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So the FakeTrump crowd wants to bail on Trump while he’s doing all this winning??? Let that sink in…

I want you to think about something. So Trump is doing all these good things for America already and after the Syrian strike happened, all the so-called Trump supports have been exposed aka the FakeTrump crowd… haters pretending to be supporters. I’m gonna call them FakeTrump from now on.

We’re getting jobs back in this country. Illegal aliens crossing the border has plummeted. Law and order is being restored in this country. Now we finally have a conservative SCOTUS (congrats to Neil Gorsuch, btw) and next we just bombed an ISIS area in Afghan.

So if many are jumping off the Trump Train being FakeTrumpers then President Trump must be doing something right.

I bet those that opposed the Trump Syrian strike are going out of their minds about ISIS getting their asses kicked today which is about time. Do they regret opposing the Syrian strike now? What part of “I’m gonna bomb the shit out of Isis” you don’t understand? Trump proved today he wasn’t kidding at all.

Trump is doing all the things we elected him to do. Yeah, yeah, the FakeTrump crowd are gonna whine and cry about how he’s not doing enough.  I’m seeing FakeTrumpers saying stuff that he’s not draining the swamp like he promised, not building the wall, not repealing and replacing the ACA like he promised… blah blah blah… I understand but keep in mind that draining the swamp, building the wall and the ACA are all pretty tough to do so give him time. It’s funny how the FakeTrumpers are complaining how he’s not doing enough when I disagree with all of them. Trump has already been accomplishing so much ever since he got sworn into office.

I think it’s clear that the FakeTrumpers crying about Trump are just jealous that he’s winning so much. Nothing more. Remember that old saying, “We’re gonna win so much, we’ll get sick of winning”… well I guess those FakeTrumpers are getting sick of it, LMAO! I’m not sick of it, though.

Trump’s already making America great again like he’s been promising for over a year. His approval rating has gone up to 48% and after today’s ISIS strike in Afghan, his approval rating could go up to 50% before you know it.

I understand how many are used to Obama destroying the country but this isn’t Obama anymore, y’all. Get used to it.


When ex-Trump supporters accuse the true supporters of worshipping Trump and staying on the far-right…

When people bail on supporting Trump, you call them out then chances are they’re gonna say bullcrap like “Trump isn’t god”, “You worship him too much”, “You’re so far right just like those liberal zombies”, etc. blah blah blah blah, you get the deal. You’ll get that type of response each time you call someone out who claims to be on the Trump Train still. Before the Syrian strike happened, these are the same people who fully supported Trump and helped us defended Trump when he’s in trouble with something. Now they’re out of the closet as Trump haters since after the Syrian strike happened. Not only they seem to be hating on Trump all the time now, they treat the true supporters like myself so horribly. They are worse than liberals. The Ex-Trumpers treat the true fans so nasty and mean. They quickly went from being cool people to a bunch of assholes.

They keep saying they’re on the Trump Train still but I’m not buying it if they keep trashing people in Trump’s administration and trashing Trump’s true fan base just because we disagree with them opposing Trump’s Syrian strike. Not sure what’s going on here, it’s all too weird for me.

I called out a certain youtuber who flipped on Trump and got all kinds of hate comments from so-called Trump supporters, I’ll post a few examples below… these are straight from the youtube comments from a certain youtuber who should be nameless at this time:

  • “Kev Brock no, it’s because us conservatives don’t worship our leaders. We trust them until they lose our trust then we give em hell. Obama could kill a village of babies and puppies and liberals would still lick his shoes. Conservatives think for themselves, not in a collective mob.”
  • “did he say he’s now against Trump ? He’s just criticizing a dumb move . Quit being a worshiper…. no one is to be trusted .”
  • “He’s not a partisan brainwashed shithead trained to take political sides instead of the aide or right and wrong.. the DOCS is a TRUTHER! Maybe God bless him.”

What everyone is trying to say is that they are trying to be “objective”, ya know, trying to stay “unbiased” is the best defense they can come up with.

