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In defense of Bon Jovi, sometimes singers have their bad nights, ya know? Who cares?

Yup. Here comes all the pro singers that think that know it all.

So Jon Bon Jovi had a few bad nights of his singing at his concerts. So what? It happens with all singers, ya know? You can’t win them all. I just laugh at these singers coming out going over every detail about how Jon Bon’s vocals are a bit off.

And fans who actually saw Bon Jovi live disappointed in him.

Telling Bon Jovi to take a break or worse even quit? You freaking serious?

Not only that all singers sometimes have their bad nights… they also “age”. As they get older, they sometimes lose their voice so they don’t have the strong voice like they used to have.

People criticizing Jon Bon’s vocals is nothing new and wish they would all stop.

That’s the beauty of live performing. You either have it or you don’t. A lot of times bands & artists are on “fire” but I’m sure they can’t win every single show night after night. Touring can be grueling so that’s another part of how singers “lose it” sometimes.

Why are so many criticizing Jon Bon when so many singers lip sync and so many bands nowadays mime to a backing track? At least Jon Bon’s live performances were done for real, that’s one thing his critics won’t admit.

I’m no Bon Jovi fan by any means ’cause I’ve never bought a single album of his but I do respect his legacy and actually dig “some” Bon Jovi songs… I just feel that all these attacks are just unfair.

I hope Bon Jovi himself looks at all these critics and proves everyone wrong that he still does have that “fire” in him and those telling him to “quit” or “take a break” will regret it.

On top of that, whether singers sing great or not at concerts, who cares? Just enjoy the show!


“The Batman” original score soundtrack is really good stuff but the best track is the last track that ends the movie…

So I’ve finally gotten around to listening to “The Batman” original score soundtrack. I hardly ever buy soundtracks much but I bought this soundtrack to “The Batman” movie ’cause I liked the score.

Really liked the whole score. Michael Giacchino is a great composer and I’ve never heard of him before. He’s definitely very classical influenced… ’cause I’m sure all the music for the movie was written on piano first before the score.

“The Batman” soundtrack is over 2 hrs worth of music but I’ve listened through the whole thing. I would have to say though that the best track on the album is the final track “Sonata In Darkness”. Which you can hear some of that in the rolling credits at the end of the movie. This track is just piano playing and that’s it. No orchestration and no other instruments, just one person playing a piano and it’s very classical piano inspired. Kind of reminds me of stuff like Beethoven and Mozart.

That final track “Sonata In Darkness” is beautiful stuff, though. This score also has a gangster movie and film noir kind of feeling, ya know?

The ending of “The Batman” was very powerful and the credits needed a very powerful score and this piano playing fit that perfectly.

“The Batman” is an amazing and mind-blowing movie itself, though. Definitely the best Batman movie ever made and I definitely plan on re-watching it on HBO MAX this weekend.


RIP the Ipod Touch, it was fun while it lasted…

Well, this is a real bummer ’cause I really liked the Ipod Touch. Apple was really onto something for this ’cause it was like a portable walkman or something. I’ve been using the Ipod Touch for a long time. I used the old Ipod Touch Generation 4 for a long time but since that Generation was getting so old and unusable, I had to upgrade to the Ipod Touch Generation 6.

So now I’ve had the Ipod Touch Generation 6 for a few years now but the only problem is, I broke my Ipod Touch 6 at the gym by accident. What happened was, I was doing heavy dumbbell chest presses on the floor. I forgot my Ipod Touch was on the floor near where I was lifting and when I was done doing a set, I accidently slammed a dumbbell on it so now it doesn’t work anymore.

I could take it to an Apple Store in Albany and have it repaired ’cause the damage wasn’t that bad. I’m sure it needed a few things replaced so instead of going to an hour long trip to an Apple Store and spending extra money on repairs on it, I was gonna save up for the Ipod Touch Generation 7.

Now stores are no longer gonna sell ’em. Apple is getting rid of the Ipod Touch and no longer gonna keep making them. For now you can only get an Ipod Touch “while supplies last”. You can only get what’s leftover and that’s it.

