Donald Trump more serious on running for president in 2016…

Look like the Donald is serious on running for President this time around. He is hiring staff and he’s delaying his TV shows and stuff.

Do I think Trump would make a great president? Not sure. I like him as a person and a celebrity but as a politician/world leader??? Not sure about that. I think he’ll be good at fixing the country that Barack left us and all that stuff but all he’s gonna be is a huge target for the left. Liberals will do all they can do to make him look like a corrupted criminal and will try to get him impeached.

I think Trump could go pretty far in the election, maybe even get the nomination ’cause he’s pretty popular in the conservative community. I admire Trump for not being afraid of speaking the truth about what’s going on with America and being realistic about Obama but I’m actually kind of skeptical of him being our president.

If Trump does get elected in 2016, who will take over his Trump empire? Who will take over his business like his hotels, casinos, golf courses, The Pageant and all that stuff? Well, seeing that Trump is a billionaire… I’m sure he’ll hire a bunch of people to take over his duties while he’s in the oval office. Plus, The Donald has his kids who will help take over his entrepreneurship like Ivanka, Donald Jr. and Eric. The Donald is surrounded with a wealthy family. I’m sure the “Celebrity Apprentice” TV show will be on hold while The Donald is in office, though.

I’m more interested in Rand Paul, Dr. Ben Carson or Sarah Palin. They would be my picks. I don’t care what anybody says about Sarah, she’ll get my vote if she’s in. I kind of got my eye on Scott Walker too.


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