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Watch me smash a 165 lb. bench at the gym… on the road to 200 lb. bench…

Here’s me smashing a 165 lb. bench which seemed pretty easy. If I’m able to smash an easy 165 lb. bench press then my estimated personal record could be either 170 lbs. or 175 lbs… maybe even 180 if I’m lucky enough!

As you can see I’m getting real close to 200 lb. bench pr… and I could probably get there at the end of this year or maybe even sooner. That’s the goal. My goal is to be able to smash a 200 lb. bench pr.

I got to really bring my numbers up for upcoming powerlifting meet at Albany Strength.

As far as my left leg injury goes, it seems to be perfectly fine now. I don’t feel any pain standing for a long time now which is a good thing so I might be good to get back to heavy lifting on the lower body this week. The injury didn’t really come back after I pulled that 290 lb. deadlift, it just made my legs wicked sore for a few days. That’s what happens when you settle down for a few weeks which I did. Now the leg injury is gone completely, I think, I’m pretty sure it is. We’ll see on leg day this week.



Congrats to the band Tool, “Fear Inoculum” is no. 1 on the Billboard Top 200 beating out Taylor Swift…

Even after a long 13 year hiatus from the music business, people still haven’t forgotten about Tool after all these years. Tool’s “Fear Inoculum” finally comes out and it’s already the biggest selling album which isn’t surprising. The album somehow went up to no. 1 on the Billboard 200, beating out Taylor Swift’s new album, “Lover”.

This is impressive and amazing really. Nowadays, it’s still very difficult for any rock band to make it high on the Billboard 200 ’cause pop, country and rap are still a dominating industry. You can still see that rock and metal is still slowly trying to make a mainstream comeback.

It’s not surprising that “Fear Inoculum” would turn out to be a pretty big seller ’cause it’s a pretty great album. I love it. It’s their best one in their career for sure.


Saw “IT – Chapter Two” last night and freakin’ loved it!!! Surprisingly pretty close to the book…

Last night, I went to the movies to see the new Stephen King movie, “IT – Chpater Two”. I re-watched the first one last Saturday night. From what I’ve saw of the two IT movies, it was all pretty faithful to the book for the most part. It was all pretty close. Of course, both movies had little changes here and there a little bit but not too bad.

I thought “It – Chapter Two” was a well-made film. I loved it despite the film getting mixed reviews. Yeah, there were a lot of CGI in the film but it’s hard to make all that stuff from the book to make it all real so CGI was needed no matter what you think of it. They had to use CGI for the film so they can match the weird things happening from the book.

I thought the cast did really great, though. Everybody did a good job… the kids did a good job playing the young version of the Losers Club and the adult actors did a great job playing the full grown version of the Losers Club. It was interesting seeing Bill Hader in a non-comedic role seeing that Hader is most famous from Saturday Night Live. I guess Bill Hader just wants to be taken seriously as an actor and he doesn’t just want to be seen as a “comedy” actor. He wants to show that he can do other genres when it comes to acting. I thought he did a good job playing in a non-comedic role. Jessica Chastain made a perfect Beverly and James McaVoy killed it as Stuttering Bill. The rest of the cast did good too and I was also impressed with Isaiah Mustafa who played Mike Hanlon (is that performance Oscar worthy? Yes, definitely.)

Anyway, I thought “It – Chapter Two” was very good and definitely getting the BluRay when it comes out. The TV version of IT with Tim Curry as Pennywise was pretty cool but that version wasn’t faithful to the book at all. The remake was 10 x’s more faithful.

There are still other movies I want to see in theater for the rest of the year though. We have: “Rambo: Last Blood”, the “Joker” movie with Joaquin Phoenix, “Doctor Sleep”, “Maleficient: Mistress of Evil”, “Terminator: Dark Fate”, “A Beautiful Day In the Neighborhood” and “Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker”. I’m gonna try to see all these.


Watch me smash a 290 lb. deadlift… just did it today…

So, since my left leg and hip pain seemed to be gone this weekend,  I decided to get back into heavy deadlifting today and did real good, btw. I ended my deadlift session with a 290 lb. heavy single finally. My left leg and hip pain came back a little bit after this but not as bad as it was before. Maybe I should have waited to let it heal fully before jumping right back into heavy lifting again. I’m proud of the lift but I think my deadlift startup might be off a little and I gotta figure out a way to make the hips to stop rising first. Maybe that’s why I got the hip pain ’cause of that?

