CNN deserves the name “Clinton News Network” ’cause they are lapdogs for Hillary… always has been…

One great thing that Trump did during his CPAC speech earlier today was that he finally called CNN, “Clinton News Network” which was great and totally deserved. Us Trump supporters and even some liberals who are all for Bernie have been calling CNN “Clinton News Network” for a pretty long time. It’s just that Trump never called CNN that until now. This was the first time Trump called CNN “Clinton News Network”.

Like most people I too am tired and fed up of CNN being ass-kissers to the Clintons. CNN really is getting worse and they are obviously being paid a lot of money by someone or some people to attack Trump. Who is paying CNN to make Hillary look good and to make Trump look bad? The Clintons and George Soros probably.

CNN sucks and so does other news networks. If you take them seriously and call them “credible sources” then I feel sorry for you.



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