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Cool Video: David Bowie’s “The Next Day”…

David Bowie released the official video to his next single, “The Next Day”, which is also the title track for his new album. It was reported that Christians and other religious people were offended by the material in the video ’cause the song seems to have a negative message toward religion.  If you knew David Bowie’s career as well as I do, you would realize that Bowie is no stranger to controversial songs and videos. Bowie has always been the type of guy that he will send a message through a song whether people liked it or not. He still has that attitude to this day. The video to this song maybe dark and controversial but whatever it takes for David to send a message. Seems like David is trying to tell a story to this song.

I’m sure David is being unfairly accused of being hateful against religion or being a supporter of Satan, but I’m sure that’s not his intention with this song. I’m not sure what message David is trying to send but whatever he’s doing here, he’s just being artistic like he usually is. The man is an artist; not just a musician, also kind of like a painter or a visualist. He is just trying to depict things of what goes on in his mind. The man is very creative.

I like the video and the song too, by the way. I don’t find it offensive at all. How about that Marion Cotillard, hey? Ain’t she lookin’ pretty hot in this video or what? I would say so. Even though Gary Oldman had a few lines to say in this video, his acting is gold like always.

In Bowie’s defense, you just never know what to expect from the man. He has always been unpredictable like this. You just never know what the man will come up with next.


Will Bowie go on tour in support for, “The Next Day”??? So far, it’s looking pretty unlikely…

It has been a couple of weeks already since the release of Bowie’s new album, “The Next Day”, which is a phenomenal record by the way, and so far, the man has never confirmed a tour yet. Will he go on a short tour or even play a one off show in support of the new album? Pretty unlikely, sadly. He may not be retired from making new music, but it’s looking like he is done with touring for good.

I think Bowie came back after a long 10 year wait is because he came back by popular demand. If it wasn’t for fans begging him to return, then he wouldn’t have came at all, I’m sure. He came back with a new record to keep his longtime fans happy. I bet he didn’t think people still love him to this day and he thought wrong. That’s why he came back, ’cause he realized that he still had the popularity.

I wish Bowie would do a one off show for a possible live album/DVD release. Maybe he does have plans in doing that? Ya never know. We’ll have to wait to see what happens. I think he’s still capable of performing live again just fine. It’s just that the man puts his family first which is commendable. He came out with a new album because music is his life and he just can’t give it up. At least, he’s still making music, though. That makes me happy!

I finally picked up Bowie’s “The Next Day” on CD yesterday, along with Orianthi’s new album.


David Bowie’s “The Next Day” album review…

So David Bowie, is finally releasing his most anticipated album, “The Next Day” after a 10 year long wait for his return. David, agreed to let Itunes stream the new album for FREE. I gave the album a listen in Itunes today. When you take a long break from music, some people mistakenly believe musicians lose it with their musicianship and songwriting talent. Well, after giving this album a listen, David haven’t lost it at all. The man still has IT!

While David released his first single, “Where Are They Now”, fans worried that the album will be full of slow ballads. Turns out that most of the album is pretty rockin’! The album is full of guitar playing all the way through. There are only like two or three slow songs, but the slow songs are still really good. David’s guitar player, Earl Slick, has been playing guitars on David’s albums for years now. This album has Earl’s best playing, yet. This album also has David’s best singing. After listening to this album, I immediately thought that this album is a celebration of his music over the years in his career. The album has something for everyone on it. You want a tight rock n’ roll song that he had in the 70’s. You will hear a lot of that. You want to hear David’s dance & pop stuff (like he did with songs such as “Lets Dance”, “Golden Years”, etc.), there’s some of that on there as well. David still has that energy and intensity in his songs. It has an old school Bowie feeling.

After the long 10 year wait, David probably thought to himself… “My fans have waited too long, I better give them a rock album, something they’ve always wanted to hear”. This album is clearly for the fans who missed him during those 10 years. This album is David clearly saying to everyone, “I’m back and better than ever”.

I thought the album was absolutely amazing and incredible. It gave me goosebumps throughout. When I get my own copy of the album, I’m gonna be listening to it a lot. Welcome back, David, and please, don’t make us wait so long for your next record!