I’m still proud of today, though and was glad I was able to smash a 290 lb. single finally. It made me realize that I didn’t lose any strength at all. I guess it was the minor leg injury that was holding me back.

Welp… back to settling down on the lower body work until everything heals completely. I thought it was all fully healed ’cause it felt like it. Guess I should have given it more time. Oh well, I killed it today on deadlift and was still proud of the session either way.


The key to getting rid of lifting injuries faster is that you gotta stop putting weight on it… either stop training it or go super light…

Admittedly, I’ve had the upper left quad injury for  months and stupid me, I just kept working out the lower body through it. Like I said before, that’s not gonna make injuries go away if you keep training that body part that is hurt. It’s gonna stay there the more you keep training it. So to make injuries go away faster, you gotta stop training that body part completely for a while or just lift super light weight. I mean super duper light.

On leg day yesterday afternoon, I ended up doing barbell squats after all but only did 60 lbs. for 8 reps only on each set. Then I did leg ext. machine and leg press machine training the right leg “only”. That seems to have done the trick. My upper left quad don’t seem to be hurting anymore as of this moment. When I had the injury, it’ll start hurting when I stand for a long time and the pain seems to be gone now when I stand.

I might be good enough to get back to heavy deadlifting again this weekend. I’m taking a day off of gym just to make sure the leg pain is gone for good, if it is, I’ll get back to killing it on deadlift tomorrow by getting back into heavy sets and few rep sets.

When your legs are hurt, you still gotta stop the deadlifting ’cause deadlifting takes a lot of quad work.

I didn’t need to go to a doctor at all ’cause the injury wasn’t that serious… it was minor. I wish I’ve thought of this a long time ago and the injury would have healed a long time ago. My bad, lessons learned next time, though. The hip pain is gone and now the leg pain seems to be gone.

I want to be completely injury-free for deadlifting so I can really bring my numbers up for the next powerlifting meet at Albany Strength in Nov. There was gonna be a powerlifting meet in Albany on Aug. 30th but it ended up getting cancelled. I’m gonna do the meet in Nov. instead, I think.

Hopefully I didn’t lose more deadlifting strength, though. I’m pretty sure I didn’t but we’ll see.


Tool is the greatest rock band going today, tell me I’m wrong???

Well this weekend at the gym, I listened to Tool’s two other albums “10,000 Days” and “Lateralus”. I’m blown away by both of them. I listened to “Undertow” and “Aenima” lots of times so I already know those two albums are great too. There is a reason why this band is so huge and popular they are now. There is a reason they have a huge buzz going ’cause they really are the greatest band in rock. I haven’t listened to their new album, “Fear Inoculum” yet but gonna get around to it this weekend.

The band Tool are the greatest songwriters in rock right now. Their riffs are really cool and I love Adam’s guitar tone for sure. Maynard James Keenan sings with a lot of heart and many singers in bands don’t sing with heart like that. When a rock band plays tight that helps get the singer going and Maynard is good like that. One thing I love about Maynard’s vocals is that he is very melodic. Whenever you hear him sing, you can hear him sing in your head and that’s a part of what makes Tool so great. Maynard is definitely one of the greatest singers in rock.

Yeah yeah yeah, the guys in the band Tool are all liberals and they’re Trump haters for sure but who cares. Their music is still freakin’ awesome. I don’t care about a band’s political views, it’s the music, ya know? I really love this band, always did. I used to have the “Undertow” and “Aenima” albums on CD back in high school but someone borrowed them and never gave them back so I re-bought those two albums on CD again. The rest of the Tool albums are digital on my Ipod.

Tool is an amazing band and I find myself listening to their albums a lot now that I got them. I keep going back to them… that’s the powerful thing about music. Tool definitely knows how to grab someone’s ear. I also love how the band don’t change their style of music too. Every album they do, their style is the same and I love that.

I haven’t heard “Fear Inoculum” yet but I just wanted to hear their previous albums first before the new one so I can get familiar with their music. I’m sure the new album is great and I’ll review that too after a few listens.



