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Of course, media is quick to jump in to protect Obama by claiming Trump has no “evidence” when I’m sure he does… LOTS of it!

Predictably, each time Obama is in trouble with something, the mainstream media is quick to jump in for his defense. Isn’t it funny as hell that the media says Trump has no evidence of Obama wiretapping when all the MSM does is accuse Trump of stupid shit with no evidence? That’s all the media has been doing ever since the 2016 election started.

Lets see some examples here: Trump’s ties with Russia. Did you see any evidence or proof of that? No. None at all. What about when Trump says bad things about Mexicans, Women and Muslims? No evidence of that stuff either. The media has accused him of much worse stuff like raping a woman and they accused him of child abuse. No evidence of that stuff either!

So it really is funny of the media to say that Trump has no evidence of his accusations when the media can never come up with evidence of their accusations against him.

I’m sure Trump does have proof of Obama wiretapping Trump Tower. The man isn’t dumb, trust me. If he accused then he probably does have proof, lots of it.

It’s interesting how the media is quick to jump in for the defense of Obama… even the right wing media says “Trump has no evidence” and they also used the word “accused”.  It’s funny, ya know.

I hope Trump locks up Obama ’cause that’s long overdue too. Trump should have never believed in Obama in the first place. Both Obama and Hillary are trying all they can to get Trump out of office. They don’t care what it takes even if it means doing something illegal.


Hey President Trump, Obama is not your friend… never has been and never will be… tried to warn you, dude!!!

Ever since Trump won the presidency, Trump and Obama has been friendly with each other. It appeared they got along well after 8 long years of feuding with each other through the public media after Trump won the election. Through a few interviews on Bill O’ Reilly and Sean Hannity, Trump declared that Obama likes him.


Well, I believe Trump just found out that Obama never liked him after all this time. Obama was being nice to Trump after he won the election ’cause I guess, Obama had to show respect to the new president and that’s it. Obama pretends well. Obama lies well.

Ever since Trump got elected president, he simmered down attacks on Obama since then and all of a sudden refused to hold Obama accountable for his crimes. He’s gone soft on Obama since then. It was a mistake for Trump to get friendly with Obama. We tried to warn him.

Welcome to the world of politics, President Trump. A world where you can’t trust anybody at all.

I’m sure Obama was behind the Associated Press wiretapping too and the hacking of FOX News journalist, James Rosen. Now Trump is a victim of Obama wiretapping.

Evidence that Obama never liked Trump after all this time is that I’m sure Obama was behind all those riots at the Trump rallies. I’m sure Obama was behind the media attacks to go against Trump. Another example, Valerie Jarrett moved into Obama’s home in D.C. to help fight against Trump.

Obama was never your friend, Mr. President. You gotta learn to not trust people so easily. Now it’s finally time to hold Obama accountable for his actions. Lock him up, too! Not just Hillary!


Actor Patrick Stewart admitting to living in the United States illegally? Gee, no wonder he hates Trump so much!

Well it’s turning out that actor, Patrick Stewart is admitting to living in the United States illegally after all these years. So does this mean that he’s coming out of the closet as an illegal alien? Apparently so!

As a lot of you know Patrick is most famous for playing Captain Picard in Star Trek TNG and Professor X in “X-Men”. After all these years of him playing in movies and TV shows in the United States, they let him get away with living here “illegally”? Patrick is an actor who came from the U.K. obviously.

Patrick Stewart applying for U.S. citizenship to fight Trump

Yo Patrick, I don’t see how you becoming a US citizen is gonna fight Trump ’cause that’s what he wants you to do, you stupid idiot. He’s obviously planning to become a US citizen so he can avoid getting deported by Trump.

Trump just wants immigrants to stay here legally, that’s the whole point of his vision on “illegal immigration”. Trump is fine with immigrants ’cause Melania is an immigrant and so is his mother. Trump is not okay with illegals staying here. Get it now? Pretty easy to understand!


