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Report: David Bowie was asked to perform at Olympics but turned it down, not surprisingly…

Not surprisingly David Bowie was one of the musicians who was offered to perform at the Olympics closing ceremony, but of course, he turned it down. I’m sure they offered him millions of dollars, but he vowed not to perform again no matter how much they offered him. Is he really done with music? You will probably never get an answer of why he turned down the Olympics, ’cause him not wanting to be part of the music business remains to be a mystery. Maybe he’s not actually retired at all? Just taking a long vacation. Maybe he’s not ready to make a comeback to music? He never responded publicly on why he never made an album or toured. He’s been tight lipped about everything on his music career. Hopefully, he isn’t done for good. I pray someday he will announce a major comeback, but it probably won’t happen anytime soon.

The Rolling Stones, Kate Bush and The Sex Pistols also turned down offers for the Olympics Closing.

More on the story, here.


Miss the performances from the Who, Ray Davies, and Muse from last night’s Olympics Closing Ceremony? Watch ’em here…

I’m pretty pissed off at NBC. Makes me want to avoid that station as much as possible now. NBC cut the Closing Ceremony just to air that stupid Animal show, and the local news after. Bullshit if you ask me. NBC promoted the hell out of the Who being aired on NBC, but don’t know what happened here.

Anyway, enjoy the cut performances, here.

NBC is a crap network anyway.