Robert Plant goes to local record shop in Glens Falls, N.Y….

This is cool. Robert Plant was scheduled to perform a show in Saratoga Springs at a venue called SPAC w/ Alison Krauss. It’s part of his tour with her for their new album.

Well, before the show Robert Plant goes to a local record shop in Glens Falls at Sweet Side Records at the Shirt Factory building.

Robert walked in and yes, there were customers in there but they all left him alone and let him shop. Even the owner and employees left him alone ’cause they were hoping he’ll stop in again one day.

Read this cool story:

This is very cool. I think Robert’s been doing this for years ever since he was young goes to the nearest record shops when he’s out there touring. Robert bought a couple of blues records at Sweet Side Records. As you all know, Robert listens to mostly old blues music more than rock n’ roll.

Customers mostly left Robert alone but Robert did fist bump a few fans which was cool so everyone definitely knew who he was. Owner thanked Robert for coming and Robert gave him a wink. Robert probably wasn’t all that talkative, though.

That’s very cool of them. When you see a famous person… a celebrity or musician out in public, it is best to leave them be and not be all “star struck”. It might be alright to give them a handshake or a fist bump but that’s all you want to do. They just want to be normal just like us.

Robert’s a vinyl lover like the rest of us. I bet Robert’s vinyl collection is pretty huge too. He probably has thousands of ’em. I’m sure he doesn’t listen to his own music, though.



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