Trump delivered a great speech at CPAC today but only disappointing thing about him is…

Trump really delivered a great speech today at CPAC like he always delivers great speeches but ever since he has gotten elected, he really has gone soft on Obama & Hillary. He got all over them two pretty hard during the primaries but now that he’s president, he seems to have ceased all attacks against Obama and Hillary. No longer wants to blame them on things in America.

Notice that Trump has been saying this a lot lately, “I inherited a mess” and now he’s saying, “We inherited a mess”. Um, Mr. President, it was Barack Obama that doubled the national debt and gave us bad foreign policies. Notice that Trump refused to say Obama’s name but instead he says, “We”. It was Obama that gave this country a mess so now Trump is blaming himself for it and saying “We” inherited.

I’m still on the Trump Train and still on board for Trump but there are a few little things I’ve been disappointed with him on. This and also refusing to lock up Hillary is another.The crowd chanted “Lock Her Up” during Trump’s speech today. We still want her ass locked up but he won’t do it.

Other than that, he’s been doing a great job as prez so far. I wish he wouldn’t back down on Obama and Hillary.



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