Not trying to be a guitar god but wanna get better and improve as a player…

A lot lately I’ve been so focused on guitar playing more. Other than going to the gym 4 days a week, guitar playing is one thing I do every day. I’ve grown so tired of playing basic stuff all the time… like basic open chords and bar chords. Now I finally want to expand my guitar chops and try to take it way to the next level.

Right now, I’ve been trying to figure out how to play chords up and down the neck, all over. Be able to play lead fills in between chords and all that stuff. I wanna be like those guitar players where your right hand is flying all over the fretboard. Yeah, I kind of do want to learn how to shred but I want to be able to play more rhythmically too.

I’m trying to be more complex at rhythm playing too. Still studying timing and rhythm. Practicing along with a metronome. I want to be able to play faster… be able to hold longer notes and play more syncopated/off-beat rhythms. I’m learning all of it too. Trying to study the road maps of the guitar so I can be able to play chords and scales all over.

When you’re playing chords, you don’t necessarily have to play the full chords… partial chords are pretty cool and I’ve bene messing around with partial chords like triads and double stops.

When I’m learning cover songs, I’m learning to practice more in time and even starting to learn the guitar solos of songs more.

I’m trying to work on my ear training and improvisation skills too. I’m always learning.

The goal is, I want to be able to make more complex and difficult songs. Kind of tired of writing easy originals and want to branch out. Become a better songwriter. I want to try and make my guitar playing a little more different and take people by surprise, hopefully. Try and mature as a songwriter and guitar player.

If you want to get better and improve, practice and patience is key. Been playing for a little over 20 years now and I still feel like I got a lot of work and learning to do.



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