Are the Clintons paying the media lots of money to make them look good and to make Donald Trump look bad? It’s obvious I must say…

It’s interesting how the media can’t think of one thing to criticize Hillary about. They don’t want to say anything negative about her at all for some reason. Everything the mainstream media says about Hillary is something positive. Whenever Hillary is in trouble for something, the media will be quick to defend her and protect her every time. Media obviously treats her like the queen. It’s really pathetic.

The way I look at all of this is, I really do believe that the Clintons are paying the MSM loads of money to make them look good when they aren’t really. If the media wasn’t getting paid then the Clintons would have gotten loads of negative criticism by the media and that’s what they wanted to avoid. I believe that Hillary Clinton is a huge narcissist and egomaniac. The woman loves herself too much. Everyone wants to accuse Donald Trump of being an egomaniac but I disagree. The egomaniac is no one other than Hillary.

How? Well, the bitch thinks she’s above the law for one. She thinks she can commit gov. crimes and get away with them all. She’s also one of the biggest liars ever. She would do or say anything to make herself look good and would say anything to protect herself. She also wants the presidency for herself and herself only. She can’t accept that she lost, making one excuse after another as for why she lost. She can’t get the hint that no one likes her. The media can’t get the hint either but they want to force us to believe that she’s a sweetheart when we are not buying that shit at all.

Hillary is an evil cunt and wish she would go away forever. Anybody who actually likes her has a lot of mental problems themselves.


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