What are Some Bands & artists that I like that Everybody Hates??? Yes, I do Have some…

I love music but sometimes haters of some bands can get quite annoying… I don’t really care about them, though. I listen to whatever music I want, it didn’t matter if it’s mostly hated by everybody. Just for a fun topic, I thought I would name a few bands that I love that everybody seem to criticize harshly all the time. Ya know, bands that people hate on obsessively.

Metallica – Everybody actually liked Metallica with their 80’s speed metal and their 90’s hit album “The Black Album” but they all of a sudden became one of the most hated bands with their Napster controversy and getting accused of selling out changing the band’s sound and style with Load/Reload/St. Anger. Look, I still love Metallica and always had. I own every album they did in their discography even Load/Reload & St. Anger and yes, I love those three albums. Obviously, the band is not afraid to take risks with their music and I respect them for that.

Phish – Phish has been hated on for years and I don’t know why. I think the band is great and I think Trey Anastasio is a very talented musician. I don’t have all their albums yet but getting there. Have about 8 of them so far. I’m a big Phish fan and saw them in concert twice. He is also a fine solo musician as well.

Nirvana – Yup, Nirvana is definitely one band that got a lot of hate over the years. I’ve always loved Nirvana. Loved them ever since MTV was obsessed with them in the 90’s so I went out and bought the CD “Nevermind” which I still have sitting on my CD shelf. I love “In Utero” and love “Bleach”. People hate Nirvana ’cause of Kurt’s singing and they just how simple Nirvana songs are. Well all you need is 3 or 4 chords to write great rock songs anyways.

Oasis – The band Oasis also got a lot of hate over the years and can’t understand why. I always dug the songwriting of Noel and Liam. They’re amazing songwriters. They were big heroes of mine during high school and still love them today.

U2 – Need I say more? U2 and Bono got a lot of hate over the years. It got worse when they ditched their rock n’ roll sound for pop music with their controversial albums “Zooropa” and “POP”. They got people even more pissed off when they forced everyone who owned Apple products a free album “Songs of Innocence”, remember that??? I still love U2 and have most of their albums. I thought “Songs of Innocence” was a great album, though.

Creed – People couldn’t stand Creed ’cause of how mainstream they were but they still wrote kickass rock songs. Always dug that band and still hoping for a reunion now that Scott Stapp got himself better.

Eric Clapton – Clapton has always got a mixed reaction with his career over the years. You either love him or hate him. People prefer the stuff he did with Cream and they prefer his earlier solo work. With me, though, I’ve always been a loyal Clapton fan. Loved everything he has done really. He’s a guitar playing and songwriting genius.

That’s about all I can think of for now but you get the idea.


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