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This article, “Rick Santorum declares war on heavy metal” is fake, a tabloid…

There’s this article going around the web, facebook and other sites, a Rick Santorum article titled, “Rick Santorum Declares War On Heavy Metal”. In the article has a small quote where he said how the genre corrupts the minds of young kids. How the genre turns kids suicidal and all that stuff.

The article is not true. It’s fake and made up. Some idiot with too much time on his hands, trying to make him look bad online because of his religious beliefs. Hoping, it’s a way to turn off Santorum supporters.

There’s no evidence or proof where he said that at one of his campaign rally’s.

In reality, Rick supports the Constitution, 100%. So he would believe in the 1st Amendment and Freedom of Speech. He would not put a ban to a genre ’cause he doesn’t agree to it.

I bet Rick himself would respond to that article sooner or later. He supports us Americans and cares for everyone, even the metal heads. I’m positive he won’t ruin things for us.


BREAKING NEWS: “The West Memphis Three” freed from prison after 18 years…

After 18 long years in  prison, murder suspects: Damien Echols, Jesse Misskelley Jr., and Jason Baldwin known as, “The West Memphis Three” were free from prison, after the judge accepted their plea for their release. On May 5th, 1993, the three suspects murdered three boys, but they maintained their innocence and said they didn’t do it ever since. The reason this story relates to music is because these guys wore all black and were big fans of heavy metal music.

Read more on the story, here.

Well, after 18 years in prison, and now they’re on the outside, they’ll have to get used to freedom. They won’t be used to it, trust me. It’s very difficult for people getting out of prison after so many years, and then they have to re-build their lives. It’s going to be a long and difficult journey to get their lives back together.

So the question do you have to ask is this. Do I agree with them being let out?

No. I don’t agree with it. It’s not justice for their victims and their families. Who knows they’ll do it again after this. I don’t trust them being out.

A lot of people would think it’s great news and maybe exciting, but honestly, I find it pretty scary as hell. If I was part of their victim’s families, I would have been outraged as hell.

Read the full story on the “West Memphis Three” case here at wikipedia.


Report: David Fincher’s “Heavy Metal” shot down by Paramount…

Paramount studios  just ditched David Fincher’s “Heavy Metal” film adapted from the popular adult fantasy comic, a magazine where you can buy at newstands everywhere. Fincher was set to produce the film and to direct one of the stories. Paramount turned down the offer to get the film made because they felt the content was too risque for mainstream audiences, probably due to it’s controversial violence and sexual content.

More on it here:


That article called Fincher’s film a “remake”, it is not. The new “Heavy Metal” film will feature new stories so it will be different than the 1981 film. If you read earlier articles about Fincher’s “Heavy Metal”, they all said it wasn’t a remake.

It’s no surprise to me that Paramount wouldn’t do this. I don’t think any major movie studios would do this, Warner Bros. would probably turn it down too.

I would say either Lionsgate or Nu Image/Millenium would be the most likely studios that would be willing to do this film.


Report: David Fincher to make “Heavy Metal” animated movie…


Paramount Pictures has signed David Fincher to direct “Heavy Metal”, an animated movie which will be adapted from the magazine that you buy from your local newstands. “Heavy Metal” is a fantasy epic comic book that has dark, violent, and very sexual storylines. The comics were known to have lots of nudity. Basically, a magazine comic made directily for adults. Publisher and founder of “Heavy Metal” magazine Leonard Mogel started the company back in 1977. The company has been here with us for a little over 30 years and still going strong to this very day.

The animated film “Heavy Metal” will include 8 or 9 different segments or different stories, David Fincher is signed to direct one of the segments, not the entire film. Considering the film will be adapted from the “Heavy Metal” comic, it will have an R rating because of it’s violent and sexual content. Paramount Pictures will start searching for other directors for the other segments shortly.

Variety reports:


If this animated movie will be a big success, hopefully they can make a live action version of “Heavy Metal” comics.

I was a fan of the “Heavy Metal” comics, I used to read ’em and buy ’em all the time. They used to be my favorite to read.