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What is the most dangerous lift in the gym??? Truthfully the bench press is… truth hurts doesn’t it???

Don’t you just hate these articles and youtube videos in the bodybuilding/powerlifting world that tries to pick out which lift in the gym are the most dangerous??? These know it alls try to warn you about some lifts in the gym that could totally wreck you like the overhead barbell press, the bent over barbell row and the upright rows for shoulders as examples. Yeah, those three lifts aren’t the greatest and they could wreck you pretty bad but…

… truthfully, ALL workouts and lifts in the gym are very dangerous. You can get all kinds of injuries and get messed up no matter what workout and lift you do.

The thing is, even though the bench press is the most popular workout in the gym and the king of all lifts, no one will ever admit how dangerous that lift really is. Truthfully the bench is the only workout in the gym that can actually kill ya. Think about it, right? So many people nowadays bench without a spotter which isn’t good. Sure, maybe it’s alright if you can bench the easy ones and the lighter stuff but when you get the real heavy bench that’s when you’ll need a spotter. If you aren’t sure and if a number you pick makes you nervous, don’t be afraid to get a spotter.

The bench is so dangerous, if you bench a heavy rep without a spotter and if you miss that lift, you could be in deep trouble. Bar could land on your chest, it could land on your neck or even land on your face. Bench can mess you up pretty bad if you don’t lift responsibly and not lift carefully, ya know? You could get paralyzed from the neck down if a benching accident can get serious either that or the bench can even kill ya ’cause people have died doing heavy benching doing some research.

A lot of people love the bench press and they want to feel tough doing it but too many are horrible benchers… like benching with their ass off the bench, over excessive arching, etc…. blah blah blah.

If you don’t have a spotter with ya then you can either bench with the Smith Machine or the Squat rack.

If you’re gonna get a spotter, don’t just get any random spotter in the gym ’cause not everyone are good at spotting. Like, don’t get a spotter who knows nothing about benching or doesn’t look strong. You want to get a spotter that looks strong and looks like he/she has a lot of experience in benching. That’s how you get a spotter. Get someone who has a lot of spotting experience that knows what they’re doing.

The bench press is great, I love it myself but do it responsibly and carefully. If you don’t you’ll be sorry. You could end up in the hospital or worse… death.

It’s crazy to see that how many guys out there bench without spotters ’cause they think they know what they’re doing and don’t believe an accident will happen. Many guys don’t like having spotters ’cause it makes it looks like they don’t know what they’re doing. Benching accidents can happen to anybody really.

If you have a benching accident, truthfully it wasn’t an accident… you brought it all upon yourself ’cause you weren’t careful. So yeah, pretty much your fault.

The bench been around for decades and decades and it’s still a popular workout even to this day. I like it though ’cause it’s actually helping me grow a bodybuilder chest that I’ve been wanting and it’s definitely helping, yes.


Joe Biden… Not mY president… now I’m gonna bash the hell out of him just like I did with Obama… Be ready…

So today makes it official that Joe Biden is sworn in as the 46th president of the United States. Did I watch the swearing-in, the parade and all the celebrations after that? Hell to the freaking no! The only thing I did watch today was watching the now former president Trump departing the White House on Marine One and I watched his brief departure speech after that.

Even though Trump’s departure speech was pretty brief, it was very good. I just loved how Trump never said Biden’s and Harris’s name once but instead he only says, “I wish the next administration much success” without dropping any names.

I must say that Donald Trump wasn’t look happy all day today. You can tell he’s very upset and pissed off which is understandable. Trump really tried to make America great again but of course, the haters and lefties ruins everything. Crybabies… now the crybaby leftist haters can watch me bash Joe Biden just like I did with Obama.

There’s no way Biden won the election fairly and cleanly. Even people with half a brain would know that it was stolen. Hillary tried to steal the election from Trump in 2016 but the left failed and they definitely figured it out this time.

I’m more scared of a Biden presidency than the CoronaVirus, actually Biden and Harris are the viruses. Get ready for national mask mandates, more lockdowns, higher taxes and open borders. They’re gonna get rid of the border wall that Trump was building and it wasn’t even finished yet. Illegals are gonna start pouring into the country like mad and it’s already happening as I type this.