So now I’m like, fuck it. Fuck the Ipod. I’m gonna finally get an Iphone since you can put your Itunes library on that too. Yeah, I’m gonna get an Iphone that way I can have a cell phone, text messaging, social media, etc. like everyone else. I used to avoid getting an Apple Iphone like the plague but I’m gonna join the Iphone bandwagon finally.

I need something to listen to music with ’cause I can’t live without music, ya know?

So this is the death of the Ipod Touch. It’s a shame ’cause I liked the gadget. Steve Jobs is rolling in his grave, he would not want the Ipod Touch to die… that was his creation to begin with.


If Dolly Parton does a rock n’ roll covers album with rock artists contributing, man, that would be huge and it would be a huge seller! Hope she does it!

Well Dolly Parton the country star is in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and here is her interview with Billboard about it. It seems to me that she’s trying to have a change of heart with this and giving it a go? Still though, she doesn’t know if she’ll attend the ceremony to give an acceptance speech or perform or whatever but if she does perform at the Hall of Fame, she says she’s gonna perform the hardest rock cover she can think of.

She also hints that she might do a rock covers album with famous rock n’ rollers contributing and she had Mick Jagger in mind first and she wants to do Lynyrd Skynyrd.

As far as Dolly doing a rock covers album, that’s actually a pretty cool idea, in my opinion and I hope she does it! Ya know, if she does, that album will sell pretty huge. I can see it being a no. 1 album on the Billboard for a long while. All the rock music fans will be curious about it for sure.

Dolly is sort of hinting a “classic rock” covers album. I can see her doing songs by Led Zep, CCR, The Who, Janis, Pink Floyd, Queen, David Bowie, Steppenwolf, Steely Dan, ELO, Heart, Fleetwood Mac, Joan Jett, The Doors and stuff like those.

I can see Dolly singing The Doors “Riders on the Storm” or “L.A. Woman”. ha or what about Led Zep “Rock and Roll” or “Black Dog”. I can see her doing CCR “Born on the Bayou” or “Suzie Q”. The Who “Baba O’ Reilly” would be perfect for her. You get the idea?

Dolly’s done covers of rock songs before but she made them into country and bluegrass versions.

This time she wants to make a full on rock n’ roll album with loud guitars and everything. I think Dolly could pull this off.

I respect Dolly for being honest with herself and respect her for being so humble. She doesn’t take herself seriously as you can see. She’s just a musician like the rest of us.

If she makes the rock n’ roll album, I’ll definitely buy it for sure.


Dolly Parton is officially now in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, will be interesting to see how she responds to this one…

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame class of 2022 just announced today and of course, Dolly Parton made it in. Now we’ll see how she responds to this one as I’m sure she’ll put out a statement later today when she gets to it. She rejected the nomination but the Hall of Fame refused to take her out and kept her in. Now she’s an official Hall of Fame inductee. Now we’ll see if Dolly herself will be there to give her acceptance speech and announce whether or not she will perform at the ceremony. I can’t wait for her response to this one myself.

Anyway… Eminem doesn’t belong in there but it’s nice to see that Judas Priest finally in when they should have been in a long time ago. Same with Pat Benatar, she should have been in a long time ago too. I’m a fan of Lionel Richie believe it or not so he’s definitely worthy. I’m also glad that Eurythmics is finally in too ’cause I love them.

Now we’ll wait for Dolly’s response… will she accept or not? We’ll see. I hope she sticks to her guns. Hopefully she doesn’t flip.


New Red Hot Chilli Peppers album “Unlimited Love” w/ John Frusciante being back is freakin’ awesome, the boys still got it…

Man, I’m so freakin’ happy that John Frusciante is back. The Chilli Peppers are back in true form. I’m a longtime Chilli Peppers fan. Been a fan since the 90’s when “Under the Bridge” song exploded all over the place and then I went out and bought the “Blood Suger Sex Magick” album on CD which I still have sitting on my shelf.

