13 Years of Missing Jaliek Rainwalker, Crime Junkie Podcast Episode about Jaliek becomes No. 1 in Apple Podcasts…

13 Years of missing 12 year old kid Jaliek Rainwalker and the case has been exploding in the podcast world lately. I try to listen to most podcasts about Jaliek and try to keep up with them but they just keep coming and coming. Now the case has caught the attention of Crime Junkie which is the biggest true crime podcast on Apple Podcast. Well the episode of Jaliek got released on Apple Podcast this week and it immediately shot up to No. 1 in Apple Podcast Top Episodes which to me is pretty amazing.

If you don’t know anything about the case, you can listen to it here…


I listened to it the other day and it’s pretty good. If you don’t know much about the Jaliek case, there’s so many podcasts episodes about it but my favorite is True Crime Garage, they did the best job covering Jaliek, in my opinion.

I’ve been following the case since the beginning… ever since it happened in 2007, I’ve followed it ever since and my mind never left it. I would like to say that this case has officially gone viral… A&E’s “The Vanished” did a video about Jaliek and now Crime Junkie podcast. Now I’m hoping soon the Jaliek case will get some national TV attention.

I’m a part of this group in FB called Justice For Jaliek Rainwalker/Jaliek’s Army which I’m an admin at both of those. A few of us from those two groups have been investigating the case on our own. Some of you may think, you should stay out of it and let the police do their job, let the police handle it. Well to be honest with you, the police are totally on our side so we aren’t jeopardizing anything really. They really want our help and law enforcement is really close to us. As long as we aren’t doing anything to step over the legal line and not doing anything too crazy then we’re fine investigating the case on our own.

Yeah, the few of us in those FB groups have been investigating quietly and behind the scenes and we’ve been finding out some stuff that the local media hasn’t touched yet. I won’t go into details of what we’ve been finding out as of this time but yeah, we’ve been finding out some stuff. We talk about everything, no matter how small and how big.

Just so you know, this case isn’t going away and it won’t until we know what happened to Jaliek. We won’t stop until he’s found and those responsible are behind bars. 13 years and the adopted father is still out there living his life. Yeah most people came to an agreement that the adopted father probably killed him and I’m sticking with that view too. That’s probably what happened.

There are so many different theories on where Jaliek could be but the real truth will come out soon enough, I’m sure. The truth will always come out.

I care about this case ’cause it happened in my hometown. A town where I lived my whole life in. We won’t stop no matter what anyone says or thinks. Jaliek’s life matters.

A bigger voice for Jaliek is important to us ’cause it could get people that knows stuff that could come forward. So if anybody knows anything…. anything at all… come forward. Call the NY State police, Call the NCMEC, come to me or any of us admins in Justice for Jaliek Rainwalker FB group.


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