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Why live streaming with musicians is becoming a thing… I might do a live stream as well…

So a lot of bands & musicians whether local or national has been doing live streams like crazy on the internet. They’ve been doing live stream acoustic shows at their homes through FB, instagram, twitter, etc. Why has free live stream performances by bands and artists exploded all of a sudden?

Well for one, since a lot of tours and concerts have been cancelled, many musicians are stuck at home now. Yup, ’cause of covid-19 and being quarantined. Many taking part in social distancing and all that shit.

The thing is now that musicians are holed up at home, they got nothing to do and many of them are just bored to death and they want to keep making & playing music. Many bands & artists decided to start writing songs for their next record during this quarantine and many of them are doing their concerts live on the internet instead which is a good idea.

Another reason for the live streaming is that bands & music artists just want to play music for their fans as a way to help get them through covid-19. Music is a healer and they want to help get rid of “stress” through these difficult times we’re in. Since a lot of music fans are holed up at home and many of us are bored, bands & music artists just want to continue to entertain us via live on the internet.

I’m glad “live stream” is finally a thing, though and I’m gonna join the bandwagon real soon. I’d like to do a live stream show of me doing cover songs ’cause I don’t have a new batch of originals yet. So my live stream would be cover songs only. I’m planning on doing a live streaming for two nights, both shows being a 10 – 12 song set which would probably be about an hour or so.

I’ve written down a list of all the cover songs I wanna do and came up with some great ideas. I think it’s important that I should do a bunch of cover songs that people know well and love. I’m going to be doing everything from old stuff to new stuff. Mostly hit songs you hear on the radio and stuff. I’ll be doing everything from oldies to classic rock to metal. All of it on acoustic. I think it’ll be fun. People will be surprised of the cover songs I’m about to pick.

This could happen in a few weeks. I need time to rehearse songs and might learn a few more.


Led Zeppelin wins “Stairway” case once again, will you accept that they aren’t thieves and move on?

I think this Michael Skidmore clown needs to accept that Jimmy didn’t steal the “Stairway” riff from “Taurus” and move on. Of course this Skidmore guy never will… he’ll figure out another way to get at Led Zep.

I think Led Zeppelin getting accused of being song thieves is getting old and tiresome. It’s all pretty silly, in my opinion. Even if Led Zep did take bits and bits from other songs here and there, I wouldn’t call it “stealing” or “ripping off”… it’s more like “borrowing”. There is nothing wrong with “borrowing” from other songs for your own original music ’cause bands & artists do these things all the time. There is nothing wrong with taking a little piece of music that you like from another song to try and re-write it to make your own. It’s unfair that artists get called “song thieves”.

Congrats to Led Zep on another victory, though. I’m sure Page, Plant and Jones are pretty happy about this.



Got some more music albums from Itunes this week…

Earlier this week, I just purchased some more music albums from Itunes. Mostly older rock music this time. I picked up the new Ozzy album, “Ordinary Man” which is surprisingly very good and liked it a lot… along with it I picked up two older Ozzy albums which are Randy Rhoads era stuff “Blizzard of Oz” and “Diary of a Madman”. I’m a huge Ozzy fan… I love his solo material. While he is great in Black Sabbath, he is also a great solo artist.

That ZZ Top documentary on Netflix made me want to buy more of their music so I grabbed “Eliminator” and “Tres Hombre” from Itunes.

As far as AC/DC goes, got their first album “High Voltage” and an older Brian Johnson one “For Those About To Rock” (which I have on vinyl but needed the digital version). I’m still trying to collect all AC/DC records, their whole discography. Just love the band. I love both eras, Bon and Brian. Doesn’t matter to me.

Got another Korn album, “Untouchables”. I’ve been listening to Korn a lot lately and I think they’re just a fun band to listen to. That band has gotten a lot of mixed criticism over the years but I find them amazing. They’ve been labeled as “nu-metal” but I don’t think so… they’re still “metal” in my opinion. So they play 7 string guitars and de-tune and they get labeled “nu-metal”??? I think they’re a combination of rock & metal with maybe a little hip hop thrown in but this is an excellent band, though.

No more buying albums for a while ’cause these ones will keep me busy. I love music and can’t live without it.


ZZ Top, most legendary bands have retired and gone but not these guys, they are still going…

So I watched the ZZ Top documentary on Netflix over last weekend and it was a very well-made documentary. Freakin’ loved it actually. I’ve seen a lot of music documentaries and that one was one of the best ones I’ve seen. Very well filmed and well-directed. It’s just a short hour and a half long documentary that shows the life and career of three musicians known as ZZ Top.

I’ve been a fan of this band for a long time but don’t have too many albums by them, though. Watching that documentary made me want to get more of their music and I just purchased “Eliminator” and “Tres Hombre” albums from  Itunes earlier today. Other albums I own by them are “La Futura” (their latest album they released in 2012) and “Deguello” (1979).

