Shopping malls are Now a thing of the past??? I’m afraid so…

Back then shopping malls in America used to be a thing… back when they were huge in the 80’s and 90’s. Now in the 2000’s years and forward, shopping malls started slowly dying and now shopping malls are dead for good.

In the past, shopping malls were a thing for families and people to go have some fun for themselves and to shop for things that people need. Stuff like clothes, furniture, electronics, books, music, video games and other things. You can go to the malls for the movie theaters, get yourself something to eat in the food courts or grab yourself a little snack in the hallway like get pretzels or nachos or whatever. Go to a candy shop and get all kinds of chocolate and other types of candies. I also remember arcades used to be huge in the malls too and used to play all these old school video games at the arcades. You can take your kids to the Toy store and buy them toys and all that stuff.

Those days are over and done with. Shopping malls started dying over the years ’cause most everyone does their shopping online like amazon… that’s pretty much what killed “the mall”. Now the mall is pretty much dead for good thanks to the pandemic.

When I walked into the Wilton Mall above, I was amazed how dead it was. A pretty much empty mall. A lot of vacant businesses all over. Crazy. I felt like I was in a zombie movie or something… remember George A. Romero’s “Dawn of the Dead” where that movie was taken place in a mall? Well it felt like that almost.

Nobody goes to the mall anymore except the only time the malls pick back up is when a huge movie comes out in the theaters but now theaters are dying too. There’s no movie theater in the Wilton Mall anymore as well.

I used to go to the mall all the time ’cause admittedly I’m a shopping addict. Since there is no mall anymore, I may as well do most of my shopping online. If I want to continue to collect BluRay movies, I’ll do that on amazon, I guess.

Crazy times we’re in for sure.



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