Why music award show events in local music are pretty dumb… it’s just a desperate pat on the back kind of thing and nothing more…

These local music award shows just keep coming, there’s been a few other ones that happened. I don’t want to name names and not gonna drop any names but I really believe that local music awards for local music is pretty dumb. Why?

All it is just that local bands/musicians and things like that are just desperate for a pat on the back. Just massive ego stroking and nothing more. Musicians really care for awards, really?

Not me. I don’t care about awards ’cause that’s not what I play music for. Even if I got nominated or won anything, I won’t even attend the shows ’cause I wouldn’t accept anything. These music awards in the Albany region music scene just keeps coming and it’s funny to me.

Each time these music awards happen, all I see is nothing but “conflict of interest” with all of them. All I see are nothing but their own people getting nominated and winning stuff… for example, their musician friends and groups of people that started the award shows like their sponsors and promoters, things like that. Completely snubbing real talent that are out there in the Capital Region. That shouldn’t be happening and they should be ashamed of themselves.

Anybody can start an award show… just put up a bunch of money to rent a venue, order the awards from a company and there you go.

There’s no such thing as being a “rock star” as a local musician and no such thing as being a “legend” either and I’m sick of seeing all of this. The rock star attitude in this area continues to be a problem.

Some of you may think I’m just jealous but there’s nothing to be jealous about. I don’t play music for awards. I’m into it for the music alone and for the love of playing guitar. That’s it really. If I ever did get something, I would totally reject everything.

Sure, they do local music awards as a way to support the scene and show support for bands and artists, I get that but you don’t need awards to show support. To show support of the scene, all you gotta do is go to a show, listen to their music online or buy an album. An award is pretty worthless, in my opinion.

I don’t support any of these award shows going on lately and not sure why it’s still happening. I won’t attend any of them. I’ve been trashing these local music awards since the start and still stand by it that these award shows are terrible.



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