I wondered if you signed up for HBO Max as a Hulu premium add on, you could use the regular HBO APP with the Hulu login and I just found out that you can do that! So I’m gonna get HBO Max for my Smart TV using the Hulu provider this week. I’m gonna figure all this out soon but not right away ’cause I won’t be streaming movies/TV shows much this week ’cause it’s Wrestlemania week so I’m gonna be watching a lot of wrestling this week.

The HBO Max stuff is gonna be next week. I’ll figure out how to get into the HBO Max app with my Hulu login ’cause they let you do that.

I’m really gonna ditch Netflix, I think simply ’cause they keep raising the prices and Netflix is now the most expensive streaming service so I’m gonna get rid of it this week I think. Get rid of Netflix and swap it with HBO Max. I don’t watch Netflix that much anyways ’cause there’s mostly garbage on it. There’s only a few shows that I like to watch on it like “The Walking Dead” and “Cobra Kai”. I’ve debated a long time on whether or not I should keep Netflix but I’m gonna get rid of it, I think. I’m all caught up with “The Walking Dead”, just gotta wait for the final season and there are other ways to watch the final season.

I’ll figure something out. I love watching TV shows and movies still but I do the TV watching at night mostly. It’s not good to binge watch during the day ’cause I like to do other things like going to the gym, playing my guitar, etc.


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