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Month of April to be a slew of presidential 2016 announcements??? Looks like it…

Sen. Ted Cruz was obviously the first to announce president bid for 2016 race. I’m sure there will be a lot more announcements in the month of April. Who else in the GOP is gonna make announcements? My predictions: Rand Paul, Ben Carson, Marco Rubio, Donald Trump, Jeb Bush, Herman Cain, Kelly Ayotte, Michelle Bachman, Sarah Palin, Gov. Rick Perry, Scott Walker and I’m sure there will be many others.

As for the Democrat party all I can think of are: Hillary (maybe? Hope not…), Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden and that’s about all I can think of.

I hope we don’t elect Hillary or Joe Biden ’cause if we do, we’ll be passing along Obama’s presidency to them if you know what I mean and we can’t have that. I’m okay with any Democrat running for president as long as we don’t get Hillary or Joe.

We are in desperate need of a conservative president next time around and I think we’ll get one. Americans are getting fed up with the left. I don’t think the left will have a chance for the next election. I think liberalism will soon be done and over with. We’ve pretty much had it.


Dr. Of Common Sense, “Obama not leaving office in 2017″…

Another cool video by E.T. Williams aka the Dr. Of Common Sense.

I’ve been saying for a while now in this blog that Obama may not leaving office even if 2016 elections comes. It would be great if he would step down for someone else to take over but I have this sick feeling in my stomach that Barack is gonna be president for a pretty long time. He could cancel the elections if he wanted. Keep in mind, Obama haven’t been faithful to the constitution and he breaks a lot of laws. What’s stopping him for doing the same with the upcoming election? How will he continue to be president after 2016? Declare martial law? Executive orders? Keep in mind, he’s the Mr. Pen and a phone guy. There might not even be a 2016 election at all. I’m tellin’ ya.

Read this article at WMD that E.T. Williams is talking about:


I’ve warned you guys plenty of times myself that Obama could still be president after 2016.

Think about why Eric Holder is still Attorney General when he announced resignation, Senate confirming Loretta Lynch and he even had a farewell party. Guess what? Holder is STILL Attorney General and I have a feeling he will still be Attorney General for a pretty long time.

I don’t think Obummer is gonna leave. He’s not gonna leave until the USA is no more.


Sorry but I agree with Ben Carson…

I don’t buy into this “being born gay” crap at all. It’s all a big lie. It really is a choice, in my humble opinion.

I also think people are taking Ben Carson’s comments out of context. He isn’t saying that prisons turn people gay, he’s only giving that as an example of how becoming gay is a choice. He brings up some pretty valid points and talks truth. Of course, when you tell the truth about these things you get labeled as a homophobe or a bigot.

When babies are born, birth doesn’t automatically choose them to be gay or straight. Being gay or straight is a preference, meaning it’s a choice. So when a child grows up, they learn how to be straight, gay or bi. So when a person is gay, they learned how to be that way as they grow up. I’ve seen people who have decided to give up being gay and become straight instead so it’s a choice, absolutely.

Ben Carson didn’t have to apologize for this ’cause the point is valid. Some claim his comments destroyed his upcoming presidency but I disagree. It didn’t hurt him at all ’cause he is surging in the presidential polls ’cause of it: http://www.msnbc.com/up/watch/ben-carson-surges-ahead-in-polls-410016835972

I know this is a risky topic to talk about ’cause you could get your life destroyed even when you gave an opinion when you should have every right to it. Ben Carson just gave me another reason to vote for him in 2016 if he gets the nomination.


Rand Paul’s speech at CPAC 2015 is here…

Great speech by Rand Paul at CPAC 2015. He killed it once again like usual.

He’s so right that our privacy are being invaded by our government like with all the scandals going on and stuff with the NSA, IRS and the regulation of the internet and all that stuff.

He also brought up Benghazi and says that Hillary should not even be running for president at all ’cause she didn’t lift a finger to save Ambassador Stevens and the three other American men who were killed at the compound.

Speech is worth listening. I think Rand Paul is my no. 1 pick for the oval office, this man needs to be in the White House.


Donald Trump more serious on running for president in 2016…

Look like the Donald is serious on running for President this time around. He is hiring staff and he’s delaying his TV shows and stuff.

Do I think Trump would make a great president? Not sure. I like him as a person and a celebrity but as a politician/world leader??? Not sure about that. I think he’ll be good at fixing the country that Barack left us and all that stuff but all he’s gonna be is a huge target for the left. Liberals will do all they can do to make him look like a corrupted criminal and will try to get him impeached.

I think Trump could go pretty far in the election, maybe even get the nomination ’cause he’s pretty popular in the conservative community. I admire Trump for not being afraid of speaking the truth about what’s going on with America and being realistic about Obama but I’m actually kind of skeptical of him being our president.

If Trump does get elected in 2016, who will take over his Trump empire? Who will take over his business like his hotels, casinos, golf courses, The Pageant and all that stuff? Well, seeing that Trump is a billionaire… I’m sure he’ll hire a bunch of people to take over his duties while he’s in the oval office. Plus, The Donald has his kids who will help take over his entrepreneurship like Ivanka, Donald Jr. and Eric. The Donald is surrounded with a wealthy family. I’m sure the “Celebrity Apprentice” TV show will be on hold while The Donald is in office, though.

