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Report: RAW did 3.0 rating…

Last Monday’s RAW where Vince debuted his “1 Million Dollar Mania” contest only got a 3.0. rating. Ouch!

More on it here:


My question is why does that blogger find it a surprise? I don’t find it a surprise at all.

Vince has turned Monday Night RAW into a game show. Wrestling fans don’t want that. Leave the Million Dollar giveaways to Howie Mandel.



Report: McMahon spoils WWE fans like kids…

Here are the results of last night’s RAW with McMahon’s “$1 Million Dollar Mania” proving that this is the real deal, the people answering Vince’s phonecalls on last night’s show weren’t hired actors, they were real people like us winning real money from Vince, it’s real, indeed:


Honestly, Vince doesn’t care about his fans or the wrestlers that perform the shows. He only cares about promoting his company…WWE, that’s it.

Fans at last night’s RAW were hating this “Million Dollar thing”, some of the audience were booing, chanting “Boring”, and chanting “We want Wrestling” everytime Vince came on stage to give out money to people sitting at home.

It kind of sucks for the people sitting in the arena witnessing Vince giving away money to people at home watching RAW.

This thing is gonna fail, just like Vince’s storyline where he fakes his death failed too.



Report: WWE.com created heavy traffic with Vince’s $1 million sweepstakes…

Over 650,000 fans have registered to Vince McMahon’s $1 million dollar sweepstakes. This thing keeps making the national news proving that Vince McMahon is serious about giving away his own money to WWE fans. It’s not fake, it’s no storyline, this is surely the real deal folks. The $1 million really is coming from Vince McMahon’s own money. Lets hope he don’t give away all of his money so he won’t go broke, lol.

The sweepstakes begin this Monday June 9th.

Read this interesting article for behind the scenes about this contest:


Vince McMahon will do anything to promote WWE, even if it means giving out his own money to his own fans.

It is kind of cool though, it does pay to be a WWE devoted fan, I mean, you have to pay money to have cable TV to watch WWE, you have to buy PPV shows, and tickets to live shows, etc. So this is Vince’s way of giving the money back to the fans.

It shows that Vince actually cares for fans that support WWE. I’ve been a devoted WWE fan my entire life. I’ve always loved the wrestling business. I enjoy being part of the wrestling community.  We all know that wrestling is fake and scripted, we just watch it for the entertainment. And that’s what it’s all about! FOR FUN!!!



Report: Mr. McMahon is serious about giving out $1 million to WWE fans out of his own personal money…

I would say that Mr. McMahon is the true King of “Controversy”, like him or not. To prove to the world that Vince McMahon is not kidding when he says he wants to give away $1 million dollars to fans each week on RAW, him and the WWE company proves it to the Associated Press that this is no joke!

Vince speaks to the Associated Press about more details about this. It will be a sweepstakes kind of thing. Something similar to prizes you win from soda bottles where you look under the cap there is a code, and you have to type it up on the website to see if you win. WWE plans on doing that same thing.

In the beggining of RAW each week, a code will be on the screen that the viewers will receive, they will first have to register to WWE.com in order to take part of this so you can give them your phone number for the WWE company to contact you if you win the $1 million. My guess is that the code randomly draws and if they match your code, you win. Kind of like the contests you win from soda beverages.

This is McMahon’s way of saying “Thanks” to the fans who supported WWE over the years and his way of using this as a promotional tool for WWE to bring in new fans and bring the old ones back.

The Associated Press reports:


Go to WWE.com to take part:


Ummmm, no Mr. McMahon. This is not going to make the WWE popular again.

The way to make WWE popular and mainstream again is stop coming up with stupid storylines, bring back good wrestling, stop killing your own wrestlers with steroid use, stop making too much gimmicky charactersr in WWE, etc.

I’m not doing this contest ’cause I don’t want the WWE’s money. McMahon is an egomaniac in real life just like he is on TV.



Cool Video: Mr. McMahon brings back the WWE Draft and another shockin’ announcement…

From last night’s RAW, youtube won’t delete this one since this video is under the official WWE youtube page.

And by the way, I don’t think McMahon is serious on giving away $1 million to the WWE audience, it’s probably another one of his tricks, a heel type of thing.

Is this a clue that Shane McMahon could be the next RAW GM… HERE COMES THE MOOONEEEYYYYyy!



BREAKING NEWS: Vince McMahon gets star on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame!


Who could ever do a “You’re fired” catchphrase better than he does? Vince McMahon is the only one that can do it!

I was just watching RAW as I’m typing this and Vince McMahon had a promo interview on there, he was saying he just got a star on the Hollywood’s Walk of Fame, and I’m like, it’s a storyline thing. Turns out it wasn’t. It’s the real deal. Vincent Kennedy McMahon, the owner/chairman of the World Wrestling Entertainment just got a star on the Hollywood’s Walk of Fame last Friday.

Of course, Mr. McMahon was in his TV character when he layed down the star on the Walk of Fame, being his usual sick and twisted man he’s always been on TV.

The Associated Press reports:


Congrats Vince! You deserve it!

Vince McMahon is a great TV performer, he’s a very controversial man and knows how to grabs people’s attention. Vince McMahon is crazy in real life just like he is on TV. While I’m sure Vince is a great and wonderful guy in real life, he just creates a lot of crazy storylines for WWE. He’s a powerful business man.