Ya know, they are totally way off on a lot of things. 1) We don’t agree with everything Trump says or does, we are honest with him too. 2) We true Trump supporters are not really on the “far-right” like a lot of them want to believe.

You see, it’s okay to disagree with Donald Trump on stuff. We’re not saying you can’t. What we’re upset about is that these so-called Trump supporters threatened to get off the Trump Train over one-thing they disagree with Trump on, you see? Us true Trump supporters do disagree with him on some things but we don’t threaten to get off the Trump Train. We don’t bash Trump ’cause we disagree. We don’t go out of our way to bash him, his family and some people in his administration like a lot of you assholes did. That includes losers like Paul Joseph Watson, Cernovich, Anne Coulter, etc. Those backstabbing pieces of shits.

You so-called Trump supporters want to declare yourselves as “free-thinkers”? HA! We are the “true free thinkers” ’cause we believe in freedom of speech. So when you so-called Trump supporters threaten to get off the Trump Train, bashing Trump and bashing his true fans who disagree with you… WOW…. you fucking pieces of shits starting to sound like those intolerant liberals. Do you really want to look like them??? I’m sure liberals are probably applauding you now for turning on Trump and his real supporters.

As for you saying we worship Trump? Yeah, that part is actually true. We do WORSHIP Trump and if you don’t fucking like it? We don’t care! We stand with our president every step of the way. That’s being a loyal and true supporter. Not Paul Joseph Watson’s fake base.

The conservative party continues to be divided and it’s even worse now. Sad!


Are so-called Trump supporters who disapproved of Syrian strike coming out as haters or they never were on the Trump Train???

It’s interesting to what’s been going on lately. All these popular internet people: Paul Joseph Watson, Alex Jones of InfoWars, Mike Cernovich, Ann Coulter and maybe a few others seems to have turned on President Trump since last Thursday’s Syrian strike after those people claiming to be on Trump Train. They still claim to be on Trump Train ; however, they keep bashing Trump like mad on their twitter pages. It’s not just the Syrian strike that they’re bashing Trump on, they’re bashing Trump on all kinds of other things now like they’re bashing Ivanka, Jared and other people in Trump’s administration.

So after seeing all this, I asked myself this question: “Are these people coming out of the closet as Trump haters or they never were on the Trump Train after all this time?”.

There are other Americans that claim to be true Trump supporters but they still seem to be bashing Trump all the time. When you call them out on it, they make excuses like: “We can disagree with the president”, “We’re free thinking supporters” etc. When you do call them out and tell them they’re wrong on certain stuff, they’ll accuse you of being Donald Trump ass kissers or worshippers. You see, we don’t defend Trump on everything, we’re just trying to tell you that you’re wrong on a lot of stuff.

It really is interesting how all these so-called Trump supporters were all ProTrump during primary election and now the election is over with, they’re now hating on him all of a sudden. Even some Americans who are not famous on the internet are hating on Trump now after claiming to be on Trump Train during election.

Gotta love PJW’s tweets when he tweeted these:

Funny coming from a guy who said he’s officially off the Trump Train and now he’s pointing fingers at the media for pushing the “Trump’s abandoned him” narrative when he did exactly that.

Should you listen to PJW’s base???? PJW’s base is 36% so that’s a small audience:


57% of America approved Trump’s actions in Syria so which base should you listen to? Of course, PJW’s base will never admit they have a small audience. Most Americans believe Trump did the right thing, even some liberal democrats approved Trump’s Syrian strike ’cause the poll scored a 40% Democrats who approved. So take that for what you will.

These assholes are trying to make it look like this isn’t what we voted Trump for. Ya know, going to war if we need to… think about this… one of Trump’s big policy promises was building a strong military. He kept that promise with that last Thursdays Syrian strike. People join the military for a reason to protect our country if we feel threatened by other countries. What part of “building a strong military”, “getting radical Islamic terrorism the hell out of our country” and “bomb the shit out of Isis” don’t you all understand? Those three quotes he said during the primary election was a hint that he’s willing to go to war if necessary.

