This Johnny Cash quote explains his addiction with studio recording…

That quote is very inspiring. You want to know why Johnny Cash has a very large album discography over the years, this is why. The man in black was very addicted and obsessed with the studio. A lot of musicians and bands only record in the studio when they need to but with Johnny Cash, that was all he ever did.

According to his album discography, he has a total of 67 studio albums. His debut record was titled, “Johnny Cash with His Hot and Blue Guitar” (yes that was the title) and that album had the hits “Walk the Line” and “Folsom Prison Blues”, the two songs that made him famous. Johnny recording albums one after another up until his final album that he recorded when he was alive: “American IV: The Man Comes Around” (in 2002) and then he passed away in 2003.

He has a very large album discography but I’ll think he has tons of unreleased stuff too and they are trying to release some of it. I would think Johnny’s vault would be pretty huge.

Originally Johnny never really wanted to become a country singer. He wanted to sing gospel but he had to sing country ’cause it was the only way for him to get into the industry.

I love Johnny Cash though and I’m a massive fan. I have all of Johnny’s American albums but don’t have a lot of his older albums ’cause he has so many. I just have a greatest hits album and a few live albums too.

Johnny Cash definitely was obsessed with the studio. It was the only thing he was good at and he died what he loved doing.


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