Has local musicians become more arrogant and ego-driven than ever? I would say yes. It doesn’t change!

I remember back in the old local music message board days (which those message boards no longer exist, thank god), local musicians used to be crazy as hell back then. I remember back in those days musicians would have heated flame wars and debates about “covers vs. originals”, whether you’re a “rock star or a local musician”, whether you’re an “amatuer or a pro”, etc. blah blah blah blah, I think you get the deal. Both of those old message boards are long gone ’cause the admins could no longer take the arrogance and egos of musicians. I remember in those days, musicians would obsess with their own self-importance, thinking that they’re a better musician than others. I would see many thinking that they’re rock stars just because they think they’re more established than others, not naming names.

Now that message boards are a thing of the past and social networking is the new future, musicians have gone crazier than ever. Many of them still pretend to be “rock stars” when they aren’t really and just continuing to act like they’re better than everybody just because they play in a band.

Whatever happened to musicians being humble? Nobody believes in that anymore. I’ve learned that as a musician myself, I’ve always learned to be humble. I still hold that attitude now. I’m not into playing music for fame. I’m not into it for the money. I’m not into it to make friends like a lot of musicians are these days. I’m not into playing music for partying and heavy drinking. I’m a musician ’cause I love it and want to have fun. There are those that go around acting like they’re “professional” musicians but I never acted like that. When musicians get praised for their work, they get all excited and jerk themselves off for it but with my own music… I don’t care whether or not I get positive compliments. The problem with musicians is that they are always trying to seek validation and obsessing with more attention. Not me. I just want to play and enjoy myself. That is all.

In the age of social networking today, the attitudes of musicians has never changed… in fact they have gotten much worse. Yes, drama in the local musicians community still does happen. I’ve seen it.

You see, a lot of musicians are only into playing for music for more attention, more money and more fame but I’m not worried about that stuff at all. I’m not the best musician in the world. I’m not trying to become the next rock n’ roll god… once again, just want to play music and have fun.

Have a humble attitude… all the time. When you always have a humble attitude, the right people will respect you and the right people will always hate you. These days it seems that musicians having an arrogant and ego-driven attitude has become more acceptable and I don’t know how that happened. If you’re a humble person like myself, that’s what makes you the most hated.

Trust me, there are a lot of arrogant and asshole acting musicians out there especially through FB. Never let other musicians think they are better than you ’cause they are not. Just focus on your own music and do your own thing. Not worry about what others think of you. I used to want to be a part of the musicians community but I don’t really care to anymore. The local musicians community never changes. Always all kinds of drama, huge egos and arrogance all over.

I try my best to promote my music, hoping to get a review or a shoutout on other local music sites (not naming names but they know who they are) but I get ignored most of the time. Instead, most local music websites get worried about what I’m gonna say on the blog next. I mean like, really? They mostly promote artists who are already established enough and they won’t admit it. Most of them claim they promote music artists for all when the reality is they are secretly very “selective” on who they promote on their sites. They promote and give shoutouts to artists who have a pretty strong social networking following or if artists get regularly promoted through the local papers.

At the end of the day, I don’t care if I get write ups  or reviews for my music or not ’cause that’s not what I do this for. I play music for myself pretty much. If other people happen to like my music, then that’s cool too. I play music for them as well. I play music hoping to get listeners like most musicians and play music hoping to get more listeners. I’m a music artist hoping that people will enjoy my songs like most artists. That’s what we all do this for. Play music hoping to get liked.

Just be yourself and keep playing.



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