Those who disapprove Trump taking action are just still used to “weak” Obama, well Trump is not Obama, y’all. You’re going to have to get used to a new leader who is strong and tough. So get used to it. There’s a new Sheriff in town now and his name is President Trump. Deal with it. All those getting off the Trump Train sounds like those crybaby liberals. Sad.


The media can’t force me to respect Democratic politicians and get me to hate GOP people… respect is earned, not begged for…

We understand what the corrupted, dishonest and lying MSM is trying to do. They’re trying to get people to respect Democratic/liberal politicians and trying to get us to hate GOP/Republicans/conservatives. They’ve been doing this for over a decade and it’s old and tiresome for sure. The MSM thinks we’re stupid but we’re not really. The media will do all they can to make Democrat people look good when they are not really and they will make GOP/conservative people look bad when they are not.

Sure, don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of GOP/conservative people I don’t like but the media needs to let us decide that. The media likes to treat their opinions as “fact” when none of us are buying it at all.

Media makes lies about people like Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders so they can make them look good which they were somewhat successful at. They got liberals and some independent voters to actually like them when they shouldn’t be trusted and not to be believing in. That’s the kind of audience the MSM likes to target… they like to target the gullible, they like to target an audience who are dumb and not smart. That’s why the media lies & deceives you. They still brainwash a lot of people and they do this hoping to win elections.

I’m not going to let the media control me and not going to let them control how I think either. That’s why we all voted for Donald Trump in office ’cause we weren’t gonna allow the media to control us and deceive us like they do. Us voting in Donald Trump is just our way of saying “Fuck You” to the media. Like Michael Moore said, “Donald Trump winning election would be the biggest fuck you in history” which he was so right on.

Don’t get bullied and don’t get controlled by the media. Stay true to yourself and stick to your guns. There are still people who takes the media seriously and don’t let them bring you down either. That’s why you got to speak for yourself and don’t speak for others. Don’t speak for your friends and family. Don’t speak for liberals or conservatives. Only speak for you. Only make your own opinions and beliefs and stick with ’em. That’s been my attitude from day 1. Media is never gonna control how I think.

If I want to like people such as Donald Trump, Sarah Palin, Ted Nugent, Tomi Lahren, etc. I will. I don’t give a crap what others think ’cause I’ll think how I want to think. As far as Democrat people goes, they have to earn our respect ’cause as of right now they are the most despised people in America. Democrats are corrupt to the core and it’s amazing how some still can’t see that. They have to earn our respect if they want it. Liberals lost the election this time for a pretty good reason.

The media really sucks ass and it’s sad that some people still continue to believe them.


5 reasons why I’ve been fed up with conservative community, think I’m done… I’ll think independently from now on…

I know the conservative community has been driving me up the wall lately. They’re becoming just as bad as liberals. Getting right up there I would say. For a while now, I’ve been thinking about turning my back on the conservative community and just think independently but with this whole thing going on with Tomi Lahren, I think that’s the final straw. After some conservatives not allowing Tomi to have her own opinion, I think I will think independently from now on.

What are 5 reasons to be disgusted with the conservative community as of late? For the past year, conservatives has been disappointing lately. Here are 5 reasons why:

