Trying to learn and memorize cover songs on the guitar that everybody knows & love!!!

I don’t know why some musicians who plays original songs only continues to rail against musicians who plays covers. In my opinion, I’ve always believed that it was important to do both covers & originals. I have always done both too! It’s been assumed by some musicians that if you play covers, you’re not a real musician. They think you’re a fake and not talented if all you do is play covers. In my opinion it’s wrong. If you’re the one who don’t play covers alone then that alone shows that you’re a fake musician and untalented as hell.

Playing covers is really good for a musician. Playing covers can improve your talent greatly. Over the years of my life learning other peoples songs really have helped improve both my guitar playing and singing. Playing covers helped me get a sense of rhythm and timing. Vocally, singing covers helped me get a stronger voice too.

I’m trying to learn and memorize as many cover songs as I can and so far I have learned about 10 of them. It’s important to learn cover songs ’cause what if you’re hanging with a group of friends and family or hell even your music fans and they want you to play something? If you play just originals to them only then people aren’t gonna care. These days people want to hear songs that they know and love.

I play a lot of cover songs ’cause not only that it helps my singing and guitar playing — I just love playing cover songs. It’s just awesome and fun. I just want to learn all the songs that I loved over the years.

Even though I’ve been mostly learning cover songs on acoustic, I’m going to start learning some cover songs on the electric guitar too. I want to learn some metal covers like Metallica songs, Megadeth songs, Slayer songs, Dream Theater, Ac/Dc, Sabbath, Van Halen, etc.

Musicians that plays covers still get knocked by other musicians even to this day. I hate this never ending “covers vs. originals” debate that continues to go on in the musicians community. I mean? Who fucking cares! Covers? Originals? Don’t make a difference to me at all. Music is music. Just shut the fuck up, play your instrument and enjoy! That’s all you gotta do!


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