Donald Trump is not destroying our democracy, he’s only trying to save it…

This is a really good article which defends Donald Trump pretty nicely. If you don’t understand Donald Trump, if you’re a brain dead and ignorant hater, you may want to give this a read. Many on the left and even some on the right-wing accused Donald Trump of destroying the Democracy. Destroying both parties but Trump isn’t really. If you’ve been paying attention, he’s only looking out for America’s best interest. Trump really cares for the country and doing all he can to fix this mess we’re in. He’s only exposing this “left vs. right” thing that’s been going aka “political correctness”. He’s exposing how corrupt and broken both Republicans and Democrats really are.

This is why I don’t label myself a “Conservative” or a “Republican” anymore. This doesn’t mean I’m a liberal either ’cause I’m neither a conservative or a liberal. I’m just gonna be me from now on. Since Donald Trump is not siding with either party, I’m not siding with either party anymore either so I’m out. I’m all done with all this “right vs. left” crap. From now on, I’m gonna start telling the truth about conservatives too so if I’m gonna bash them about something, be ready to hear from me. See? I’m not on one side at all. Never has been.

Read this article from start to finish.

Whether you like Donald Trump or not, just admit it that this election would have been boring as hell without him. If he wasn’t running this election would have been boring and less-interesting. If he didn’t announce a run then the first two GOP debates wouldn’t have gotten the big ratings. Trump makes people pay more attention to the election whether you like him or hate him. Even if you hate him, admit that you find him entertaining and likeable.


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