Are you sure a Biden presidency is what you want??? He’s gonna be a nightmare for both sides… trust me on that.

Yeah, another corrupt and criminal Democrat is now president but I’m gonna be okay and the rest of us Trump supporters will be okay too. I’m just gonna keep on keepin’ on and enjoy life the best I can like I always do. I’m pissed that Biden is president but I can learn to deal with it. I’m not gonna cry and hate on lefties for it. Just gonna accept it and move forward.

God bless our country. We really need that now.


Phil Spector can rot in hell now, fuck that murdering monster…

Man, I can’t believe people. Phil Spector, the legendary producer dies in prison. I can’t believe that so many people are actually mourning the guy especially a lot of musicians/bands and music lovers. Proves that people in this crazy world are so fucking stupid and brain dead.

Phil Spector was a madman and psychopath with so many mental issues… yet most people forgot the fact that the monster shot actress Lana Clarkson in the mouth at his own mansion. Yes, he shot her once but it was still a gruesome murder and she didn’t deserve that.

Truthfully, I think “most” people know that… many just won’t publicly admit it ’cause they are assholes and desperate for that kind of attention when someone legendary dies. Yes, Phil was a legend but he still shot and killed an innocent woman.

The fucking headlines, man… they won’t say it either. Some headlines in the press actually got it right but most of the mainstream media and the music press wants you to forget it happened.

This is just more proof that people are awful and society is so messed up, ya know????

It’s been said that Phil died of either covid19 or natural causes, which is it…. but who cares, though. Phil died in prison so he got what he deserved and Lana got her true justice and god bless her now. People want to celebrate the life of Phil Spector after his passing and not Lana Clarkson? Unbelievable. Fuck that murdering monster, he gets no respect from me.

I don’t care about that monster Phil Spector and it’s insane to me that so many do after what he did to that poor woman back in 2003. That’s the problem, people don’t care about murdered women nowadays.

I was kind of pissed when I saw people in mourning of Phil. People are crazy and insane, I tell ya. I had to rant about it in FB a little bit.


This Band called Swans, just discovered them and loving them…

I keep hearing this song around the house being played on an Ipod stereo system so I asked this person who does this song and he said, “Swans”. So I looked the band up and found the band in youtube and started to listen to their stuff.

I was like blown away… this is probably the most intense music I’ve ever heard in a long time. I’ve listened to so much music over the years but never heard anything like Swans did. Swans is an experimental rock band. They’re kind of prog rocky a little bit, psychedellic kind of stuff like Pink Floyd maybe but Swans is different. Michael Gira has a unique sound. I love his style.

I’m gonna start getting albums by Swans, I think and “Soundtracks for the Blind” is a good one to start off with. That’s how most Swans fans get into them is starting with that album ’cause their song “The Sound” is like an anthem for them. The lyrics could be very deep and intense… some of this stuff may not be easy for people to listen to.

I was kind of hooked to this song so I had to find out who did it and turns out to be a band called Swans. They’re kind of a new band but not really, they’ve been around a while. They’ve been around since the 80’s. They sound new but they’re not really.

Cool band and I want to get into them this year. Michael Gira’s songwriting style kind of reminds me of myself. His vocals are kind of like mine in a way. Glad I discovered him and his band Swans. Never heard of them until now.


Learning to play drums virtually and drum programming… so glad I’m getting into that…

Ever since I got Toon Track EZ drummer, I’ve been learning to play virtual drums on it manually… while using drumming lesson books to learn how. If you want to play drums virtually, it takes time and practice just like a real drum set. Drums seems like an easy instrument to learn, though. Not that hard like some would think.

I’m so glad that I’ve started studying and practicing rhythm and timing in music ’cause it’s so important. If you want other musicians and listeners to take your music seriously, gotta learn how to play in time and play in the pocket.