I lost interest in the Chilli Peppers when that other guy took over after John left. I wasn’t that crazy about that Klinghoffer guy. Klinghoffer wasn’t the Chilli Peppers, it’s John that defines the band’s sound and John is the Chilli Peppers.

I listened to their new album “Unlimited Love” this week and it’s freakin’ awesome. Gonna be listening to this one a lot I think ’cause it’s their best new album since “By the Way”.

On “Unlimited Love”, it’s a way different album than past records but the Chilli Peppers still got the mix of funk, hard rock and ballads. They do a mix of all three. On “Unlimited Love”, they still have plenty of songs that make you wanna get up and dance ’cause that’s what they are pretty much, a dance band but they do have slower music.

I think the band is on fire more than ever and getting better. John’s guitar playing is way better than ever, his guitar tone is insane and Anthony’s singing is killer still. Of course, Flea and Chad are still a killer rhythm section but they are way tighter now. I think they’ve all gotten better with John being back. The album clocks in over an hour but it goes by fast.

It’s a great album. Definitely recommended for long time fans and newbies too. Definitely check it out, yo!


Bought the new Chilli Peppers album “Unlimited Love” now that John Frusciante is back… got some other albums too…

Through Itunes, I bought the new Red Hot Chilli Peppers album “Unlimited Love” now that their guitarist John Frusciante is back. Haven’t heard the album yet but gonna get around to it this week. I’ll post a review of the album after a few listens. I’m sure it’s good.

Other albums I got were:

  • Slash and Myles Kennedy “No. 4”
  • Prince “Sign of the Times” (double album)
  • Foo Fighters (self titled debut)
  • Foo Fighters “Medicine at Midnight”
  • Abbath “Dread Reaver”
  • Alter Bridge “Blackbird”
  • Swans “Cop”
  • Jarboe “Sacrificial Cake”
  • The Batman “Original Motion Picture Soundtrack” score

I’m a huge fan of Slash and Myles Kennedy and have their other albums, just had to get their new one.

I’m gonna try to get the rest of the Foo Fighters albums as I still am a fan of them. I’ve been a fan of them long before Taylor’s passing. Used to have their first album but lost it so I decided to get it again.

I’ve been getting into Prince music more and more. Only have a few albums of his but I’ve been loving Prince music the more I hear him. Now I understand why so many love him.

I’ve been getting into Alter Bridge more as well as I think Myles Kennedy is one of the greatest singers in rock. Since I have his solo albums and his albums with Slash, I figure I would start getting into Alter Bridge music finally.

Abbath is a black metal band that I’ve been a fan of lately. Got their first two albums, now I got their new one they just released.

Swans is an experimental rock band that no one’s heard of that I’ve been listening to a lot. I have 6 albums by them so far, check them out.

Jarboe is a member of that band Swans and she is a solo artist as well so I picked out an album of hers that someone recommended to me by another Swans fan.

As far as “The Batman” soundtrack goes, I don’t buy a lot of movie soundtracks but I loved that score for the movie so I bought the soundtrack for my own enjoyment.

Hope you enjoy this read.


Taylor Hawkins, drummer of the Foo Fighters passes away…

Like everyone else, I too was pretty shocked to wake up to everyone in social media saying that Taylor Hawkins the longtime drummer of the Foo Fighters died.

I feel kind of bad for Dave Grohl, ya know? He had so many musician friends that were pretty close to him that has passed on and now you can add Taylor Hawkins to the list. Yes, I woke up to the news that Taylor passed and I agree he’s definitely the GOAT rock drummer of all time.

Anyway, Taylor is not just a drummer, he’s also a singer himself and he also plays some guitar as well.

What I love about Taylor is that he is loved by so many other musicians in the music industry ’cause you see Taylor in pics with a lot of big name musicians. Why? It’s because mutual respect. Everybody respects Taylor’s drumming talent and Taylor respects them back. Taylor is not only a great drummer, he’s also a great guy on and off the stage. On the stage when he’s performing, he’s smiling throughout the whole thing and he definitely likes to make himself look like he’s having a blast. Off the stage, he’s just a nice guy to everyone he talks to. He’s friendly with other musicians in the industry for sure. He’s one to never have an ego, always humble.

