Will Bowie go on tour in support for, “The Next Day”??? So far, it’s looking pretty unlikely…

It has been a couple of weeks already since the release of Bowie’s new album, “The Next Day”, which is a phenomenal record by the way, and so far, the man has never confirmed a tour yet. Will he go on a short tour or even play a one off show in support of the new album? Pretty unlikely, sadly. He may not be retired from making new music, but it’s looking like he is done with touring for good.

I think Bowie came back after a long 10 year wait is because he came back by popular demand. If it wasn’t for fans begging him to return, then he wouldn’t have came at all, I’m sure. He came back with a new record to keep his longtime fans happy. I bet he didn’t think people still love him to this day and he thought wrong. That’s why he came back, ’cause he realized that he still had the popularity.

I wish Bowie would do a one off show for a possible live album/DVD release. Maybe he does have plans in doing that? Ya never know. We’ll have to wait to see what happens. I think he’s still capable of performing live again just fine. It’s just that the man puts his family first which is commendable. He came out with a new album because music is his life and he just can’t give it up. At least, he’s still making music, though. That makes me happy!

I finally picked up Bowie’s “The Next Day” on CD yesterday, along with Orianthi’s new album.


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