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Expecting Chris Jericho to return to WWE soon? Don’t count on it ’cause he just signed with All Elite Wrestling for a full time contract…

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Here we go…! @allelitewrestling

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The sky is the limit! #ChangeTheUniverse @allelitewrestling

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WWE fans were wondering if wrestler Chris Jericho would return to the WWE someday. Jericho has been slowing down in WWE lately focusing on other things like performing at wrestling independent events, touring with Fozzy, working on his podcast and all that stuff that he does. Well, hate to break the news that it looks like that Jericho isn’t returning to WWE anytime soon ’cause he just signed a full time contract to All Elite Wrestling which is a brand new independent wrestling company put together by Shahid and Tony Khan.

To be honest, I’m glad Jericho has been staying away from WWE and he should stay away from them. Back when Jericho was on WWE TV, the WWE wasn’t using him right. WWE kept making him lose matches and kept making him look weak. In my opinion, Jericho did the right thing stepping away from WWE for a while ’cause I don’t like the way WWE is right now to be honest with you. Jericho is better off without WWE anyways.

On top of that, I love the stuff that Jericho is doing with independent wrestling like the stuff he’s doing with Kenny Omega, Cody Rhodes and the Young Bucks. All that stuff he’s doing is pretty amazing shit. All these guys are doing stuff that WWE are afraid of.

I am noticing that independent wrestling have exploded in the wrestling scene. Seems to me that indie wrestling is doing better than WWE nowadays. Why is the indie wrestling scene so hot nowadays?  Why are fans turning to indie wrestling than professional wrestling like WWE? The answer is quite simple really…. one word: wrestling. That’s it. Indie wrestling companies give us wrestling when the WWE doesn’t. WWE is all about family entertainment so fans are now flocking to indie wrestling.

Kenny Omega is a pretty huge star in the indie wrestling world and the Young Bucks are getting up there too. I prefer Jericho stay indie ’cause he’s doing well.

I’m a huge Jericho fan, though. I’ve admired the guy for many many years ever since he made his WWE debut in 2000. I like all the stuff he’s doing. As for his band Fozzy goes, I’ve listened to them a little bit but haven’t bought any of their records… planning on it, though. I’m more of a fan of Jericho’s wrestling than his music.

Jericho’s one of the best in the wrestling business. He can play both the good guy and the bad guy quite well. He’s also really good in the ring too. I wish him luck in AEW.



Trump is right to say: “How much more American blood must we shed before Congress does its job???”….

Well I watched Trump’s address to the nation last night on TV and some of you probably wondering what my thoughts are on this. Well, Trump is right on one thing he said last night… “How much more American blood must we shed before Congress does it job?”. If you can’t understand the point that he’s trying to make, let me explain then. If you let illegals into our country and continue to ignore how dangerous a lot of them can be, will Congress act on border security when they finally realize that illegals harming Americans get out of hand? Will Democrats in Congress act on Border Security when their loved ones are murdered by illegals for no reason, their kids get abducted by illegals and illegals start raping their daughters and wives? These things are gonna happen the more they keep it up with their “lets welcome illegals” bullshit.

The left knows that illegal aliens are bad people, many of them won’t admit it. Many on the left refused to watch Trump’s address to the nation ’cause they simply didn’t want to hear the truth.

After I finished watching Trump’s address last night, I was blown away. He was on fire. He was calling illegals exactly what they are “illegal aliens”. It showed that Trump is not afraid of the liberal pc police. Trump is not backing down.

When will liberals ever wake up about illegal aliens? A lot of them are accusing Trump of false information about them predictably. If the left really thinks that illegals are harmless and a bunch of sweethearts then why don’t they invite them into their home?

In Trump’s address, he was saying all the same things we’ve been thinking. Trump was simply calling out the hypocrisy of the left. I loved it when Trump was asking politicians why do they have their homes surrounded by fences and walls since they claim to be against border security.

Illegal aliens are not our friends. If you think they are then the mainstream media has you brainwashed pretty good. There’s a lot of people that don’t believe illegal aliens aren’t dangerous ’cause of the media brainwashing but deep down, they know that a lot of illegals are violent they just won’t admit it to you.

And what about that Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi speech right after? What a freakin’ joke that was. The looks on their faces last night definitely had “Trump Derangement Syndrome” written all over them. You can tell they really despise Trump that much and quite honestly, it’s pretty scary.

I find it hilarious that Evil Schumer accuses Trump of “governing by temper tantrum” when Schumer has been doing exactly that ever since Trump got elected, “governing by temper tantrum”. More liberal hypocrisy there, nothing to see.

I would say keep the government shut down until the Democrats finally agree to border security. The whole reason I voted for Trump was for the border wall. We really need it pretty badly. Illegal aliens are definitely a danger to our society.