Because of me studying drum programming and virtual drumming, I’ve become a better rhythm guitarist ’cause of it too. I’ve learned to play various rhythm patterns like quarter notes, eighth notes, various sixteenth notes… using dotted rhythms, playing notes with ties and more syncopation (Off beat rhythms).

If you know your timing and good at rhythm, you’ll be able to play any genre of music. You’ll be able to write songs a lot better too.

When I start songwriting again, I plan to make my rhythm playing a lot more complex by playing more syncopation… off beat rhythm… meaning notes that don’t fall on the 1, 2,3,4 counts on the metronome. I would also like to start experimenting rhythms in odd time signatures too ’cause prog rock bands like Rush, Dream Theater and Yes did that a lot. If you want your music to sound even more interesting.

I believe that I’ve improved on my rhythm and metronome and gotten way better at playing along with a click track.

When I start recording again, you’ll probably notice that my recording skills has gotten a little better.

Playing with rhythm is a blast and I’m loving it. When making music, you don’t have to be a perfectionist but have a good sense of rhythm and people will take you seriously.

I just want to make tight and intense music and to do that gotta have a good sense of rhythm and timing. Be good at counting which I’m getting way better at.

Soon I’ll be writing and recording songs with drums backing up my tracks. Just gotta good get at this EZ Drummer software and working on it everyday. EZ Drummer is good stuff, glad I got it finally.


Welp, looks Like I’m done with twitter for good since they’ve banned president Trump for simply doing nothing wrong…

I’m locked out of twitter for posting a tweet and just like that looks like I’m on a permanent lockout. I could probably get it back myself by just entering my phone number and following instructions but I don’t have a phone number that’s associated with that account so I can’t get back in at all. I tried appealing but then twitter says they won’t unlock my account simply ’cause I said the word “cunt” in a tweet. Yes, that’s right. Guess twitter don’t like the “c” word anymore. On my twitter, I used cuss words and other nasty words all the time but never got a lock out until I used the word “cunt” when talking about Ellen Page coming out as a transgender male in a tweet, lol…. that was the tweet that got me the permanent suspension.

Ah well, social media censorship is a growing problem and it’s getting worse. A lot of conservatives and Trump supporters getting kicked off of social media like crazy anyways. Many of them don’t do anything wrong and a lot of us follow the TOS pretty well but a lot of us get suspended and kicked off ’cause punishment on social media is very biased nowadays.

Then I learned that all of social media just banned president Trump this week… which includes twitter, FB and instagram. I was trying to find out why. I hate to share something from CNN but I’m just trying to find out why twitter banned Trump… it’s basically for two tweets… one was Trump saying that his supporters will not be disrespected in anyway shape or form and the other one saying that Trump will not attend Joe’s inauguration day.

I’m like, huh???? How is Trump defending and praising Trump supporters in a tweet and saying that he refuses to attend Joe’s inauguration inciting violence? Nothing wrong with those tweets at all and nothing dangerous about them.

Trump supporters been disrespected since the 2016’s elections and Trump has had our back since then. He still has our back now and was only trying to defend us.

Yeah, I’m a Trump supporter and quite proud of it.

Nothing wrong with Trump’s tweet about Joe’s inauguration either ’cause Joe simply doesn’t deserve Trump’s attention and time of day, he got suspended for that really???

Ya know, social media’s been trying to ban Trump permanently for a long time and they’ve been dying to do it… and here they are. They finally did it. I think they did it ’cause not because Trump incites violence like they accuse him of, they did it hoping he step down from the presidency shortly before Joe’s inauguration. Trump getting kicked off of social media before Jan. 20th is pretty questionable.

Anyway, I’m done with twitter for good ’cause it sucked anyways. I mean, twitter is a cesspool of pedophiles to begin with. They’re more worried about conservatives and Trump supporters, yet they allow pedos on that platform? Fuck twitter. To hell with it.

I’m gonna make my way on Parler and possibly GAB this weekend. I’ll sign up for those tomorrow.

I remember twitter used to be fun but it’s absolute garbage now. I’m hanging on FB and instagram for now.


Purchased some games from the Playstation store yesterday… here they are…

Yesterday afternoon I purchased some games from the PSN store with a few PSN cards to redeem.

