Happy Presidents day, whether you accept Donald Trump as our president or not, hope you’re enjoying this day!


Today is president’s day and today is a great day to be an American for sure. I’m in such a good mood today that Donald Trump is our 45th president of the US. Whether you accept him or not, hope you’re enjoying this day. Be thankful that we didn’t get Hillary as prez ’cause that would have been horrible.

To all the snowflakes who still can’t accept him, deal with it. You’re gonna have a long 8 years. I love how all the haters are already predicting “Impeachment” or “arrest” when he hasn’t done anything illegal yet. I predicted that the haters would already be crying “impeachment” or “arrest”. It’s amazing that  there are still crybabies who still can’t accept him. Anti-trump people in social networking still re-sharing anti-Trump memes and all that stuff. We had to get forced to accept Obama for 8 years, now it’s your turn to accept Trump.

The haters are pretty ridiculous and childish. When you debate with them in FB or twitter, you can never get into a civilized debate with them. They resort to name calling, say a bunch of mean things to you and all they do is bash Trump. That’s why it’s best to try and ignore those NeverTrump idiots. I try to but sometimes I must debate with them when they get out of hand and then I’ll call them out to show them how wrong they are about certain things.

One thing for sure though, those anti-Trump folks don’t like being called SJW (Social Justice Warrior) and snowflake. I called some of them those names but they got so defensive. They don’t even know what SJW and snowflake even means so they had to look it up. LOL! I’m serious, not joking. It proves how uneducated and out of touch these people are. “Snowflake” meaning an overly sensitive person who gets easily upset when views are different, something like that. They totally deserved that term ’cause they really are “snowflakes” when they hate on Trump. They still can’t accept that he is our prez which is sad.

I’m not seeing many people saying “Happy Prez Day” other than conservatives and Donald Trump supporters. Most liberals are silent on Prez Day today. Gee, I wonder why? If Hillary was elected then I’m sure liberals will be all over it.



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