I’ve always respected this band so much and of course, it was MTV who helped put this band on the map ’cause they wouldn’t have survived in the industry for this long if it wasn’t for their music videos. A lot of iconic bands over the years have broken up ’cause they either had members that passed away or just wanted to retire but not ZZ Top. They are one band who had the same three guys for over 50 years and they are still going today. They are still going today… making records and still going on some pretty extensive tours too. Yes, they are aging but nothing is slowing these guys down.

They are another band who hasn’t changed their style and sound of music over the years. They’ve always had that tight blues rock sound every album. All three guys are talented as hell musicians. Billy is a great guitar player, Dusty is a great bassist and Frank is a great drummer. These guys play for real too… they play for real in the studio and live on stage. They don’t fake anything. When they play live concerts, there will be no miming to a recording. If you want proof of that, watch that documentary and you will see.

The band is currently on tour right now actually and their support act for this tour is Def Leppard (who I’m also a big fan of).

The question is when will ZZ Top release a new studio album? I think they will at some point but probably after the tour ’cause remember now bands release studio albums after a tour nowadays. I do love the band and I’ve always wanted to see the band myself but they aren’t coming in my area which is kind of a bummer.

Their documentary is worth watching and you should check it out. You don’t have to be a die-hard fan to watch it. It can be for newer fans. That documentary will help make you respect that band even more, trust me.


Happy birthday to Lou Reed, today would have been his 78th bithday…

Lou Reed definitely was one of the most misunderstood and controversial musicians of all time and that’s one of the reasons why I loved him as a musician and songwriter. Whether you loved him or hate him, you’ll have to admit that he definitely was one of the most prolific musicians ever. As long as he was alive back in the day,  he kept himself busy with music until he died.

His final musical project was that album he did Metallica, the double album “Lulu”. Obviously, that album sparked a lot of controversy and outrage in the music industry. It also had mixed criticism… some loved it and many hated it. If you think “Lulu” pissed a lot of people off, Lou is no stranger in pissing people off with his music ’cause he already did piss a lot of people off years ago when he released “Metal Machine Music” (released in 1975). That album sparked a lot of controversy ’cause it had no songs on it… the album had nothing but noise from Lou’s guitar and amp.

People thought Lou wasn’t the greatest singer in the world but I thought he was. I thought he had a great voice. He wasn’t perfect but you don’t have to have the greatest singing voice in the world if you want to play music and Lou proved that.

People thought he was a jerk over the years ’cause of his interviews but I never thought he was. He was just an honest man and he wasn’t afraid to speak his mind in interviews, it didn’t matter if it offended people. He just liked to speak his mind just like he does in his songs.

As a music artist, one thing I respected the hell out of him for was that Lou never played his songs the same way twice at his live performances. Listen to his live albums for proof of that and watch his live performances on youtube. He was never one to play songs the same way that was recorded on the studio album. There were too many versions of “Sweet Jane”, too many versions of “I’ll Be Your Mirror” and he played “A Perfect Day” differently every time as well.

Lou was never afraid to take big risks in his music and that’s another reason I respected him so much for. He just did what he wanted to do and didn’t care whether people liked it or not.

Most everyone hated that “Lulu” record he did with Metallica but I thought it was a beautiful album, I really did. It was different and totally original. I think years from now, everyone will come around and give that album more respect  like it deserves.

Lou was a genius and I’m a huge fan. Happy birthday Lou and RIP.


Dee Snider hints that new Ac/Dc album will feature some “jaw-dropping” surprises… but refuses to say what…

While campaigning heavily to get Ac/Dc to perform the Superbowl Halftime show for next year’s Superbowl game, Dee Snider reveals some more stuff about Ac/Dc being in the studio for a new album. There has been a huge debate on whether or not Ac/Dc are in the studio recording a new album but there has been pics leaked to the internet of the band at the studio and that’s when it sparked speculation that the band is recording a new album… Dee Snider finally confirms the news that the band is working on their new album. Their next album will be considered their 18th album in their career.

Dee hints that the band will feature the original lineup… we all know that Brian Johnson and Angus Young are still in, of course but what about the other members? Malcolm’s nephew Stevie Young will probably handle rhythm guitar on the new album, but what about bass and drums? Cliff Williams announced retirement from the band not too long ago but does that mean Cliff is back? Phil Rudd the drummer had some legal problems in his life and it looks like he’s back in the band too.

Dee says there will be some more “jaw dropping” surprises but who knows what. I’m predicting Axl Rose will be involved in the new album in some way. Axl took over Brian Johnson on the tour for a long while in Ac/dc but maybe Axl will sing lead vocals for a song or two on the new Ac/Dc album, that could be a huge possibility and I can see it happening for sure. The other guys in Ac/Dc enjoyed Axl’s work on the tour that they believe he should be involved in the new record.

