Going to live concerts and playing live gigs in the age of Covid Control??? No Thanks, not for me…

It’s great that live music has finally returned both national and local… I was thinking about going back out there to see concerts for myself both national and local… and since I’m a musician myself, I was thinking about playing some open mics and few gigs. Make a comeback to live gigging was gonna be my goal but I don’t think so anymore.

I was kind of looking forward to going back out in the music scene but since I’m seeing that a lot of venues both national and local venues forcing their bands and music fans to take the vaccine and going back to “Mask required”, I don’t think so.

So I’m done with this music thing in the Capital Region, I’m out. No more going to concerts national and local and no more playing gigs of my own until we get our freedom back and the bullshit stops.

It’s no surprise that the covid control is gonna get worse even though covid is done and over with.

I’m seeing a lot of NY venues forcing the vaccine and masks so nope… not for me, sorry. I’m done with it all.

Yeah, even though live music is back… cancel cultures continues as well ’cause bands are cancelling their tours left and right for “Safety concerns”. *yawn*

As for playing gigs of my own, I’ll just continue to do that at home and do it with a video camera virtually for the internet. I prefer to do that more nowadays. I’m thinking of getting back into songwriting again and continuing to learn new cover songs all the time. Yeah, I’m still making and playing music of my own.

Eric Clapton and Van Morrison are the only two musicians that are fighting back at this dictatorship and I’m thankful for them at that.

Musicians, bands and venues that take the covid virus seriously are nobodies to me. I’m so done with them.


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