  • Many conservatives were anti-Trump throughout the primary election: The conservative party has been divided for this reason. Conservative presidential candidates like Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Rand Paul and maybe a few others were anti-Trump for a while. They bashed Trump for a little bit during the primary election until they all finally decided to support him after election was over. Since those guys were anti-Trump, it got some conservatives in America to get on the Trump hating bandwagon.
  • Many conservatives support Ted Cruz which is someone they shouldn’t be trusting and can’t be believing in: Ted Cruz is a lying & corrupted snake. Always has been and continues to be. Even though Ted seems to be on the Trump Train, I still don’t trust the guy. I think he secretly hates Trump still. The conservative party has gotten so divided ’cause of him. Before Ted got on the Trump Train, he was weak on illegal immigration and was too friendly with Islam. I’ll never trust Lyin’ Ted and you shouldn’t either.
  • Many conservatives stood with Milo Yiannopoulos after his pedophilia comments: What Milo said wasn’t cool and I had his back until then. I had to stop supporting him and it’s a shame to see that many still do.
  • Many conservatives who supported Donald Trump and voted him in office seems to be bashing him in social networking now: I’ve been seeing this a lot on twitter now for some reason. After all that time they supported him and voted him in office, they wanna bash him now after getting sworn in? Some conservatives has been bashing his policies and him not doing enough to jail corrupted people in government. Things like that. Support our president you dumbasses, you’re starting to sound like those whiny liberals.
  • Many conservatives starting to be intolerant of other conservatives,  those who have a different opinion: Some conservatives who condemned Milo’s pedophilia comments and bashed him for it are starting to get called out by other conservatives. Some conservatives being intolerant to Tomi Lahren, not letting her having her opinion on being “pro-choice”.What is going on here? I thought the conservative community were “free speech” activists but apparently not! Sad!

Some maybe surprised that I’ve been bashing conservatives lately but it’s nothing new, I’ve been bashing ’em for a long time. I’m not on one side at all even though I’ve been accused of that many times.




Is Tim Allen one of those conservatives who’s afraid to speak out about politics? He explained what it’s like being “conservative” in Hollywood…

Not too long ago, Hollywood actor and conservative, Robert Davi wrote an article at Breitbart urging other conservative actors to start being brave and start talking about their political views publicly.

I don’t think that’s going to happen ’cause it looks like a Hollywood actor being “conservative” might be very risky. Listen to what Tim Allen has to say about it.


So if an actor comes out as “conservative”, it could hurt his or her career for sure. For example: they would lose movie roles, they won’t get hired for more movie roles, their Hollywood friends would stop supporting them, they won’t be allowed to do interviews for the media, won’t be allowed at award shows, they would get backlash by their fans, etc. I can totally understand why many conservatives have to keep their political views to themselves.

So why is it that some other conservative actors like Chuck Norris, Jon Voight , Stacy Dash and Scott Baio being open about their conservative political views? Maybe it’s because they’re retired actors so they can now freely talk politics without Hollywood backlash, ya know?

I think Robert Davi is onto something, Hollywood conservatives need to speak out if they want to defeat liberal Hollywood. Would be awesome. It’s interesting how the world looks at being “conservative” as being controversial. What would it take to get people to realize nobody cares about liberalism anymore? I’m proud to be “conservative”. People don’t like it and yes, people has verbally beaten me up for being conservative but I don’t give a shit. I am who I am. I hate liberalism with a passion. Most everyone I know are very liberal people and if I’m one of the very few conservatives around here, so be it. I’m not gonna change for anyone at all.






Where is Michelle Obama? She (or a he) is no longer needed for Barack to help hide his homosexuality… that’s why you haven’t seen her with him lately…

So Barack Obama is no longer president. Why haven’t you seen Barack with Michelle lately ever since Barack left the White House??? Well, Michelle was used as a cover up to help hide Barack’s homosexuality during his presidency. Now that Barack is no longer the president, he doesn’t need her (or him) anymore. So will Barack and Michelle get a divorce soon?

To all you Barack and Michelle fanatics out there, you’ll have to admit this time that Barack and Michelle has been seen apart lately. This is just my theory on why.

You’ve seen Barack vacationing with Richard Branson which looks like Barack is having the time of his life:


You’ve got to admit that something is definitely going on. Barack and Michelle has always been a fake couple. They’re not real. They were married by third party. It’s true. Look it up.

So Barack and Michelle to come out of the closet very soon? If it does happen, the media will applaud them for it just like they applauded Caitlyn Jenner. The Caitlyn Jenner thing was just paving the way for Barack and Michelle to come out of the closet. Despite Barack and Michelle releasing a book soon, I don’t think you’ll see them two together again. Michelle was just around for his presidency to help hide his gay lifestyle and that’s it.

