2 years ago today, Donald Trump officially announced he’s running for president… and now he is the president…

Two years ago today, Donald Trump made history by coming down the escalator with his wife Melania at Trump Tower to announce he’s officially running for president. Ever since he announced his presidential campaign, he has grown so many haters and doubters. People hated and people doubted him so much. Everybody pretty much went after him: Democrats, liberals, the GOP even went after him, the media, Hollywood, music artists. People got so mad at Trump and heads exploded over him but guess what? He won and beat them all. He even beat Hillary.

The NeverTrump crowd thought he would lose but they thought wrong. Well, here he is the 45th President of the United States. Deal with it, snowflakes!

I stood with him ever since that day he announced his presidential campaign. Never turned my back on him once. I’ve always been very loyal to Trump and still am now. I don’t care what the haters think. I stand with my president.

Trump is now officially 50% in approval ratings. While everyone is sitting there obsessively hating on him, Trump is already doing great things for America. The economy is booming, regulations going way down, Trump admin. cracking down on illegal aliens as promised, etc. Keeping almost every campaign promise.

We don’t have The Wall yet but we’ll get there before you know it. Trust me. We’ll get the wall.

Keep hating, NeverTrumpers. All you’re doing is helping his approval ratings and giving him a chance for 2020.


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