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Today Dec. 8th, is a day to remember 4 important musicians… John Lennon, Dimebag, Jim Morrison and Gregg Allman…

John Lennon who died 40 years ago today.
Dimebag Darrell who died 16 years ago today.

Jim Morrison, known as the lead singer of the Doors was born on Dec. 8th, 1943 but died on July 3rd, 1971.

Gregg Allman, known as the singer, guitarist and organist of the Allman Brothers band was born on Dec. 8th, 1947 but died on May 27th, 2017.

Truthfully the music died when these 4 musicians died. All 4 were important to all of us. I’m a big fan of the Beatles and a big fan of John’s solo stuff too. I’ve also always been a Pantera fan before Dimebag was killed and was a long time Doors and Allman Bros. fan. Love all 4 of them.

These guys changed music and their music will always live on. Every year, I’ll always pay tribute to these guys on Dec. 8th and I always make sure I remember them. They should never be forgotten ever.

RIP to all 4 and thanks for all the great music they gave us.


Just got Ac/Dc “Power Up” album yesterday and a few other albums from Itunes…

So yesterday, I finally bought the new Ac/Dc album, “Power Up” from Itunes for my Ipod Touch. It’s a great album and definitely their best new record in a long time so glad I got it now. I also purchased 3 other albums…

The Smashing Pumpkins: “Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness” (double album)…. I used to have this on CD but lost it so I got it again. I used to listen to this album a lot when I was young and yes I’ve been a huge Pumpkins fan since high school and I still love the band today.

The Smashing Pumpkins “Shiny and Oh So Bright”… one of their newer albums that they released two years ago in 2018, the 8 track comeback album. I got it pretty late but that’s because it grew on me. It’s a great album surprisingly. I haven’t gotten their newest one they just put out, “Cyr” but I’ll get it real soon.

Van Halen “1984”: The hit Van Halen album with songs like “Jump”, “Panama” and “Hot For Teacher”. Some of you may say you’re a Van Halen fan now ’cause Eddie just died. No, not really. I’ve always been a big Van Halen fan since high school, just didn’t buy their records much over the years and now I’m starting to get into them more. I did hear most everything the band has done, though.

Didn’t get much albums this time ’cause it’s the Holiday season, ya know?


Why Ac/Dc never changing their sound and style is actually a good thing!!!

As a lot of music lovers know, Ac/Dc has had that same sound and style of music ever since the mid 70’s when they first started. Their sound and style stayed the same every album, even to this day. This bothered some music fans and they complained and whined to Ac/Dc about it so much that they finally explained why they don’t change their style.

Angus Young responded back with a simple answer:

“With us, it’s to be expected,” he told The Project TV. “As my brother [late AC/DC rhythm guitarist Malcolm Young] used to say, when somebody said, ‘Every album you’ve ever made sounds the same,’ he said, ‘Yeah. It’s the same band!’ ”

Angus continued, “When we started, we weren’t reinventing the wheel. This is what we do best. We make rock and roll.”

Makes a whole lot of sense, in my opinion.

I think it’s actually cool that Ac/Dc doesn’t change their sound. Ya know, that simplistic rock n’ roll feeling. They sound like Ac/Dc and a band should sound like themselves. When a band is always reinventing the wheel, sounding different every album, that’s not sounding like themselves.

If Ac/Dc changed their sound then they probably won’t sound good anymore. It would turn fans off and would alienate a lot of fans. I mean, just ask Metallica when they ditched thrash metal and changed their sound for “Load/Reload”. They got a lot of backlash for that, remember that. Also, when Bob Dylan went electric for the first time with his 1965 album, “Bring it all Back Home”, Dylan got a lot of backlash for that too. David Bowie got a lot of backlash when he ditched rock n’ roll to dance music for his album, “Let’s Dance”. The band U2 got a lot of backlash when they ditched rock n’ roll and went pop for their two albums, “Zooropa” and “POP”. The Smashing Pumpkins alienated their fanbase when they went full on electronica for their album, “Adore”. I can go on and on with this.

Bands changing their sound and style every album is so dumb and honestly, that’s why I lost interest in Pearl Jam and Neil Young ’cause they are always changing.