Each time I talk about this, a lot of people laugh at me and call me a delusional conspiracy theorist but there are plenty of hints out there that Barack maybe gay and hiding in the closet. Watch the Larry Sinclair press conference of him talking about it and also read up on the Donald Young murder, you’ll see.



Why Bernie Sanders does nothing but bash Trump after losing election miserably… my take on it…

How can people still support Bernie Sanders when he has sold out his own fanbase during the primary election? Before Bernie sold out and teamed up with Hillary all of a sudden, I’ll admit that Bernie had a pretty good movement going but he blew it by teaming up with Hillary in order to take down Trump which they both failed miserably on. Now that the election is over, Bernie continues to attack Trump obsessively. Bernie continues to attack Trump obsessively on twitter, on TV, during speeches, etc. It’s really pathetic.

I can see why Bernie continues to do what he does. Bashing Trump obsessively. Since losing the election, Bernie almost had a career suicide. Came pretty close to it. His fanbase was going to stop supporting him since he teamed up with Hillary but since he won’t stop bashing Trump, that’s just his way to keep his fanbase and to stay relevant with them. Is it so Bernie can keep his voters for a possible 2020 run? Maybe get even more voters by bashing Trump all the time?

I don’t see how people can support the guy. Don’t see why he is still loved this much. He’s just another all-talk no action loser. That’s all Bernie does, talk all kinds of politics and does nothing to make ’em happen. Bernie talks all kinds of crap about fighting Wall Street corruption and all that stuff but none of it happened. He didn’t do anything to fight that. The same thing with his Climate Change. All talk no-action. Bernie talks so many things but does nothing. He has been in politics for over 30 years and hasn’t done anything but talk. His fans knows this, they are just too stubborn to admit it.

Bernie gives all of his whacky opinions in politics and it’s just insane that his fanbase believes everything he says. Anyway, it is obvious that Bernie is being paid by someone to bash Trump. He took upon that opportunity to help save his career from a political suicide.

It is real sad though that Bernie is so obsessed with Trump. His twitter and FB page are both pathetic. If you want an earful of Trump bashing, go to Bernie’s twitter and FB… you’ll see full of it.

Over the past year or so, Trump himself has had nothing but positive things to say about Bernie and Trump even said himself that he actually likes Bernie. Still Bernie won’t stop bashing him. Bernie is trying every desperate attempt to destroy Trump. Bernie tried to make Trump look bad over Mexicans, Women and Muslims but since that didn’t work out… Bernie is trying other attacks like with Healthcare, taxes, accuses Trump lying about medicaid, etc. I can go on and on. Crazy. Bern just won’t stop. He’s obviously obsessed with Trump.

It’s obvious that Bernie is trying all he can to keep his fanbase, that’s why they still love him. Bern is just a desperate lunatic. I don’t care what anyone says… I don’t like Bernie Sanders. Never did. It didn’t take me long to figure out that this guy is a complete loon. If you support him, then that’s all the proof there is to show that you’re gullible and naive. You shouldn’t trust politicians. Bernie is one of the worst politicians I’ve ever seen.

It’s no surprise to find people who like somebody like Bernie ’cause independent voters and liberals are always believing in the wrong politicians and presidential candidates. They are the same people who gave us Barack Obama. Remember that.



It didn’t take me long to figure out that Donald Trump would be the best thing to ever happen for the USA…

While it’s nice to see that more and more people are starting to realize that Donald Trump would be the best choice for president, it didn’t take me long at all to figure it out. I’ve been paying attention to Trump for many years. Long before he announced his presidency. Ya know, I’ve been watching Trump’s speeches at CPAC for several years before he made his presidency run official at Trump Tower. I’ve always had a pretty big feeling that this guy would make it in the White House someday and here he is.