Trump delivered a great speech at CPAC today but only disappointing thing about him is…

Trump really delivered a great speech today at CPAC like he always delivers great speeches but ever since he has gotten elected, he really has gone soft on Obama & Hillary. He got all over them two pretty hard during the primaries but now that he’s president, he seems to have ceased all attacks against Obama and Hillary. No longer wants to blame them on things in America.

Notice that Trump has been saying this a lot lately, “I inherited a mess” and now he’s saying, “We inherited a mess”. Um, Mr. President, it was Barack Obama that doubled the national debt and gave us bad foreign policies. Notice that Trump refused to say Obama’s name but instead he says, “We”. It was Obama that gave this country a mess so now Trump is blaming himself for it and saying “We” inherited.

I’m still on the Trump Train and still on board for Trump but there are a few little things I’ve been disappointed with him on. This and also refusing to lock up Hillary is another.The crowd chanted “Lock Her Up” during Trump’s speech today. We still want her ass locked up but he won’t do it.

Other than that, he’s been doing a great job as prez so far. I wish he wouldn’t back down on Obama and Hillary.


Happy Presidents day, whether you accept Donald Trump as our president or not, hope you’re enjoying this day!


Today is president’s day and today is a great day to be an American for sure. I’m in such a good mood today that Donald Trump is our 45th president of the US. Whether you accept him or not, hope you’re enjoying this day. Be thankful that we didn’t get Hillary as prez ’cause that would have been horrible.

To all the snowflakes who still can’t accept him, deal with it. You’re gonna have a long 8 years. I love how all the haters are already predicting “Impeachment” or “arrest” when he hasn’t done anything illegal yet. I predicted that the haters would already be crying “impeachment” or “arrest”. It’s amazing that  there are still crybabies who still can’t accept him. Anti-trump people in social networking still re-sharing anti-Trump memes and all that stuff. We had to get forced to accept Obama for 8 years, now it’s your turn to accept Trump.

The haters are pretty ridiculous and childish. When you debate with them in FB or twitter, you can never get into a civilized debate with them. They resort to name calling, say a bunch of mean things to you and all they do is bash Trump. That’s why it’s best to try and ignore those NeverTrump idiots. I try to but sometimes I must debate with them when they get out of hand and then I’ll call them out to show them how wrong they are about certain things.

One thing for sure though, those anti-Trump folks don’t like being called SJW (Social Justice Warrior) and snowflake. I called some of them those names but they got so defensive. They don’t even know what SJW and snowflake even means so they had to look it up. LOL! I’m serious, not joking. It proves how uneducated and out of touch these people are. “Snowflake” meaning an overly sensitive person who gets easily upset when views are different, something like that. They totally deserved that term ’cause they really are “snowflakes” when they hate on Trump. They still can’t accept that he is our prez which is sad.

I’m not seeing many people saying “Happy Prez Day” other than conservatives and Donald Trump supporters. Most liberals are silent on Prez Day today. Gee, I wonder why? If Hillary was elected then I’m sure liberals will be all over it.



I’m not gonna let fake news media control me, don’t let it control you either!!!


Man, I love how Trump has been calling out the media! It seems like the more Trump calls out the media, the worse the media gets. Love it!

The media thinks they can control people. They think they can tell us what to do, tell us how to live and tell us what to believe. No way. Not fuckin’ happening with me! I haven’t listened to the media for  a long time. Haven’t listened to the media since the 2008 elections when they helped elected Obama. It’s easy to see through the media’s bullshit.

Sadly though, there are still some people who believes everything the media says and takes them seriously. There are some dumbasses who believes that the media is “credible” source.

What are the Fake News Media sources I’m talking about? Well the usual list: NBC, CNN, MSNBC, CBS, The Washington Post, NY Times, etc. Internet sites like Media Matters and RAW Story. Radio stations like NPR, that’s also fake news.

Anybody that believes what they say is a stupid idiot. Don’t listen to the media. Do not trust them. Think outside the box and do something what is called “Critical thinking” which people don’t do these days. Do your homework. Do your research on things and then you would see that the media is bullshit.

Media is in bed with Democratic political figures but they hate everything Republican/Conservative. It’s really sickening to see and even sadder to see all these people buying into this stuff.