There are very few bands out there that never change their sound and yes, Ac/Dc is one and there is more…. Slayer comes at the top of my head. The Ramones, Motorhead, The Clash, Oasis and Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers are just some more to keep in mind. Queensryche is another one even though they have a different singer now, they still sound like Queensryche. I love that band as well. Iron Maiden is another metal band that never changed their style from what I’ve heard over the years.

Even if Ac/Dc finally decided to change their sound, I’m not saying they will but what if they did… people will continue to bitch at them.

Bands just do what they want to do and I love Ac/Dc when they have that attitude. They just play what makes them happy.


Will There Ever be a Van Halen boxed set of archived unreleased material??? Wolfgang says you’ll have to wait…

Wolfgang Van Halen who is the son of Eddie Van Halen was a guest on the Howard Stern show. Now that Eddie is gone, fans are probably wondering if they’ll release a Van Halen boxed set of archived unreleased material.

Wolfie here says that there are plenty of unreleased material in the vault and he says it would take forever to go through all those tapes. Yeah, EVH’s studio is pretty huge and I’m sure he has a whole library and stacks of tapes in the vault. I’m sure Eddie recorded plenty of unreleased Van Halen songs and I’m sure Eddie recorded a bunch of riffs and guitar licks for ideas and stuff.

Eddie probably threw that stuff in the vault ’cause he thought they were no good but I’m sure there are some amazing stuff in there. There’s gotta be instrumentals he wrote that were way more impressive than “Eruption”. I’m sure he wrote plenty of unreleased Van Halen material that were meant for the band to play and for David Lee Roth and even Sammy Hagar to sing over. I’m sure there’s tons of unreleased material through every era of Van Halen.

Wolfie probably has access to Eddie’s private vault but it would take hours to listen through all that stuff. I can understand. Someday it could happen, we’ll have to wait I guess.


Is Cardi B’s hit “WAP” the most offensive song right now??? Yes, absolutely…

Out of curiosity, I had to look up the lyrics to the Cardi B hit “WAP” and then I listened to the song on youtube about halfway through and then stopped. The song is very dirty and sexual. Very inappropriate and overly offensive, yet it’s a hit in the music industry. I believe the song is still in the Top 10 in the Billboard hot 100 charts.

Geezer Butler the bass player of Black Sabbath is even disgusted by it ’cause he had a little something to say about it:

““A friend of mine didn’t know what the song was about,” Butler continues, “but his 10-year-old girl was singing it. I was, like, What?! To put it on [an] album, fair enough. But to put it out as a single? That’s a bit much. Then again, I’m 71. A bloody old goat!””

Geezer is not wrong, though. It really is inappropriate for the music industry to release a song like that as a hit single.

Although, songs with dirty, sexual and explicit lyrics is nothing new… a rap group named 2 Live Crew did a song about “Pussy” and remember, they sparked a lot of controversy when it was released back in the 80’s, I think???

There were bands and artists that were able to write sexual songs but not make it in an explicit direction… for example, Ac/Dc “You Shook Me All Night Long”. That song was a very sexual song ’cause it’s a song about sex, yes but at least they wrote it in a family friendly way and not make it offensive. Kiss also wrote sexual songs but wrote them in a family friendly direction.

The industry releasing a song like Cardi B’s “WAP” is no surprise ’cause the industry is all about rap music with sex, drugs and violence all over the lyrics. Songs like those are big hits nowadays and it’s sad.

It’s sad that kids listening to music like that. Why can’t kids listen to real music like rock n’ roll and metal? Nope. They’re all about listening to garbage like country, pop and rap music. Honestly, I do like some country but not a lot of today’s stuff although I do think Luke Combs is actually pretty good.

The music industry continues to suck. It’s hard to find good music but I still find some good stuff, though.


Ac/Dc’s new album “PWR UP” is great… “Demon Fire” best song off the album, though…

So the new Ac/Dc album “PWR UP” just came out today. I didn’t buy the album yet but I will. I listened to the whole album on the Ac/Dc official youtube channel and it’s a great record. Probably the best new album they’ve done since “The Razor’s Edge”.

I liked every song on “PWR UP” but I think the best tune is “Demon Fire”. Demon Fire is actually a little different sounding… kind of have that Bon Scott feeling a little bit. It’s the tightest and heaviest song on the album. The riffs are great and Brian’s voice is on fire in that tune. “Code Red” is another badass tune.