It’s amazing that liberals get so butt hurt over our feelings about illegal aliens. They don’t know these people and they don’t know what they’re capable enough.

People in the world of politics are crazy and nuts, I tell ya. All Trump wants to do is keep us all safe… he even wants to keep liberal Americans safe too but they don’t get it yet.


Could Phish get a slot at Woodstock 2019 at Watkins Glen??? Me thinks yes!!!

Michael Lang said in that Rolling Stone interview that he already has the Woodstock 2019 lineup already booked. Will the band Phish get a slot at Woodstock 2019 as part of their summer tour they just announced? Woodstock 2019 is scheduled for Aug. 16th, 17th and 18th.

If you look at Phish’s tour schedule you’ll see that Phish doesn’t have those dates: Aug 16th, 17th and 18th listed at all. Could it be that Phish will soon add Woodstock to their tour schedule once they get the permission to announce it?

Check it out:

It’s a possibility that Phish may get a slot at Lang’s Woodstock 2019 so we’ll have to wait and see. Phish got a headlining slot at this year’s Bonnaroo festival and they are playing 3 sets at that festival. Don’t be surprised Phish could be playing at Woodstock this year.

I know the band Phish isn’t for everyone but I fucking love them still. A lot of fans turned their backs on Phish over the years but I never have. I’ve always loved Phish and still find them a phenomenal band. I love Trey Anastasio as I think he’s a great guitarist and great songwriter too. He’s also one of the best live performers so I don’t understand why people hate Phish. I think they are great and I plan on collection all of their studio albums once I complete the rest of the Grateful Dead’s collection of studio albums.

Yeah, I am a huge fan of the jam band genre. I love all sorts of music. I listen to everything pretty much.


Woodstock 2019 by Michael Lang confirmed for August at Watkins Glen…

The real and official Woodstock Festival founded by Michael Lang has been officially confirmed to Rolling Stone that a three day Festival is gonna happen in August at Watkins Glen. Michael says to Rolling Stone that the lineup has already been booked… he doesn’t say what bands and artists are on the lineup but he hints the lineup has full of rap, pop and rock acts on the bill.

Michael says he wants newer talent to cover some songs from bands that played on the original 1969 to help celebrate the original’s 50th Anniversary and that sounds interesting.

Michael also says there will be some bands from the original Woodstock reuniting for Woodstock 2019. He doesn’t say who, of course. There have been talks of Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young reuniting for 2019 but Michael says he talked with all of them. The guys still don’t get along and they hate each other still so don’t expect a CSNY reunion ’cause it probably won’t happen.

So what bands from the original Woodstock could be making a comeback for this one? The Who? Yes, maybe. I’m sure Carlos Santana will be getting a slot ’cause he’s still around playing music. Other possibilities could be Canned Heat, Sweetwater, Sly and the Family Stone, Blood Sweat & Tears, Mountain, etc.

What about Creedence Clearwater Revival? No, definitely not possible ’cause Fogerty and the surviving members of Creedence still hate each other, I think but I can definitely see John Fogerty’s solo band getting a slot ’cause CCR played the original Woodstock. It’ll be cool. Hey, ya never know, though… maybe Fogerty and the surviving members finally put their differences aside and they could reunite for a one-off show. Remember, Tom Fogerty who is John’s brother died in 1990 but Fogerty getting together with Stu Cook and Doug Clifford would be badass. I doubt it’ll happen but it’ll be cool.

The Band will never reunite ’cause that band isn’t possible without Levon Helm but I’m sure plenty of artists will be covering songs by them.

Since the Grateful Dead played the original Woodstock, I can see Dead and Company getting a slot and I bet Dead and Company did get a slot for Woodstock 2019. We’ll wait and see.

I’m sure this Woodstock lineup will be revealed real soon and it’ll be interesting.



Top 10 Bands & artists that deserve their own biopic films…

I love music biopic films. Ya know, movies about famous artists and bands that are played by different actors. There have been many over the years with movies like “La Bamba”, “The Buddy Holly Story”, “Walk the Line”, “Ray”, “Get On Up”, “Straight Outta Compton”, “The Doors”, “Sid and Nancy”, etc.

