I have the right to respond to local crime stories & get my thoughts on, free country #JusticeForJaliek…

Ya know, I find it interesting how people are getting upset over my thoughts on the Jaliek Rainwalker case. For years, I’ve been quietly following the Jaliek Rainwalker missing child case ever since it happened and kept my thoughts to myself. Now I’m starting to write about it publicly. I kind of figured it was gonna spark some controversy and get some people upset but that’s okay. I would do anything to get justice for Jaliek and that’s what I’m doing it for. I’m doing it for Jaliek. 9 years on and still no closure. Local news outlets stopped reporting the story, it seems the Greenwich police has stopped investigating and seems that most people stopped caring. I haven’t stopped caring and I haven’t forgotten Jaliek.

Just an FYI, this is not a missing child case anymore. It is now murder. A crime. It is pretty obvious that Jaliek was murdered by his own adoptive parents. It’s pretty easy to see. If you disagree and feel sorry for them that they are accused of “murder” then I don’t know what to say. You are not using common sense at all and not looking at reality. If you side with Stephen & Jocelyn and think they’re innocent then you don’t care for Jaliek yourself. You are siding with people who are a couple of monsters & cowards who will never take responsibility for anything.

Ya know, I know this story is gonna upset some and will spark some controversy because this is a controversial case. I know people are gonna come after me but if I’m the only one speaking the truth, that’s fine. I have the right to respond my thoughts on local crime stories. Nobody is gonna stop me. Nobody is gonna silence me. It’s a free country, y’all. The 1st amendment is a beautiful thing. That’s what the local news media report this stuff for so the public can respond our thoughts on. Stephen & Jocelyn’s sympathizers are not gonna stop me and it’s disgusting to me to see that they do have sympathizers. If people sympathize this couple and think they’re innocent then I sure hope they don’t become jury members of a murder trial.

Read this story again for a start:


People say that there is not a shred of evidence to prove their guilt, I can post an entire timeline of events of the whole story if I wanted but I don’t feel like going through that right now. So far, all the clues I’ve seen written about the story traces back to Stephen and Jocelyn. You want us to believe that they’re innocent and you want the town to leave them alone after them threatening to sue Greenwich police, moving to Vermont and lawyering up? I don’t freaking think so! This couple haven’t proven their innocence yet even after 9 years of this case still being open. If they aren’t talking, they are hiding something. This couple is very dangerous. They’re sick and twisted people who shouldn’t be out there in the streets. They need to be locked up, hopefully soon.

I’m gonna keep on this story. I don’t care what anyone thinks. I’m no detective or cop but the Greenwich law enforcement and news media encourages the public to help investigate. They want everybody to help. So since I’m good with the internet, I’m doing all I can to see if I can find the truth but so far, I haven’t found much ’cause Stephen and Jocelyn are pretty good at keeping things offline. They’re trying to cover their tracks. I know Stephen and Jocelyn are online all the time. Jocelyn used to have social networking and a wordpress blog but she deleted all that stuff once I called her out. So that tells me even more that this couple is trying their best to protect themselves. They don’t care about Jaliek at all. They’re trying to avoid an arrest by police. They only care about themselves, period.

Justice is coming for you, Jaliek. Hang in there, buddy… I’m thinking of ya, Jaliek and always will.



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