The boys in Ac/Dc still got it even though they went through some stuff over the last several years. Brian still got it even though he got some major hearing loss.

Will this be the final Ac/Dc studio album? A lot of speculation about that but I doubt this will be the final one. I predict they’ll keep going until they can’t do it anymore. Age is just a number, you’re never too old to rock. As long as you can still do it, why not?


Ac/dc… admittedly the Bon Scott Era is definitely 10 x’s way better than Brian johnson… that Era was definitely incredible stuff!!!

When it comes to the band Ac/Dc, I’ll have to admit it and agree with most everyone that the Bon Scott era of that band is definitely 10 x’s way better than Brian Johnson. On my Ipod Touch, I now own all 5 Bon Scott Ac/Dc albums… “High Voltage”, “Dirty Deeds”, “Let There Be Rock”, “Powerage” and “Highway To Hell”. All 5 are pretty amazing albums, they are all fucking mind blowing.

Back then, Ac/Dc had that energy and they were tight as hell back then. Bon was a great rock vocalist too. A lot lately I find myself listening to the Bon Ac/Dc albums more than the Brian Johnson era. Not sure why, maybe it’s cause Bon’s voice makes Ac/Dc songs sound better.

I can understand why people aren’t so crazy about the Brian Johnson stuff ’cause his era of Ac/Dc is a bit on the pop/rock side and most people aren’t into Brian’s scratchy singing much. Don’t get me wrong, I love the Brian Johnson era but I think the best Ac/Dc album with Brian on the lead vocals is believe it or not, “The Razor’s Edge”. That was the one Brian album that actually had the Bon Scott feeling if that makes sense. I can easily hear Bon singing the lead vocals to “Thunderstruck” and still would have sounded amazing either way.

I’ve been listening to the Bon Scott era albums on my Ipod at the gym a lot lately ’cause listening to Bon era Ac/Dc helps get me fired up on the weightlifting.

What is my favorite Bon era Ac/Dc album??? I love all 5 of them like I said but I would think “Powerage” is probably the best one, in my opinion. I listen to “Powerage” the most, honestly. It’s just a great and fucking badass album. Has some of Brian and Angus’s best guitar playing too. I can rock out to songs like “Rock n’ roll Damnation”, “Riff Raff” and “Sin City” all day.

I’ve always listened to Ac/Dc over the years, just mostly the Brian Johnson stuff. Now I’m getting into the Bon stuff finally which is way more addicting to listen to.


Jimmy Page reveals that Led Zeppelin were going to make a way more heavier and riffier rock album after “In Through The OutDoor”…

Jimmy Page has a new book coming out and to help promote it, he just did an interview with Rolling Stone magazine.

Jimmy just revealed that Led Zeppelin WAS on the verge of making their 9th studio album before John Bonham died. They were going to make their follow up to “In Through the Outdoor” but after Bonham died, the band split up. Anyhow, Jimmy and John Bonham were in discussions at the time making plans of their next album after “In Through The Outdoor”. Jimmy revealed that Led Zeppelin were going to make an even heavier and riffier Led Zeppelin album. They wanted to make their next album a lot harder than “Presence”. They wanted the riffs to be a lot trickier.

With an album like “In Through the Outdoor” being a totally different album than the albums they did in the past, I guess they wanted to rock out loud again. “In Through the Outdoor” was kind of a mellow and soft album with all the keyboards and pianos and stuff. It was different.

Just imagine if John Bonham didn’t die and they made that heavy album Jimmy was talking about. It would have been cool to hear ’cause Led Zep is best when they are loud and heavy. Jimmy says the next album would have been a lot heavier but too bad it didn’t happen.

I can picture in my head of what that album would have sounded like… Jimmy banging away heavy riffs with distorted guitars with John banging on the drums, Robert’s usual screaming vocals and John Paul Jones trying to stay in the pocket with his bass and also adding some organ/keyboards like usual.

If John didn’t pass on, I’m sure Led Zep would have continued.


Instrumental shred guitar music is still alive and well, believe it or not…

Some may make the mistake of thinking that instrumental shred guitar is “dead” but in reality, it’s still here. The genre is still alive and well. It may not be big and mainstream like it was in the 80’s but shred guitar is still huge and successful.