I’ve been a Foo Fighters fan since the first album. I’ve been there since the beginning although I still don’t have all of their studio albums and I’ve only got 6 of them. They have a total of 10 albums. I just gotta get there first three… I’ve heard them before but I gotta get them again. I also need to get there newest album “Medicine at Midnight” which I will get soon. I also want to see their “Studio 666” movie but I’ll buy the BluRay when that film comes out.

I’m definitely bummed out about Taylor’s passing like most ’cause he was a great one. He was only 50 too, too young. I don’t want to speculate on what happened but I’m sure we’ll all know what happened to him real soon.

Dave’s been through so much and now he’s gotta deal with this. The question is this, will the Foo Fighters carry on as a band? It’s not yet known but I would think the show needs to go on and Dave probably will continue on ’cause he knows that’s probably what Taylor would have wanted.

Rest in peace, Taylor and thanks for the great drumming.


Love how Dolly Parton pulls out of the Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame ’cause she felt she’s not “rock n’ roll”, way to go Dolly!

Dolly Parton pulls out of the “Rock N” Roll” Hall of Fame nomination ’cause she’s worried that her voting could be split and divided ’cause of that. She was flattered at first but now she pulled out of the nomination for good.

She feels she’s not worthy and doesn’t earn the right to get a Hall of Fame induction.

The thing is, Dolly sees herself as a strictly country artist… she never saw herself as “rock n’ roll” but I’ll be honest that her hit song “9 to 5” is kind of a rock song a little bit… it’s more of a pop/rock song than anything, though. Because of all this, it inspired her to make her first “rock n’ roll” album sometime in the future which should be interesting.

I’ve been trying to get into Dolly Parton music ’cause I have two albums by her: “Hello, I’m Dolly” and “Jolene” and they’re both amazing records. I love ’em. I plan on getting more of her music though.

I love Dolly even more now ’cause she’s trying to teach the “Rock Hall” a music lesson which is awesome and she’s ballsy to do that.

She’s one of the biggest names in country music and I don’t think she realizes how iconic she is. Gotta love how honest and humble she is. There’s no “ego” in her at all.


As odd as this sounds, Slash never liked playing guitar in front of people even though he’s considered one of the greats…

Guitar icon, Slash maybe considered one of guitar greats… he helped Guns N’ Roses become one of the best selling bands of all time and Slash had other great projects like with supergroup The Velvet Revolver, he also had a solo career and his longtime project with vocalist Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators… Slash has always been “self-conscious” and “insecure” about his own playing. He never liked playing in front of people and never liked wearing headphones in the studio.

He maybe one of the great rhythm and lead players but he always get so scared playing for people. Some of you may ask, if he doesn’t like playing for people, why does he always constantly tour with all of his projects? Well, I’ve read in other articles, he wears his top hat as a way to help him play more confidently on stage.

Read this little interesting article from Guitar World.

Slash maybe one of the greats but he has always been shy and insecure about his playing. He just plays guitar for himself pretty much and the way I see it, that’s how you play great guitar is play for yourself and not be a “show-off”. Slash was never the “show off” type like, “Hey, look what I can do, think you can play better than this?”.

Slash has always been a humble guy and that’s one of the reasons he’s respected.

Slash is a genius at both rhythm and lead. He’s definitely a riff master and he’s a fine acoustic player as well. Speaking of Slash, I’m a fan of all his bands and projects. I love Guns N’ Roses, Velvet Revolver and all the stuff he did with Myles Kennedy. Speaking of Slash & Myles Kennedy, I forgot they just released their 4th album this year and I have the first three. I forgot to grab their fourth album from Itunes but I’ll grab their new album sometime in the future.

Slash rules. He’s always been one of my favorites and he’s definitely one of those that sparked my own interest in guitar as well.