It seems to me that liberals only care about US soldiers under a Democrat president? Amazing how one-sided liberals continue to be…

It’s interesting how liberals & Democrats keep going on and on and on about how President Trump using Carry Owens as a prop at Trump’s Joint To Congress speech. They keep going on and on about how that was disgusting and inappropriate for Trump to do. Did you libtards forget that when Obama honored US Soldier Cory Remsburg at a “State of the Union” back in 2014? Democrats and liberals applauded Obama for that too. In the video above, Democrats never sat down either… both sides of the spectrum gave Remsburg a standing ovation. When Trump honors a US soldier? It’s an outrage by the left.

Liberals always railed against Republican presidents for sending US soldiers and military to fight for our country. You never see liberals getting mad at Democratic presidents for sending soldiers out to fight… for example, I’ll never forget when these celebrities like Sean Penn and Neil Young railed against George W. Bush for sending US Soldiers out to war in Iraq/Afghanistan after 9/11 happened. Then you immediately stopped hearing from them once Barack Obama became president. Yes, Obama ended the Iraq war finally but Afghanistan is still going on. I’m already seeing some liberal news sources on the internet bashing Trump about continuing the Afghanistan war when you never heard from them when Obama was president.

These one-sided views really do disgust me, y’all.



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