I first got turned on to shred guitar when I was young and it was Joe Satriani’s “Surfing With the Alien” which was the first shred guitar album that I ever heard. It was my guitar teacher in the past who recommended me that album so I took it and I was hooked to that album. It’s a masterpiece of a shred album and I got hooked to Joe Satriani music ever since.

Of course, I try to listen to other guitar shredders like Steve Vai, Yngwie Malmsteen, Eric Johnson, Jason Becker, Marty Friedman, Al Di Meola and guys such as those but Joe Satch will always be my favorite.

One thing for sure, though, I’m so sick and tired of people saying “shred” guitar music is boring. Just a bunch of fast notes, just noodling and never sounds musical. I laugh when people make that argument. I try to listen to all the shred guys listed above and they all sound very “musical” to me. Playing shred can sound musical and tasteful.

I’ve been listening to instrumental shred guitar for years ever since I was in my 20’s and still do listen to that genre today. While a lot of the old shred guys are still releasing new albums even to this day, there are a bunch of new up and coming shredders… like Tosin Abasi (who plays in Animals as Leaders and I love that band), Nita Strauss and Lari Basilio to name a few. I’m sure there are plenty more of new shred guitarists that are around but can’t think of ’em right now.

Anyhow, I love instrumental guitar music. Always had. It just relaxes me, ya know? It’s fun and enjoyable to listen to. One day I would love to start making instrumental guitar music myself ’cause I always wanted to. Maybe that’s what I was meant to do all along, ya know? I was never the best singer in the world, I just did it for fun but I don’t have to sing if I don’t need to. Not saying I’ll give up singing but I just want to try writing instrumental guitar music myself some day. Make my own backing tracks and just jam along to it and see what I come up with.

Shred guitar is still around. Before the pandemic hit, shred guitarists go out on tour and still sell out shows all the time. Even if there’s no live music, these shred guys keep coming out with new records which is great. People still love this stuff. The new Joe Satriani album, “Shapeshifting” is really good, though… and can’t stop listening to that one. The new John Petrucci solo album, “Terminal Velocity” is an excellent record too and there’s plenty of shred on that album.

I still buy shred albums even to this day ’cause I just love that type of guitar playing. Yeah, admittedly, I do want to become that guitar player myself and really working on it. It’s a slow process but the more you keep at it, you will get there.


What will happen to Eddie Van Halen’s massive Guitar & AmP collection? His home Studio As Well…

With Eddie Van Halen being gone now, I’m sure a lot of musicians and music lovers are now wondering what’s gonna happen to his massive guitar and amp collection. What’s gonna happen to his homestudio which he named it 5150???

Nobody knows yet whether or not Eddie wrote a will before he passed and I’m sure he did. I’m sure he picked someone important to him where he’ll pass most of his belongings to.

When it comes to a guitar master like Eddie Van Halen, you can imagine that he would have a massive guitar and amp collection… all probably stored at his 5150 studios at his home. Eddie wasn’t shy showing off his home studio over the years as he has giving tours and allowed other musicians to hang with him in there. A lot of famous guitar virtuosos have their own home studios… a lot of their studios look perfectly clean and they have all sorts of state of the art and expensive music gear all over the place. You would think EVH’s homestudio would be the same but not really…

Eddie’s studio was kind of a shithole, lol… look through youtube and pics of that for proof. In Eddie’s studio, you’ll see guitars all over the place… there are torn apart guitar parts as well and Eddie building/repairing guitars that are unfinished… there are wires, tools, all kinds of music gear and walls of amplifiers all over that studio. It’s kind of crazy. Van Halen recorded most of their albums in there.

I’m sure Eddie would want his closest family to own his home studio, maybe he’ll switch ownership of 5150 Studios to his brother Alex or his son Wolfgang, either one of them would take over. As for who will own all of his guitars and amps, maybe Wolfgang for sure… we’ll see what’s gonna happen to all that stuff. I’m sure some of his guitars and amps will be sold to rock museums all over the United States to put on for display… especially the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland and Hard Rock Cafes.

We’ll know all this stuff real soon, I’m sure ’cause this stuff will get out to the music media and the press especially magazines like Guitar World which Eddie was pretty close to over the years. I’m sure Guitar World magazine will want to know.

I’m still bummed by the passing of EVH. Can’t believe it myself.