Video: “Trump must be destroyed according to media, leaders, Hollywood and Intelligence Community” – The Doctor of Common Sense…

This is one of the best videos by the Doctor of Common Sense aka E.T. Williams which is one of my favorite channels in youtube. Watch and learn if you want to learn something. It is interesting how the American public is so obsessed with wanting to destroy Donald Trump when they should have this same reaction to Barack Obama.

Ya know, Barack Obama did all he could to destroy the country but you never got any of this outrage by media, leaders, Hollywood, etc. Instead, they all worshipped Obama like he was king. Pathetic.

While Trump is doing a great job in office so far, the only things I’m disappointed in was that he let us down on his promise of “Draining the Swamp”. There are still a lot of Obama people in the White House and so far, Trump is not doing anything to them. James Comey needs to go, Paul Ryan as House Speaker needs to go and so many others. The only people in the Trump administration who has been “Draining the Swamp” and firing people are Jeff Sessions and Rex Tillerson. Trump? Not doing enough. Trump is not doing enough to jail Obama and Hillary either. I hope Trump doesn’t turn out to be a Bernie Sanders and become a sellout. Would be sad.

It is interesting though how all these haters are desperate to destroy Trump, they would do and say anything to wreck him. Even if what they say about Trump is wrong and totally foolish, they don’t care. They’ll say anything to destroy him. So pathetic.

What has the world come to? Proves that people in this world has gone insane and messed up in the head. Makes you wonder why I prefer to be a loner these days ’cause people do suck.


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