Honestly, Mike Huckabee is another GOP candidate I’m keeping my eye on too…

He’s so right on the money that Obama is the most anti-Christian president we’ve ever had. I’m not a Christian at all and have no desire to become one but I do respect Christians and Obama is definitely not one at all. If Obama keeps claiming that he’s “Christian” but he keeps showing a lot of disdain and disrespect to Christianity, he’s definitely no “Christian” at all. Especially after Obama’s ridiculous Crusades speech. Christians are being murdered all over the world and Obama doesn’t seem to have a care but spends most of his time praising and defending Islam. Obama a fucking Christian? You fucking kidding me?

Of course, like always, the delusional left will think Huckabee is insane, crazy, a bigot even for speaking the truth. The libtard left can’t accept any truth toward precious Obama. Even though Huckabee is right, the delusional libtards will attack him ’cause he’s GOP. No matter what is said about their precious Obama, libtards are gonna shrug it off and side with Barack anyways.

That’s why I hate debating politics with liberals ’cause they’re too fucking one-sided. They stay on their side at every turn and it’s pissing me off. That’s why I ignore liberals like the plague.

All liberals care about is their homosexuals.


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