Maybe some past members that are still alive will be back as well like Mark Evans and Tony Currenti.

Some may ask what will the new album sound like? It’ll sound like the same old Ac/Dc. I know there are a lot of legendary bands out there who will sound different every album but Ac/Dc never did that. They never changed their sound and style for every album. They’ll probably sound the same for this album too. Ya know, the same old rock n’ roll sound you’re used to hearing by them… the same old up beat rock n’ roll that you can dance to, bang your head to and sing along to. The same old simplistic rhythm playing and Brian’s screaming vocals like usual. No different but looking forward to the new record and hope we see a new Ac/Dc album this year.

I love the band so much. They’re one of my favorites. I’m trying to collect their entire album discography too, btw.


Ozzy Osbourne cancels 2020 solo tour to seek further treatment on his Parkinson’s Disease… it’s getting worse???

Hate to be the one to say it but it looks like Ozzy’s music career is gonna be done for good. I admire the guy for trying to get back out there ’cause he loves performing but I think he should hang it up for good and looks like he’s gonna have to.

His Parkinson’s Disease is getting so bad that he’s unable to perform? Yeah, his shaking is probably getting a lot worse which sounds like.

Once again, thoughts and prayers go out to the Ozzman. I’ve always been a fan of his through Black Sabbath and his solo career. He is a talented man and whether you like it or not, he is an icon and legend.


In the music industry, it used to be album & tour but now it’s tour & album nowadays…

Like the title of this topic says, the old way of doing tours and albums, national bands used to make the album first and they would go on tour in support of the album. The way the music industry are doing things now, they don’t do that anymore. Now it’s the other way around… major label bands doing tours first before the album. Why is that?

Well the obvious reason is that tours & concerts make more money than albums. Nobody’s buying albums anymore. Yup, that’s right… nobody cares to listen to full albums from start to finish… due to Ipods with the shuffle play and all that crap. While albums are tanking and major label bands are getting less and less interested in making albums, the industry are more obsessed with concerts. Live concerts are getting bigger and bigger… which is why a lot of bands are going on some very lengthy and excessive tours, it’s fucking crazy.

In the old days, bands didn’t go on tours that were that long and now a lot of bands seem to be going on tour all year long and all year round pretty much. They’re on the road almost everyday now. A lot of major label bands selling out arenas, stadiums and even small theater & club shows. Concerts are getting bigger and bigger more than ever nowadays.

Bands are getting less interested in making albums and when they break-up and retire, they don’t do final albums anymore… they do final tours. That’s because tours make big money and it’s why concerts are getting so ridiculously expensive. Which kind of sucks ’cause I love live music and I would like to continue to go to major label concerts but I don’t anymore. High ticket pricing is a problem and getting much worse. Last time I saw a national concert was Metallica in 2009 for their “Death Magnetic” tour… Lamb of God and Volbeat opened that show.

Industry changes every now and then but that’s the way it goes.


My Top Ten Favorite Music Albums of 2019 are listed here…

Music albums of 2019 is still the same, just a little revision. Just had to add in two albums and take two of them out. The ones I added in are the new Billie Eilish and the new Korn albums. I was so impressed with those two albums that I had to include these and replace a couple.

Yeah, the Billie Eilish album that she won a bunch of Grammy’s for is so good actually. I’m not usually into pop and that electronica stuff that much but I can deal with Billie, though.

The new Korn album, “The Nothing” is pretty sick, probably the heaviest album they’ve ever done and it’s their best record. Had to put this one on here.

All these albums are recommended listening. I love music. Can’t live without it!


Amy Lee of Evanescence, just another Trump hating nutjob… she’s upset about the acquittal… nothing to see here…

Amy Lee of Evanescence stayed apolotical for a long while until now. Sounds like she’s just upset about the acquittal and that’s all I see here. Just another Trump hating nutjob and she’s suffering some major Trump Derangement Syndrome. She’s so upset about the acquittal that she had to finally vent.

The reason no witnesses were needed in the Senate trial is ’cause the House had 17 Democrat witnesses and all of them couldn’t prove Trump’s guilt and that’s why we didn’t need more witnesses/documents in the Senate. It would be a waste of time. Trump did nothing wrong and no crime was committed. That’s the truth and the truth always wins.

Amy Lee is just another Trump hating nutjob who can’t accept it.

Trump has never abused his power, lol…. the only people abusing their power are the Democrats in Congress… especially Pelosi and Schiff. The Democrats are the ones trying to take our freedoms away, Trump isn’t doing that at all.

Hey Amy, why not bring up Trump’s name in your dumb write up? Afraid he’ll attack you back? Probably…

Say it with me, Amy, “Trump is not guilty and acquitted”. Get over it.

No surprise, though. Most of the music industry is pretty liberal so I expect a lot more will come out as Trump haters.