I purchased 4 games yesterday:

  • The Last of Us II
  • Star Wars: Squadrons
  • Sonic Mania
  • Tetris Effect

I’ve been wanting to buy “Last of the US II” ever since it came out but never got around to it by now. This game was on sale at a decent price so I couldn’t say no to that. Also got another Star Wars game “Squadrons” ’cause I’m such a huge Star Wars nerd and I love Star Wars video games so I grabbed that one since that one was on sale too. I also picked up “Sonic Mania” ’cause I like Sonic the Hedgehog and “Tetris Effect”. Used to be a huge Tetris fan and used to play the original Tetris game on the original Nintendo so I grabbed that new version of “Tetris Effect” to see what it’s like.

I also picked up a “Mortal Kombat” expansion pack with the Rambo downloadable character ’cause now I have the newest Mortal Kombat game, I’ll be able to play as the Terminator and Rambo which would be fun as hell.

I won’t get to these games yet, though ’cause I have a bunch of other games I need to get to like “Red Dead Redemption II”, “Spiderman”, “Days Gone”, “Star Wars: Fallen Order”, “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare” (w/ War Zone included”, “The Evil Within II”, “Uncharted: The Nathan Drake collection”, “The Borderlands Collection”, “Call of Duty WWII”, etc.

I have so many games in my PS4 library, it’s crazy. What I do is just buy a bunch of games once in a blue moon and just save them for later.

Right now I’m playing the newest “God of War” game and trying to finish up that. I play one game at a time and once I finish it, I move on to another.

Video gaming is one of my favorite hobbies. I’ve always have been a video gamer ever since I was a child and my gaming addiction all started when the first Atari came out. My love for gaming never stopped. I still play even to this day. It’s a great escape from everything.


I’m a big metalhead even though I may not look it…

I may not look like a metalhead and yes, I listen to metal, lots of it. If you look at my Itunes library and my CD collection, you might find a lot of…. Metallica, Slayer, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Ac/Dc, Megadeth, Dream Theater, etc. I also have some death metal like Venom, Mayhem, Burzum, At the Gates, etc. I also have some Viking metal like Amon Amarth and Ensiferum…

I just love metal. It’s all great music to listen to and trying to listen to it as much as I can.

I may not look metal… I try to grow my hair long but it doesn’t grow that way so I keep it shaved so I guess that’s metal enough? I’m also starting to buy rock band shirts so maybe that’s metal enough? My arms aren’t covered in tattoos like a metal guy but I’d like to start getting tattoos at some point.

You don’t have to look metal to listen to it. I’m just a normal guy who loves music and that’s all.

And listening to all this metal over the years is inspiring me to play that music myself and I’m learning honestly. It’s why I finally bought a solid body electric guitar so I can play heavy rock music myself. Trying to improve my rhythm chops and learn how to play metal. I’m not a super shredder yet and I’m not a thrash metal kind of player either but I’d like to be and working on it. I can only play as fast as 100 – 105 bpm on guitar so that’s moderately fast.

I’d like to make a hard rock/metal album and that’s the goal I’ve always dreamed of, honestly.

I listen to mostly metal nowadays ’cause there’s nothing else that’s good out there. I don’t like most pop and rap music, I hate all of it. Not really into country but I like some of it, though.

I’m trying to get into jazz and blues music more but I always come back to metal or progressive rock which are my two most preferred genres. I’m a huge prog rock fan believe it or not which is why I love bands like Dream Theater, Opeth, Rush, Yes and bands such as those.

I love metal ’cause that genre writes the best songs, in my opinion and I respect the hell out of their musicianship too. A lot of people find it hard to believe that I listen to mostly heavy music and they’re usually shocked that I do. Listening to metal solves everything in life and gets things out of your system. Helps fires up my lifting at the gym too.

I listen to a lot of classic rock too, though but metal is what I listen to more than anything. I just love the songwriting in metal and I just love tight and aggressive music, that’s just me.

Metal is inspiring music to listen to. It helped changed my life for sure.