Why it’s taking so long for the Cambridge/Greenwich police to make an arrest in the Jaliek Rainwalker case…

Some may wonder why it’s taking so long for the police to make an arrest or arrests (if more people were involved that is) in the Jaliek Rainwalker case… I used to be disappointed in our police department on why it’s taking so long but after Don Lehman’s latest article about the Rainwalker case, I can now understand why it’s taking so long.

After a kid goes missing, you can’t just arrest the adoptive father with not enough evidence. While it’s definitely possible to arrest someone who is a “person of interest” in a missing persons case without a body, it’s still a pretty risky thing to do. Think about it… when you arrest the adoptive father, the jury could let him walk at trial with not enough evidence and after he walks completely unscathed, the police department could be sued by him. That’s why the D.A. here, Tony Jordan says they only got one shot. They just want to take their time and make sure everything is right. They want to get to the bottom of EVERYTHING.

Straight from the article here:

Cases for murder or first-degree kidnapping, equal to second-degree murder in state Penal Law, can be brought without discovery of a missing person’s remains. But Jordan said a much stronger case can be made when a body is found.

“We have to make sure everything is covered, because we only get one shot at it (a prosecution),” he said.

So I guess, the best way to make an arrest and prosecution is to wait for the police to find the body/remains where ever it is. Some may want to believe that Jaliek maybe alive (ya never know) but there is no evidence and no sign of him being alive still. The adoptive father and the family claims he is alive and they’re still trying to make it seem like he ran away to join a gang or live with a black family but they haven’t proven that. Chief Bell tried to ask them to prove that Jaliek is alive but they haven’t yet.

Jaliek is mostly likely dead ’cause if he was still alive then Jaliek would have turned up a long time ago. We all continue to believe that Jaliek is most likely dead ’cause it seems that the adoptive family have something to hide… ya know…

  1. Moving to Vermont while all this is going on
  2. Lawyering up and going after everyone looking for Jaliek
  3. They avoid talking to people who is looking for Jaliek like the plague
  4. They threatened to sue the police after “allowing” them to search their Greenwich home
  5. They refused to let the police compare their gold van that was seen on the surveillance video that was seen at a Greenwich local bank.

If Jaliek is alive and they think he will “return” home like the lawyer keeps saying then why do they do all that listed above? Some people wants to believe everything what the adoptive parents lawyer tells them in the local press and it sickens me, ya know. There is a whole public debate about this case. Some people want to side with the adoptive father and defend him and stuff. I think their lawyer is corrupt to the core and very dishonest. He’s a very bad lawyer for sure. He is definitely a huge liar and isn’t to be trusted at all. So don’t believe everything that man says, everyone. He’s just being paid a lot of money to “lie” and keep them out of jail, that is all. The lawyer claims the family is doing all they can to find him but I assure you, they aren’t doing shit and they don’t care about Jaliek one freakin’ bit. Them moving to Vermont is all you need to know. Why would parents move out of state in a missing child’s investigation? When a kid goes missing, you don’t MOVE out of state… you need to stay put ’cause what if he does turn up and he finds out his parents have gone out of state? Only people with something to hide does that.

I really believe this case is solvable and everything will come to light soon. Like I said in a post before, the truth will always come out. This family can go on about their lives as if none of this is happening all they want to but they will get handcuffs on them soon enough. It’ll be over pretty soon.

I really care about the kid like everyone else since I live in Greenwich and I want all this  to be over myself. I think it soon will be. The police just needs to find the body and I think they will.

I’m going to give the police more time and be patient… let them do their job. Everybody else should have patience too. Trust the police, y’all. They know what they’re doing. The police cares about Jaliek just as much as we all do. They’re right they only got one shot at “prosecution”. Some want to criticize the police for going after the adoptive family but this isn’t really about that family… this is about “justice for Jaliek”. That’s all we want really. We want peace for Jaliek and that’s all we really care about. We just want his body/remains found and for him to be buried properly. Those responsible in his murder should be locked up too, though, they still need to be held accountable.

I kept an eye on the case ever since it happened and it never left my mind. Never forget Jaliek. I never will. Justice will be coming whether you like it or not.