I’m more interested in Rand Paul, Dr. Ben Carson or Sarah Palin. They would be my picks. I don’t care what anybody says about Sarah, she’ll get my vote if she’s in. I kind of got my eye on Scott Walker too.


Why did Donald Trump flip flop on Mitt Romney? Trying to get more votes???

Did The Donald break-up with Mitt Romney? It appears so!

Back in the 2012 Elections, The Donald endorsed Mitt Romney for president. He kept going on and on about how Mitt was going to be a great president, remember that? Now the Donald is hating on him all of a sudden.


Do I think Donald Trump would make a good president??? Well, lets be realistic here. In my opinion, no. I like Mr. Trump. I think he’s an entertaining as hell guy and funny but I don’t think he’ll be a good president at all. He just has a huge ego problem.

I don’t think Trump will make the economy better ’cause all he’s gonna do when he’s elected, he’s just gonna try to make himself even richer, ya know? I don’t think he has what it takes in foreign policy, war, fighting terrorism and all that stuff.

The Donald maybe pretty popular in the conservative community but that doesn’t mean he’s gonna make a great president.

As for 2016… I got my eyes set on Rand Paul, Dr. Ben Carson and Sarah Palin. Those would be my three choices.

It’s not surprising to me that Mitt Romney stepped down from the election. I’m actually glad that he did that ’cause he has a family to take care of and stuff, ya know? I really think he really won the 2012 election it’s just that Obama robbed him due to electoral fraud.

I’m not a fan of Jeb Bush either.


Why America needs Rand Paul as president…

You should check out all of Rand Paul’s “Airing of Grievances” posts for this year on this Festivus.

Check out his twitter and read it all…


As you can see he’s hinting at a 2016 President run and I’m sure he’s going for it. When he confirms it, he’s probably gonna end up getting my vote.

Why do we need Rand Paul? Well, for one, if there was a guy who could end government corruption… it’s this guy. He would end all the NSA spying and the use of drones and all that stuff. He would not send weapons to terrorists and things like that. This would be the guy that would fix America and fix our broken government. He would make those held accountable if he caught people committing crimes.

President Paul sounds good to me and he would look great in the White House. Also, Sen. Paul would not commit crimes and get away with it if he was president. He would also stay faithful to the Constitution and take it seriously. He would also not waste time vacationing, golfing, fundraisers and he would keep his focus on the country like a real president.

I think there’s a very good chance that Sen. Paul could be our next president. After the Republican take-over in the mid-elections, there’s a very good chance we could get a Republican president in 2016 as well.

Rand Paul is a good guy and I love how he tells the truth no matter the consequences.

I just hope we don’t get another democrat as president. If we elect another democrat, we just voted for Obama’s presidency to pass along to somebody else and that’s what’s gonna happen if Hillary gets elected (which I also hope doesn’t happen). After what happened during the mid-term elections earlier this year, I don’t think Hillary has a chance. There are still too many delusional libtards who think Hillary would make a good president and I just laugh at all of them. Sometimes I’ll see a post in my newsfeed that someone wants Hillary as president and I’ll have no problem replying to that person’s post… reminding people about Hillary’s Benghazi. Hillary still has too many supporters just like Barack still has supporters.

Sen. Paul would make an awesome president and he would be the Reagan-like president that we’ve all been looking for.

I would like to see Sen. Paul vs. Hillary in the final two when they get the nominations. Imagine what a Rand Paul vs. Hillary debate would be like? Sen. Paul would destroy Hillary in the debates. It’s my prediction that Hillary would never be elected ’cause she doesn’t have a chance.


Cool Video: Senator Rand Paul officially confirms 2016 Presidential run with this teaser video…

2016 is not even here yet. We still have a long ways to go for the next election, and Senator Rand Paul is wasting no time announcing his Presidential Run for 2016.

Ever since Rand Paul’s 13 hour filibuster, I’ve been keeping a close eye on him and I’ve been liking him quite a lot. He’s becoming a favorite politician of mine. If Rand Paul can go as far as getting the nomination in the next election, I think he’s gonna get my vote for sure. He cares for the country, he cares for the Constitution and he seems pretty serious on fixing our broken government. On top of that, any politician who knows what President Obama is all about is okay in my book. I know this is Obama’s last term, he won’t be able to run again anyway but the man needs to be impeached for all of his wrongful actions. I think Rand Paul will be the guy to help get Obama impeached — just watch him. Obama needs to be impeached soon and quick ’cause he doesn’t deserve to serve his full term after all the harm he has caused for America.

With that being said, I think Rand Paul is going to make a great president. I don’t think he will be an evil one like all the other ones from the past. America deserves a good president for a change and Rand Paul will be that guy. I think Rand has what it takes to make America great and powerful again. I’ll see how he handles things in the future and if he keeps up the good work, he’ll get my vote for sure. I stand with Rand.