The media has been controlling and fooling people for decades. The media thinks we’re stupid and gullible but we’re not. That’s why we’ve supported Donald Trump from day 1 ever since the election started to show the media we aren’t gullible.

Sadly there are still some Americans who are “gullible” which is why they still hate Trump ’cause the reason is they still believe everything the media says.

Just turn off the TV… stop reading the papers… stop listening to talk radio ’cause it’s all junk. I don’t pay attention to any of that stuff.

If you want to see how Donald Trump matters to all of us, don’t listen to the media. Listen to Trump the man himself. Watch his speeches, keep an eye on his twitter, etc. Social media is the new media. Not the fake news MSM.


If you think Meryl Streep’s insane political rant at the Golden Globes was bad, celebs ranting about politics will be worse at tonight’s Grammy’s and the Oscars too!!!

Meryl Streep bashing Trump at an award show. That won’t be the last of celebrities bashing our new president as there will be more of it tonight and probably at the Oscars too.

Just think what Beyonce is gonna say about Trump tonight at the Grammy’s when she wins her awards ’cause you know she’s gonna say something and I’m sure there will be some musical performances that will have themes that will bash Trump. I also think Katy Perry will go political about Trump during her performance. Lady Gaga is set to perform with Metallica (another odd collaboration) but will they go political tonight? I think some of the award presenters will probably bash Trump tonight at the Grammy’s. The Trump bashing at award shows won’t end.

Trying to debate whether or not I should watch the Grammy’s tonight but I probably won’t. It’s not only politics is why I probably won’t watch the Grammy’s, it’s just that the list of slated performers and the nominations this year are horrible. David Bowie getting snubbed for “Best Album” is good enough for me to not want to watch it.

I’ll probably watch WWE “Elimination Chamber”  ppv tonight instead. Sounds like a good idea!

I will watch the Lady Gaga and Metallica performance in youtube, though, just not on TV! Thinking about skipping the Grammy’s tonight. It’s gonna be nothing but a big lovefest for liberals anyways.


It’s funny that liberals pick on Trump supporters that boycott things that are against him, they’re the same people who don’t want anything to do with people who support him…

It’s funny and sometimes I don’t get it. Liberals pick on Trump supporters all the time for boycotting things and people who are against Trump. For example liberals make fun of us for boycotting companies like Macy’s, Netflix, Kellogg’s and companies like those for being against Trump. They also pick on us for boycotting award shows, the Hamilton play and music artists who are against Trump.

Yes, these are the same people who do most of the boycotting. They’ve threatened to boycott artists who has agreed to perform at Trump’s Inaugural concert like Toby Keith and 3 Doors Down. They also threatened boycott against singer, Jackie Evancho. They’ve threatened to boycott music artists who are Trump supporters like Kid Rock for example. The Under Armour CEO said some positive things about Trump and liberals are threatening to boycott Under Armour fitness gear like mad.

Liberals being hypocritical assholes like usual. I’ve gotten picked on by liberals for boycotting things but keep in mind these are the same fucking people who don’t want anything to do with Trump supporters. They blocked, delete Trump supporters and they bash the hell out of Trump supporters all the time still. Liberals are just butthurt crybabies, that is all.

We boycott companies and people who are against Trump ’cause it’s important that we show our loyalty to the guy. That’s a part of why we do all these things, ya know? Trump has our back, we have his. That’s pretty much how it goes. We were the ones that got Trump in the White House and we will do everything in our power to defend and protect the man.

If you want to boycott companies and famous people that are all for Trump like UnderArmour then by all means, be my guest. Being on that side is un-American and makes you look foolish. It makes you look like a butthurt crybaby ’cause you lost the election.

As far as UnderArmour goes, I’m a fan of that company. I’ve bought UnderArmour clothes for the gym. Since that company is ProTrump, I’ll continue to shop from them. I’m in desperate need of a gym bag so I’ll buy a UA gym bag next time I go to the mall.


