Hey President Trump, Obama is not your friend… never has been and never will be… tried to warn you, dude!!!

Ever since Trump won the presidency, Trump and Obama has been friendly with each other. It appeared they got along well after 8 long years of feuding with each other through the public media after Trump won the election. Through a few interviews on Bill O’ Reilly and Sean Hannity, Trump declared that Obama likes him.


Well, I believe Trump just found out that Obama never liked him after all this time. Obama was being nice to Trump after he won the election ’cause I guess, Obama had to show respect to the new president and that’s it. Obama pretends well. Obama lies well.

Ever since Trump got elected president, he simmered down attacks on Obama since then and all of a sudden refused to hold Obama accountable for his crimes. He’s gone soft on Obama since then. It was a mistake for Trump to get friendly with Obama. We tried to warn him.

Welcome to the world of politics, President Trump. A world where you can’t trust anybody at all.

I’m sure Obama was behind the Associated Press wiretapping too and the hacking of FOX News journalist, James Rosen. Now Trump is a victim of Obama wiretapping.

Evidence that Obama never liked Trump after all this time is that I’m sure Obama was behind all those riots at the Trump rallies. I’m sure Obama was behind the media attacks to go against Trump. Another example, Valerie Jarrett moved into Obama’s home in D.C. to help fight against Trump.

Obama was never your friend, Mr. President. You gotta learn to not trust people so easily. Now it’s finally time to hold Obama accountable for his actions. Lock him up, too! Not just Hillary!



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