Judas priest… one of the greatest bands in rock & metal for sure… trying to get into their music more…

For my massive music collection, I try to collect as much albums from my favorite bands as much as I possibly can. I try to collect albums from all of my favorite bands & artists such as Dream Theater, Iron Maiden, Ac/Dc, Black Sabbath, Rush, Kiss, Metallica, Smaching Pumpkins, Al DiMeola, Joe Satriani, David Bowie, Opeth, etc.

One band I’ve been trying to get into lately is Judas Priest. They are one of the greatest bands in metal, no doubt. I freakin’ love ’em; although, I only own three of their albums… I only got “British Steel”, their latest album “Firepower” and another old Priest album “Painkiller”. I heard “Painkiller” is one of their best albums, pretty high in the top 5 they’re all talking about so I decided to get that one. Haven’t heard it yet but gonna get around to it.

I also got Rob Halford’s book” Confess” and KK Downing’s book “Heavy Duty”. Haven’t read them yet but I will get to them, bought them digitally for my Ipad.

I’ve read about Judas Priest a lot over the years like read interviews with them, saw their interviews and stuff on youtube. I’m familiar with their hit songs and now I’m just starting to get into their albums.

I’ve always respected that band. Rob Halford is 69 years old and before the pandemic hit, he still toured heavily with Priest over the years. Halford don’t have the powerful and high range singing voice he used to have but he still sings amazing. He’s definitely one of the best vocalists in rock for sure. I’ve always respected the hell out of Priest and trying to get into their music more.

Yeah, the guys in Priest are all old and aging fast but age is just a number. You’re never too old to rock n’ roll…. if you wanna rock then do it!


15 Films to Look forward to in 2021…

I do this list every year too, a list of films to look forward to in the new year… now that it’s 2021, I figure it’s time to list the films that I look forward to this year. Well many of these films were originally supposed to be released in 2020 but they all got pushed back ’cause of the pandemic obviously…

Here is the list…

I’ll name 15 of these films…

No Time To Die – the new James Bond 007 film: I was gonna see the new Bond film but this is one film that got pushed back.

Top Gun 2: Maverick – Another film I’ve been looking forward to that also got pushed back.

A Quiet Place – Part 2: Another 2020 horror film pushback, loved the first movie looking forward to the 2nd one.

The Conjuring 3: The Devil Made Me Do It: Another film pushback… I’m a huge Conjuring fan and can’t wait for this one.

Mortal Kombat (reboot) film: I’m a huge MK fan of the video games, love ’em and kind of actually looking forward to this. The old Mortal Kombat movie in 1995 was pretty good too, though.

The Little Things: A crime thriller starring Denzel Washington that actually looks pretty awesome. I’m down with seeing this one somehow.

The Many Saints of Newark (The Sopranos prequel film): Another 2020 pushback movie, this is gonna be the Sopranos prequel which already sounding good even though a trailer hasn’t came out yet. I love mobster movies anyway so…

Black Widow: This Marvel character of the Avengers gets her own spinoff movie so this one should be good.

Dune: I’m a huge fan of Frank Herbert’s Dune books, loved the David Lynch movie too and I’m hoping this reboot will be good. I’ll be checking it out.

West Side Story: Another 2020 pushback movie, I’m a huge fan of West Side Story and actually interested in the Spielberg version.

Halloween Kills: Another Halloween movie coming this year.

Morbius: A Marvel superhero movie with Jared Leto in the leading role. Looks like a good one already.

Uncharted: A movie based upon the hit video game is coming out this year. Hoping to see a trailer real soon.

Spiral: This film is a horror film which is gonna be the 9th installment of the SAW franchise, it stars Samuel L. Jackson. Sam L. Jackson in a horror movie? I’m down with that!

The Last Duel: Ridley Scott has a new movie coming out this year with Ben Affleck and Matt Damon being the writers of this script. Matt Damon is also starring the leading role. This film is about medieval and knights kind of stuff so this is gonna be an interesting one.

Will I get to see any of these if movie theaters ever come back that is? I’m hoping. Happy new year.