Interesting how everybody’s loving Lady Gaga all of a sudden…

While Lady Gaga did avoid politics for most of her Halftime performance, she still managed to sneak in a few things here and there. Other than the “This Land is Your Land” song, she also did the “Born This Way” promoting LGBT rights and equality. That was all, for the most part she did avoid politics. Why? Did she finally accept that Trump is our president? No. I think she still hates him.

Keep in mind, y’all that the Grammy’s are gonna be on this Sunday night and I’m sure she’s slated to perform the Grammy’s this Sunday and she’ll probably present an award too. I’m sure Gaga will go back to her usual left-wing political bullshit. She had to avoid politics mostly at the Superbowl so she can avoid a backlash from Trump supporters probably. Everyone’s on the internet going… “Yay, Gaga’s trying to bring everyone together in a positive way”… no. She only had to do that for the Superbowl and like I said, she’ll go back to her usual bullshit after the Superbowl is over. She’ll go back to hating Trump again, watch her.

What did I think of her halftime performance musically? Everybody’s saying how she rocked it and killed it but honestly I didn’t find it anything special. She’s just a typical pop star like the rest of them and I think the only reason the NFL had her on was so that they can try to make people have more respect to pop music. Not happening with me ’cause I hate most mainstream pop music. I used to like Gaga but stopped liking her. The music industry is getting a lot worse.

How about some real talent next year? I would like Metallica or Ac/Dc to perform Superbowl halftime next year or even better the reunited Guns N’ Roses would be cool too. Nope, the NFL will get another pop star next year. Who’s it gonna be next year? Justin Bieber? Jay-Z? Wouldn’t be surprised.


So Obama and Trump seems to have buried the hatchet, I don’t like it but I still love Trump though…

So I’ve just watched Trump’s first TV interview on the Sean Hannity show on FOX News tonight. Trump’s first TV interview as a sitting president. While I liked the interview and thought it was entertaining as hell, the only thing I was disappointed in was that Trump revealed that he and Obama buried the hatchet. Trump talked about on the show that he and Obama were very aggressive in the past but once Trump got elected, I have noticed Obama and Trump has gotten friendly with each other pretty quickly.

After years of Obama and Trump being enemies, why would Trump have a change of heart with Obama after all the destruction Obama gave to the USA? Is the only reason Trump is being friendly to Obama now out of fear of losing his presidency? Or is Obama being friendly Trump to avoid getting jailed by the Trump administration? Maybe a little bit of both.

I have noticed a lot of conservatives have gotten soft on Obama too. Many conservatives out there has simmered down attacks on Obama now that Obama and Trump has buried the hatchet. I’m seeing a lot of conservatives online being upset at Manning for attacking Obama in that article. Trump stood up for Obama in that one tweet.

Trump has gotten soft on both Obama and H. Clinton which is very strange to me. I think something’s going on. Kind of like what went on when Bernie started attacking Hillary during the election and now Bernie’s all friendly with Hillary after teaming up with her. You see Barack and Hillary are very manipulative and powerful people. They will do anything to avoid getting thrown in prison. That’s why they are being friendly with Trump after losing the election to him.

Trump should NEVER go soft on Hillary and Barack. I know I wouldn’t. I don’t care what anyone says, I will always despise Hillary and Barack. I don’t care if Trump buries the hatchet with them or not. Hillary and Barack needs to be held accountable for their crimes and it seems that Trump doesn’t want to do anything to them.

Real sad. After all that work and after all these years of Trump exposing how corrupt Hillary and Barack are, he’s now friends with them all of a sudden?

Trump’s doing a good job with the country so far but once again, he should never go soft on Obama and Hillary. He needs to put them away fast. They did some bad things to the country especially Benghazi.

I’m no Chelsea Manning fan, don’t get me wrong but it is odd to me how all these conservatives are feeling sorry for Barack getting called a weak leader which is true. Chelsea brought up a good point that Obama did very little to the Democratic party. What… conservatives being friendly with Obama now just because Trump is? I will always despise Obama. I will never have a change of heart and will always hate the man.

I still love Trump, though… I just don’t agree with everything he says and does. I’m not one who defends Trump on everything. I like to keep it real, ya know?