Butt Lifting coming off the bench has Become accepted by the public… and I don’t like it…

While benching at the gym, I never agreed with lifting the butt off the bench just to push more weight. If others want to do it, that’s their prerogative. It’s bad ’cause it shortens the range of motion and it could lead to an accident or injury. Of course, they don’t give a shit.

You see almost every bencher doing it… lifting the butt off the bench when bench pressing. Even the most experienced bodybuilders and powerlifters do it. It’s just stupid, in my opinion… I never did it when I started benching for powerlifting.

On top of that, lifting butt off the bench is very much cheating.

You watch instagram and youtube videos of people benching and you can see them do that everywhere. Why has butt lifting off the bench become so popular and publicly accepted???

My guess as to why this has become publicly accepted are those weighlifting know it all youtube vloggers and weightlifting blog sites that defend “butt lifting” when benching and they explain why it helps. Well dumb and naive lifters actually believe that shit so they decided to try it and now everyone’s doing it.

It doesn’t look safe. They just do it as a way to get those big numbers. Butt lifting off the bench is definitely an “ego” thing for sure. I’ll never do it.

I’m sick of seeing it everywhere. If they want to kill themselves, that’s fine by me. It’s just silly and dumb. They’re just lifters who are impatient… in a rush to get the big numbers.


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