Now with the release of “Bohemian Rhapsody” and the upcoming “Rocketman” (biopic film of Elton John), I thought it would be fun to name some bands & artists that I think deserves their own biopic big screen films… enjoy the list:

  • Metallica: You know this one will be coming sooner or later. I think a biopic film about Metallica spanning the entire career of the band would be fun. This film could tell so many interesting stories everything from the Cliff Burton era, the Cliff Burton death, the Napster controversy, the Dave Mustaine feud, getting close to breaking up around the “St. Anger” days and so on and so forth. This would make an interesting movie for sure.
  • Michael Jackson: There have been a few TV movies about MJ I think but I think his story should get told on the big screen. You know this one will be coming at some point.
  • KISS: I think it’ll be interesting if Kiss gets a biopic film made about the forming of the original lineup and the film could lead up to their breakup. I also believe a Kiss biopic could make its way to the big screen sometime in the future for sure.
  • Billy Idol: I’m a huge Billy Idol fan and I think his story could be interesting. I’ve read a lot about his life and I think some of his stories would be good for a big screen movie.
  • The Allman Brothers Band: I think a film about the Allman Brothers would be really good. It could go from their formation all the way up to their final show at the Beacon Theater in NYC. Just think how much of a tearjerker of a film this would be with the passings of Duane, Butch and Gregg. There was actually a Gregg Allman biopic film that Hollywood was gonna put out called, “Midnight Rider” but the film got cancelled due to that freak accident that killed a young woman. They could still try and get an Allman Brothers movie going, though.
  • Joan Jett: There’s already a biopic movie about “The Runaways” and Joan Jett is in it played by a different actress but I think it’s time that Joan deserves her own biopic film. It be nice if we get a Joan Jett film chronicling her solo career. Believe it or not, I am a huge Joan Jett fan!
  • David Bowie: You know a Bowie biopic is gonna happen at some point in the future. Would be very cool. I think Bowie himself would have been honored if a biopic film happened.
  • The Clash: A film about the Clash would be awesome. The film could start at their formation and all the way to their breakup in 1986. It would make an interesting movie about the punk scene during those years.
  • Nirvana or a Kurt Cobain biopic: You know this one will be coming in the future too. Either a story about Kurt or the band Nirvana would be cool on the big screen.
  • Led Zeppelin: This would be freakin’ cool if this happened. A Led Zeppelin biopic film. It could start at its formation with the Yardbirds and then go up to the band’s breakup after John Bonham’s death, the movie could end right there. I think a Led Zep biopic movie would be a box office hit too.


There’s the list. Enjoy!


Greta Van Fleet has the perfect response to haters who dislike their music…

Greta Van Fleet maybe a great band but they’re not for everyone. They unfortunately have some haters too. Here is the band’s response to people who don’t like them and their music and it’s perfect:

“When we’re in the studio, we’re not thinking about what the people will like,” says Kiszka. “We make music for ourselves, honestly. We sculpt the album to be the way we want it to be rather than thinking, ‘Well, this might be catchy’ or ‘This may be more effective to grab listeners.’ When we released the album, we thought, ‘Well, here goes nothing.’”

I  know the haters are probably gonna say, “That’s the most arrogant and egotistical thing for a band to say”.

No, not really. It’s actually a good attitude to have when you’re a musician or if you play in a band or whatever. There’s really nothing wrong with making music for yourself. There are too many musicians and bands out there worried about people not liking their music. My thoughts? Who cares whether or not people like your music, ya know? Just make music for  you and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. There’s nothing wrong with listening to your own music and nothing wrong with enjoying your own music. That’s why you play music to begin with, right? You pick up an instrument or sing just for you. Remember that.

With my own music, I’m not worried about what other people think of my music. I’ve always made music the way I’ve wanted. I’ve made the guitar playing the way I wanted, I sung the songs the way I wanted and wrote the lyrics however I wanted.

Some of you may think, I don’t care about the “fans” who actually support my music but I do. Always did. I’m flattered and honored that some people actually like my original songs. If people like my original music, that’s great. If people don’t, that’s great too. If you’re proud of your music, that’s all that matters. I don’t write songs to please other people but I try.

Speaking of original music, I gotta get back into songwriting again and I will this year, I promise. I’m itching for new songs.



I’m happy that “Bohemian Rhapsody” and “Green Book” both won big at the Golden Globes… both are really good films!!!

While I despise award shows and don’t watch ’em anymore, I was actually happy with the winners this year at the Golden Globes. I’m glad “Bohemian Rhapsody” and “Green Book” got the most attention at the Globes last night. I saw both of these movies in the theater and LOVED both of them. Both were really good so all the awards these two movies won were well deserved.

Now on with the Oscars… will “Bohemian Rhapsody and “Green Book” get the most nominations? Probably. It’ll be interesting to see which film at the Oscars this year will win Best Picture. I haven’t watch the Oscars in the last several years… haven’t watched the Oscars in a long time but I’m actually thinking about watching this year. Why? I want to see which of these two movies will get the Best Picture win. It’s tough to predict which film will get the Best Picture win ’cause both of these movies are really good. Yeah, I loved the “Green Book” movie as I thought that film was fantastic.

You should see both of these films too when they come out on BluRay/DVD.