There are many so called “conservatives” and “Trump-supporters” who are slowly starting to turn their back on him I’m noticing. After all that time of them supporting Trump, they want to turn their back on him after he won the election? Wow.

Trump will always have my back and support 100% ’cause he needs it. I was never afraid to publicly show my support for Trump and always felt confident about it. I never cared if people hated me for it or criticized me for it. I don’t listen to people as I always stuck to my guns, always. I speak for myself, I don’t speak for other people at all.

Yeah, Trump may have disappointed me on a few things here and there but he’ll always have my back and support. I supported him after all this time so I’ll never stop supporting him… I don’t care what crazy Bernie Sanders says, I don’t care what Hollywood celebrities say , I don’t care what the media says and I don’t care what other voters say. Fuck ’em all. Trump is the best thing to ever have happened to the country ’cause we really needed him.

So far, though I think he’s doing a great job. I must say, though that it is interesting how Republicans in Congress were so desperate to repeal and replace Obamacare under Obama as president but under Trump, they are being difficult on it. Why?

I’m a proud Trump  supporter. Don’t feel ashamed and no regrets at all. I support who I want. I also must say that those anti-Trump idiots are really horrible at debating politics, though.Talking to them is like talking to a brick wall. You see anti-Trump idiots in facebook always sharing negative memes and posting attack articles about him. When you decide to call out the haters for their bullshit, they don’t like it at all. Instead of debating with you intelligently, they’ll start crying and resort to name-calling. That’s because they don’t want to admit defeat and don’t want to admit they’re wrong when they post negative stuff about Trump all the time. I try to ignore those anti-Trumpers in FB but sometimes I feel that I must debate them when they go too far with their Trump bashing. For example, when NeverTrump idiots post false things about Trump, I’ll have no problem but to correct them for it. I was very civilized and polite too but they don’t like being corrected on things. You know you won a debate against a liberal or Trump hater when they resort to name-calling like calling you a racist, a troll, bully, etc. That’s all they got, ya know?

Trump is very popular in America and he also has a strong social networking following. NeverTrumpers will never admit that he’s popular ’cause they are way too brainwashed by fake news MSM. When NeverTrump idiots post fake articles written about Trump,  it’s amazing that they actually believe all that stuff. They really do. It’s just sad.

Trump has been in office for a little over two months now and he’s already improving the country. Dow jones way up, the US debt starting to go down, more jobs coming, less and less illegals crossing the border, etc. This is only the beginning, y’all. Things will be even greater in the future.



Video: “Trump must be destroyed according to media, leaders, Hollywood and Intelligence Community” – The Doctor of Common Sense…

This is one of the best videos by the Doctor of Common Sense aka E.T. Williams which is one of my favorite channels in youtube. Watch and learn if you want to learn something. It is interesting how the American public is so obsessed with wanting to destroy Donald Trump when they should have this same reaction to Barack Obama.

Ya know, Barack Obama did all he could to destroy the country but you never got any of this outrage by media, leaders, Hollywood, etc. Instead, they all worshipped Obama like he was king. Pathetic.

While Trump is doing a great job in office so far, the only things I’m disappointed in was that he let us down on his promise of “Draining the Swamp”. There are still a lot of Obama people in the White House and so far, Trump is not doing anything to them. James Comey needs to go, Paul Ryan as House Speaker needs to go and so many others. The only people in the Trump administration who has been “Draining the Swamp” and firing people are Jeff Sessions and Rex Tillerson. Trump? Not doing enough. Trump is not doing enough to jail Obama and Hillary either. I hope Trump doesn’t turn out to be a Bernie Sanders and become a sellout. Would be sad.

It is interesting though how all these haters are desperate to destroy Trump, they would do and say anything to wreck him. Even if what they say about Trump is wrong and totally foolish, they don’t care. They’ll say anything to destroy him. So pathetic.

What has the world come to? Proves that people in this world has gone insane and messed up in the head. Makes you wonder why I prefer to be a loner these days ’cause people do suck.