The Oregon shooting should prove that Obama is no Christian…

Obama claims he’s Christian but you know it’s a fucking lie. He’s no Christian at all and anybody that believes it ’cause Obama says he is , you’re delusional and messed up. Christians were the target of that shooting.

Christians are being targeted everywhere in the world and they don’t have any respect or compassion by Obama and his admission. For Obama not to bring up the fact that Christians were targeted at the Oregon shooting will show even more that Obama is no Christian.

If Obama was a real Christian, he would have been against gay marriage, gun control and he would support Christianity 100% but instead Obama supports Christianity 50% or lower.

It’s not a very Christian thing to do to ignore the fact that Christians are being murdered and slaughtered in the United States and around the world.

Yet, Obama is turning out to be the anti-Christ and disrespects Christians even more during his “Crusades” speech. Obama is a Christian? Heh… fuck you if you think he is.

Obama is a Muslim pretending to be Christian.


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